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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stoller

Twitch - *something clever*

Stoller Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Hi everyone - And welcome so my "Twitch - Sorry for ks!! HEEHEE" guide.
In this guide i will tell your about how i play Twitch and i have been succesfull at it.
Please! Sorry if there are some spelling errors! Dont send Cho'Gath after me to eat me.

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Pros / Cons

Good nuker
Very fast
Good escape plan

Very soft - Selution: Heatlh per level.
Most likely to be killed first in teamfights - Selutiion: Hide behind your team, if possible.
No escape of CC - Selution: Cleanse.
Oracle/wards will mess you up

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Deadly Venom(Passive): Twitch�s attacks infect the target, causing damage over time that can stack up to 6 times.

AMBUSH: This is what you need first, so you can check out your lane, try to speak together with your friend if you are going for first blood! The skill itself is making your invisable for some time and when you go out of the stealth you will gain attack speed.

DEBILITATING POISON: This ability is good for runners, you can slow them much and will make is easier for you to catch them. Try to use this in team fights too so it all wont get so messy.

EXPUNGE: This will be the reason for most of your kills! It damages insanely on those your have your poison on(try use when you have a lot of stacks on your enemy or right after you used your spray and pray)

SPRAY AND PRAY: This is your ulti, you will gain attack speed and your attacks become long ranged attacks going through all enemys in the shots path. Try use it while you are in stealth to get the maksimum outcome of attack speed. It is very good at the start of teamfights.

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Greater Mark of Desolation: Armor penetraion - Great to penetrate the armor of your enemy champions, will make you hurt like hell in early game and mid game, also in late game unless they have VERY insane armor

Greater Seal of Vitality: + 1,08 health pr. level (19,44 at lvl 18.) - Great to make you "unsoft" since you will get much more heatlh the more levels you get.

Greater Glyph of Replenishment: + 0,31 mana pr. 5sec - Great at early game since you run oom very fast unless you are very affraid of your enemy.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Armor penetration - GREAT!!

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Start you with a "Brawlers Gauntlet" which will give you some more crit chance, and since you have a lot of armor penetration, your crits will hurt like hell at early game.

When you get money, go get "Avarise Blade" it will get you some more crit chance, and money per sec, it is very usefull and you will keep it for a long time(the money may not sound like nothing, but look at it in the long run!).

You will then buy your "Berserkers Grieves" run speed + attack damage, good in both ways.

The "Phantom Dancer" is a usefull item for Twitch because of movement speed, crit chance and attack speed - All very usefull to Twitch

"Infinty's Edge" is very powerfull to Twitch, you will now have a lot of crit chance, and it will make your crits damage 250% instead of 200% + your armor penetration, it is perfect

The Bloodthirster is good because you get a lot of damage og then you get life steal, perfekt again.

You will then get a "Madreds Bloodrazor", it is good because it will make damage in % of the enemy's HP which is very good if you are up against tanks who have gotten a lot of armor, and it just damages insanely.

At last you will buy your "Yamuu's Ghostblade", to get rid of your "Avarise Blade" and it gives go attack damage and some more armor penetration which you will need in late game!

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Team Work

The best team for a twitch is if he has at least one tank on his team, it will help him in teamfights because he will most likely take most dmg, so Twitch can hide behind him(a little).

If you are in solo lane: Try just to farm minions, and tease your enemy a little so he will have to recall some times.

Together with ranged: You will both most likely be just farming minions and you can both tease your enemys. Try to coordinate your attacks against enemys if you are going for a kill.

Together with melee dps: You will allways have his back, if you see enemy champ going close to him, you should try to get them of his back. Tease them eneough to they don't dare going on your friend. And ALLWAYS be ready if your friend is about to go!

Together with tank: Try to hide behind him a little, but ALLWAYS help him. He most likely can't do that much dmg to kill your enemys, so you must be there to help killing. ALLWAYS be ready to go on your enemy!

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Early game.
First you just stealth arround waiting for the right time to attack your enemy, if you are in lane with some MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHEN YOU ARE GOING!! Or else you might as well get nuked down! Or else just stand arround and farm minions and tease your enemy.

Mid game.
Just stand arround here, be ready if there will be a team fight at some point, if not, just stand farm minions. Don't be too risky, let your friends initiate the attack, and then you will pop up!

Late game.
Here it all will be most likely team fights, again let your friends initiate the attack, or else just stealth arround scouting(but be aware of oracles or in case wards) use your spray and pray(your ulti) in a good possition which will hurt your enemys the most, and remember to use your slow, so the enemy's can't escape that easy.

Hope you liked the guide, please comment.
And GG!!