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League of Legends Build Guide Author Isleykun

Twitch - Nuke (Hybrid)

Isleykun Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Chapter 1


When I get this tested I will update but until then this is the build description :)

Well I was going threw all the builds for Twitch when I noticed there were no builds that involved AP what so ever. So what I did was start up a game and let the magic begin.


I really wondered what some good starting items would be. I tried a few things such as boots but in the end I chose the Brawlers Glove for the addition 8% crit. The cool thing about this is you will have enough gold to purchase 2 health potions at the start. The other cool thing about this is that the Brawlers Glove builds right into the Avarice Blade.
After that you will buy normal boots then again buy an Avarice Blade. These items are nice because they provide you with crit on top of the crit from your runes. They also will eventualy pay for them self. Now that you bought these its time to move onto the next item.

The next item that you will want is your shoes. So choose the type you want now. This will be your first core item. I normally choose the Boots of Swiftness or the Sorcerers Shoes. Twitch is a little slow so if I feel like moving quicker then I Normally just get the Boots of Swiftness. If I'm facing a Magic Resist group I will get the Sorceress Shoes for the extra magic penetration.

Now its about time to get some attack speed and why not also do it by increasing your ability power also? Yes thats right, it's time to build Nashor's Tooth. I normally build this item going for the daggers first. Because This build really does some good damage with Expunge we will need the attack speed for this skill to become effective. This neat thing about Nashor's Tooth is that it also gives cool down reduction.

Now I think it's time for some survivability! The perfect item for this is the Rod of Ages! It gives you a good amount of Health, Mana, and ability power so this item is perfect. Whenever I play Twitch with AD builds I also seem to be lacking HP so this item right here can solve that problem easy. It takes a while to make so make sure you are farming as much as you can. If you don't die while making this item you should have it in no time.

Now its finally time for an item that actually works out really well with Twitch. This item is the Guinsoo's Rageblade! This item might not really seem like much but when you stack it up with your normal attacks you get some nice attack speed and more AP! When the Rageblade is at 8 stacks you will have a total of 93 AP from the item.
That means while you are normally attacking a champ to get your stacks for Expunge you are also stacking your rageblade giving you some nice AP for the detonation! This item also stacks really well with Ambush's attack speed.

The next item I really like also. This is the Hextech Gunblade. This will increase your attack damage and your ability power by a lot! it also has an amazing slow that does damage. This can be very helpful when chasing them fleeing champs or when you need just 1 more stack from Expunge and they are getting out of your reach.

The last item is really situational but I like the Bloodrazor and the reason behind that is because you get even faster attack speed and you deal 4% damage to enemy's HP. This item also gives you some attack damage and defense so it also help you feel not so squishy as the opposing Twitch that you anal rape ever time.


I like to pick ghost because its nice when you can get into and out of combat as quick as possible as Twitch. This is a really nice skill to leave combat because when you are in a harry situation you can pop ghost and then run away then popping ambush to go invisible and make that get away.
Flash is pretty good on just about every champion so I take it to get away from scary situations or when I just want to initiate (this isn't smart to do unless you have the Rod of Ages at least) Its also good because when you need that last hit to get the final stack for Expunge and netting you that kill. One of my favorites is for me to actually flash over a small wall or barrier, or sometimes into a bush then use ambush making them think I'm totally gone. This normally works 95% of the time.
The third summoner skill I would look at with Twitch is Exhaust because this can slow attackers and fleeing victims. This is also pretty good for saving teammates.


Well anyways tell me what you think about this one of a kind build! Please I need to know if you guys like this build like I do. Thanks for your time and thank you for the feedback! :)

I will get way more information up soon because this build isn't completed, I just wanted to get my Twitch Idea up on the site for you guys to enjoy :)