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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrBeach

Twitch- The opportune moment

DrBeach Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Chapter 1

EDIT 26/1/2011
Ok i have much more experience in the game now so i have some things to say about the **** below this. This build is for PUP STOMPING, your never guna win high elo games with this because people will target you and you will die (EU readers not apply). But if your playing with some randoms in solo que and the enemy is failing around like dead fish then you will clean up very very nice with this build

Ok this is my first build so go easy on me :), and yes i suck incredibly hard at English... so im super sorry if things make you confused

Twitch is a "different" champion, to play him well you need patience and a good gut instinct.
A lot of people are going to kill me for putting in Avarice Blades in this build, but it will soon make a lot more seance.

-People are scared of you
-You can kill a whole team
-Last hitting champions is easy
-You are the god of ganking
-1v1 almost anything
-really really squishy if you pop out at the wrong time
-Wards will make you cry, kill them
-Oracles will make you cry, kill them (more fun then wards)
-Auto attacker

Summoner Spells:

Ghost: Once you get your boots of Mobility this makes you run extremely fast, which is awesome for getting to the loner pushing a lane or getting to that team fight
Cleanse: If you get stunned you will die, people dont like twitch and they will nuke you to death... this saves your smelly ***
Teleport: This is the only other spell i really see as viable as it gets you around the map quick (but not as quick as Ghost once you got your boots).

Masterys: Fairly simple, you want the crit damage, attack speed, and damage from the offense tree; and you want the improved ghost and improved exp from Utility

Runes: Amour pen is simply amazing on any auto attack based champion, do the math it gives better returns then anything. Some extra crit chance makes your early game a bit smother. Cooldown reduction is good as most of your ability's have an average cooldown time. And finally flat health quints and what makes you live early game.

Skills: You need ambush to get near people early game (or they will just nuke you to hell), and Expunge is your press E and win ability. A point at level 4 in debilitating makes it easy to get away or help your lane partner kill something. And spray and pray is just so amazing that you want to get it when you can.

Combo: Your main combo is Stealth (you dont get the AS without breaking via ATTACKING something), Pay and spray (DONT use before breaking stealth with an auto attack), after one deadly stack use debilitating to slow them down, auto attack until they are within Expunge range (you want your Deadly to do max damage) and then press E

Early game: We start the game with a Doran's (for early game survivability, something that twitch really really needs), or Brawlers gloves (if you got the runes then this might be better).
Your main goal early game is to live, stay back a bit and last hit. Early game you dont want to stealth and go behind your opponent as they will just burst you to death, instead try and stand in the bush next to them, this way if they start to nuke, you can get away.
As soon as you have enough cash get your first Avarice Blade (the longer you have it, the more gold you get), Then you want your boots to get your move speed going, and then another Avarince Blade. Remember early game you are not some ganking god, and you are only worth your salt if you stay alive.

NOTE: ok so why the Avarince Blades. Well if your winning the game by a **** load, then your still going to win. If your losing the game and getting killed a bit, then they will let you make a come back latter. If the game is even, well your going to turn into a god late game.

NOTE2: Ask your team to tell you if they see a ward go down. if you see someone with oracles for gods sake stay away from them. After you have IE and your boots of mobility get an Oracle just to be safe.

Mid game: The mind games begin, tell your mid to let the enemy to push down on the tower so you can come out for a gank. After that you should be able to drop there tower with your mid very quick (dont forget about AS boost from stealth).
Once you gank mid go back to your lane and try and get a kill, the enemy partner will probably Blue pill after he sees you kill his partner.
Now you want your Infinity edge(IE)
You want to Get BF Sword, Cloak of agility, Pickaxe in that order for your IE. Once you have IE you will be able to solo gank most people, so when you see a loner CRUSH HIM.

The opportune moment: This is the name of this build, because twitch is all about it. You are not the first person to come to a team fight, you are the last. You want the other team to think your not even there. Once you see some sparks fly pop out and kill something (preferably there carry). Never put your self on the line, if your alive it might even stop (physiologically) the enemy from pushing. Simple terms: if the **** hits the fan you want to be the first person to get outa the room.

Phantom dancer will give you a very nice AS boost (you dont really need it until now because your ability's will give you enough. The Bloodthirster will give you amazing amounts of health and some nice damage (remember Pay and spray works with this, so hit lots of things = lots of health).

MASSIVE NOTE: if you see amour items DONT get a god dam Phantom Dancer, get a last whisper. There tanks will cry

NOTE: remember to sell your Doran's (if you got it) around now because its ****, and only sell your Avarice Blades when you run out of room.
Pro tip: You dont need all the parts of an item to make the final item, if you have enough gold you can double click on the last item and get it outright.

Late game: If the game has gone this long your either some god that scares the **** outa the team, or your just alright due to still having decent gold from your Avarice blades. You will be able to kill anything 1v1 (probably not some tanks), and in team fights pray and spray will almost always get a kill or two.
You want banshees around now from some Health and survivability, and frozen mallet is just crazy funny on twitch and it gives you some nice health.

Remember you have enough life steel at this point to heal your self very quickly from a wave or some jungle monsters.

Twtich is not an early game god, but as the games goes on you become an extremely scary champion. Remember the opportune moment is the key to success. and i know how easy it is to kill every god dam things with E, but dont forget to leave some kills to your team (yes i know they suck, but they need gold too).

Had a 32/3/11 game with this build the other day, so i know it works. Just dont forget you are a glass cannon.