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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skellum

Twitch- Rat Attack!

Skellum Last updated on September 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is meant to produce a very strong physical carry to give your team a large boost early game. Two main essentials of this build are farming maximum gold early game from minion kills and laning mid. It is also ideal to kill your laning opponent by level six at the latest. From what I've learned in my many games playing as Twitch is he is extremely strong early game and can really get damage done before a team stabilizes and starts to buy oracles. At that point you will need more support from the team but until then you should be able to go crazy!

Twitch is something of a glass cannon so just gunning for the damage tree is the best route. As for the utility tree the experience boost mastery is a MUST. This falls into the idea of Twitch being good early game and getting ahead of the opponent as fast as possible.

Pretty basic here. The armor pen marks and quint help push the early damage, especially against weak middle laners like Ashe and Teemo. The dodge and health are to give him just a little bit of survivability, enough to burst most enemy champs down. As for the mana regen it may seem a bit questionable but they are actually quite helpful. Twitch doesn't need the mana really late game so the flat value is better. The provide enough regen to be able to use ambush almost every CD without losing out on mana as well as throwing early expunges in for extra damage without leaving you manaless for the big gank.

Summoner Abilites
Ignite is definitely key. Some support healers could easily get away from you by the time debilitating poison wears off without it.

Ghost is easily exchangeable for flash or something else of personal preference. I recommend it because it can be used while stealth is active and gives you a use for the mastery on utility tier one.

Item Build
Vampiric Scepter is a very good way to stay in the lane even after taking heavy damage. It also sets up the Malady quite nicely. A lot of people think Malady is terrible but they are just plain wrong in Twitch's case. It gives him just the right amount of AS to cap with ambush and spray and pray while also providing some much needed vamp all at a low cost, in addition to a nice on hit debuff. The only time I'd say not to get it is if the opposing team is health heavy to the point of requiring a madred's so you don't overcap on AS and waste stats.
Boots of Mobility are extremely essential to get the ganks in fast and help increase your opponents not knowing where you will be next on the map. If you're totally tearing your mid opponent apart and are very far ahead in level of the side lanes you can rush the boots of mobility to start ganking even earlier seeing as you won't need the extra damage.
After boots and malady I usually get a BF sword next to jump my damage up and work it into an infinity edge. After that going for the mallet provides much needed survivability and chase down ability as the enemy team starts to catch up in level and items. The banshee's veil is to be bought as needed based on the team comp ie stuns and the like.

Skilling Order/Play Strategy

Starting off with ambush is a good way to get opening damage on your opponent. Some enemy champs, such as ezreal, will even leave the safety of the tower before minion spawns to try to get a shot in. In this case you can easily stealth behind them and steal an easy first blood. As for laning early don't blow mana trying to get damage in with expunge, it won't do much and is not very cost efficient. Focus on those minion kills and throw an occasional ambush in to get a few auto attacks and let the poison do the harassing. You should be able to get them low enough to send them back or set up for a kill with ignite and combining all three skills. If you don't kill your laning opponent by six hold off on the spray and pray to really try and get the kill in with another level of expunge. Spray and pray is for ganking the side lanes right after you kill middle lane. After hitting 6/7 and getting the opening kill on middle lane you should have someone cover the lane for you cause it's gankin time. Coordination with teammates leads to easy double kills in the side lanes.
As for late game things can start to get tough. You can't exactly go rat vs the world style anymore as tempting as it may be. Try not to engage enemy champs unless you are positive they are alone and can't receive help easily. In team fights the enemy team will be looking to focus you down especially if you've been hitting them hard early game. A big part of late game Twitch is knowing when to pop out and use spray and pray to maximize damage and not get focused down. Remember a 3 for 1 is perfectly fine.

Final Tips
Always be on the look out for sight wards and oracles elixirs, these are Twitch's biggest downfalls.
You click the ambush hotkey, start to recall and the stealh will activate about a second into recalling for a safe exit.
Grab red buff when you can, especially before you get the mallet.
Good map awareness and player prediction can lead to getting kills on dumb people porting in bushes where they think they're safe. Remain vigilant!
Good cc heroes like WW with his ult can be a huge huge pain if they save it for you in a team fight like they should. In a lot of cases buying the underused quicksilver sash can be a very smart play.

Hope this guide helps you pwn like the good Rat should. Enjoy!