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League of Legends Build Guide Author nessnah

Twitch - I've got the backpack

nessnah Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Hello all! Nessnah here and this guide will be about how to carry as twitch.

I will go through a quick rundown of my mastery tree, skill sequence, rune build and items. After that I will give a thorough guide on how be a successful carry as twitch. This is my first guide I have ever made on league of legend (go easy on mwah).

Mastery Tree
As you can see I have a 21/0/9 mastery build.

Offense - The masteries in offense are very important. I went with all crit, damage and attack speed masteries. I also went with the exhaust mastery, which will be explain more later on.

Defense - With defense I believed that 9 points wouldn't be able to do much, and the only way that defense could be helpful if I had 21 points to fill the tree. So I decided not to put any in defense.

Utility - With he remaining 9 points i put these into utility. My main goal in utility was the exp bonus, as a carry you will want to have the upper hand in levels.

Skill Sequence

Ambush - This is one of the best Q's in the game imo. hen maxed you can go stealth for a whole whopping 60sec, enough to cloak from top to bottom. On top of the invisibility you also get an increased attack speed whenever you hit someone while cloaked. Ambush is a great first ability to get, as a laner you can check the bushes, as middle you can scout your enemy champion. If you do start to carry expect enemies to buy wars and oracles (sees invisible units).

Debilitating Poison - This will be your life saver and your killer. Debilitating poison slows surrounding enemies, and the more times you hit them the slower they are. Great for 1v1 and team fights. In a 1v1 and the enemy starts running use your slow, and with 6 hits on him he will be close to a 50% slow.

Expunge - The moneymaker. Expunge will be your main source of kills in the beginning. It does a massive amount of damage depending on how many hits you got on your enemy. Expunge is also great for runners, if the enemy champion is low on health and getting away all you have to do is spam click E (spamming isn't necessary, but does boost confidence).

SPRAY AND PRAY - This is the BEST ability you will have, especially for team fights. This ultimate gives you an increased attack speed (does stack with ambush) and increase damage. In addition to all the increases, his attacks have much longer range and can goes through enemies, making it a great aoe. This is not the best ability to use in a 1v1, since it is not that accurate if you're against a fast champ, ie kennen, ww, teemo, gang plank, etc.

Rune build
Time to explain my very diverse rune build (not really). I only have 2 types of runes, flat health and attack speed. With my 3 flat health Quints I get an additional 97 increased health right off the bat. the increased attack speed are great for early ganks. with the increased speed from your runes and your ambush, level 1 kills are very possible.

This is very important that you follow these items in order.

-> First we will start off with a doran's blade and a health potion. With Doran's you'll have a great health and damage bonus. Along with the life steal and that health potion, you should be able to stay in lane to earn enough gold for the next set of items.
-> Next you will want to get 4 Avarice blades, "Wait, I didn't know I was reading a gangplank guide?!@?" well you arn't. My whole item build costs more than 15k+ so you'll be needing those rice blades. You will be getting berserker greaves as well along with this step.
-> This next step requires you to turn into a teenage girl at a mall from a jew choosing his savings account (this is the part where you chuckle). This is the final part of your item build, and will cost 10k+. First you will upgrade one of your rice blades into a ghostblade. Next you will be buying trinity edge and the black cleaver, you will be selling your rice blades one by one to get these. Now you won't be able to buy all of these at once (would cost very high) so when ever you have enough for one of these, get it. Usually by the time you get your cleaver the game should be over, but in a rare case it isn't, go ahead and get a bloodthirster. Once you finish your build you will be the strongest vampire, rat, assassin mwahaha!!@!..... With a 30% life steal, every 2 hits are crits, and your crits do 850+ team fights should always be going towards your favors.

This is very important that you read this part of the guide. So to get my readers attention I wi- WARNING, ADULT CONTENT DO NOT READ IF UNDER AGE -

Now that i've gotten you attention I'll put this out there, I will be encouraging/teaching you on how to killsteal. Now you may ask "OMG Nessnah how do you sleep at night?!@?" and my answer is "like a baby". As a carry you will need as much kills as possible, even if this means killstealing. You getting higher lvls and money is more important than honor in this case. Now you will probably be getting harassed by your own team but it's fine, in the end they'll realize what you have done and praise you as a god (results may differ). Main point is you will be doing most of the damage on your team.

Early game
It is very important that early on you get kills, i have made this guide so you could accomplish that. The summoner spells I have chosen are ignite and exhaust, the perfect spells for early ganks. Now with the exhaust mastery you should be able to do heaps of damage early on, even possible at lvl 1. Always try to get mid, unless there's a heimer. But twitch will be effective in a lane as well.

The trick with twitch is to try and harass the other champ as much as possible, even hitting them once is enough. While you harass always go for last hits on minions, this is extremely important so you can get your rice blades nice and early. Now if the enemy has a low health champ, ie 4-5 bars of health, then you can gank them right off the bat at lvl 1. First you go cloak next you get to where they would be running to, in between there tower and them self, and you pop your exhaust/ignite and fire away. Most likely the poison or ignite will finish the enemy off. If it doesn't, no worries, they'll have to go back to heal anyways, which gives you good time to farm up and damage towers. Now this is only when you're mid, it's different in a lane.

In a lane you're against 2 enemies instead of 1. Having the ability as a cloaker you can always check bushes without worrying over ganks. Always do this so you know where your enemies are. Always try to communicate with your partner in your lane, ie calling out targets or when to charge. You never, and I mean NEVER want to be targeted first out of the 2 since you'll be doing most of the damage. Constantly avoid death, 1 death can cost you 1-2min of farming, which is a hefty amount of time. And since there are 2 enemies, always exhaust the most dangerous one, usually one with high DPS.

Stick to this guide and don't leave your lane that much, farming is one of the most important steps in early game for a carry twitch. You really want to stay in lane until you can afford 4 rice blades and zerker greaves. If not then teleport home quickly, buy as many rice blades as possible and get back in lane. Basically early game your job is to farm, and not die. Getting a few kills would be a great bonus as well.

Mid game
Mid game gets a little bit more trickier than just farming. At this point towers will be going down and people will be leaving their lanes for kills or to support a different lane. Now you will still have to be patient because this is not the time for you to go out and get kills yet. Stick to your lane and keep farming/pushing. If you get too far into enemy territory, ie 1-2 towers, get out and start pushing a different lane.

If team fights start breaking out ignore them, your main job is to still farm. The only exception would be if a team fight broke out close to you, then you have to decide if it is worth it or not. This tactic may seem heartless, leaving your teammates to farm, but it is well worth it.

The only time for you to be getting kills mid game would be if the enemy champion are close by. This means if they're in the same lane as you are, or you see them in the jungle adjacent to you. Around the middle of mid game (i know confusing) you should be able to win most 1v1. The one problem that could cause your demise in a 1v1 would be exhaust. Exhaust is a royal pain in the nasus (copyrights go to Juffalo) since your whole tactic is doing damage with your basic attack, missing your attacks for 3 seconds is enough for the other player to gain the upper hand.

Late game
This is the start of a new life. Your main goal now is to KILL KILL KILL. Constantly grab lizard buff when you can, maybe even golem if no one else is getting it. Don't underestimate yourself, you can take on almost any champion 1v1 at this point.

Team fights will be the main source of your kills. If you see both teams forming up for a big battle get there as quickly as possible, but try not to reveal that you're there. Use Ambush early on to maximize your attack speed duration, also it keeps the other team thinking they have an advantage with twitch gone.

Always stay in the back, being targeted first means game over for you. Allow 2-3 teammates to attack first before unleashing your almighty power, ult/auto attack. A lot of the times enemies will get oracles, shows cloaked units, this can be a bother some times. Be more cautious if this happens and just hope for that person to die, most likely they won't be buying another one.

If you complete my build and have tons extra money then buy all the elixirs you can, sell your boots then buy them then re-buy your boots. If you notice the other team lacking tanks then go ahead and replace your black cleaver for another infinity edge.

Finishing notes
I haven't seen a lot of twitches nowadays except for myself, and the reason to that is many people think twitch is a horrible champion. Hopefully this guide will change your mind and I will be seeing many more rats to come.

Rate and leave and comments if you have questions.