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Anivia Build Guide by TheKatLife1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheKatLife1

U don't have master balls ? Gtfo

TheKatLife1 Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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If u don't have Master balls , gtfo im a legendary pokemon

all the guides I've seen Anivia I did not like, especially since I have not been familiar with what they say, first of all if you're a rookie with Anivia, this is not your guide, as I show here a guide which are a murderer (as leblanc) and if you can not use the Q correctly, you're dead, well, let's start.

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Pros / Cons

If your team need an assasin, you are perfect with the E
Have 2 lifes ( the egg )
2 AoE skills
slow skill
the trololo wall

have 300 of movement speed ( slow )
if you dont are feeded , you are useless
you need practice

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Full ap , except the red , obviously than are of Magic penetration , you are starting with 60 ap approximately ( sorry , the news masteries fu** my build , before are 50 ... , oh , forget it , this is better ), with this, at level 2, you'll be removing about half of his life if he is a mage, other characters, perhaps the 2 / 5, so Ryze ... prepare your an**

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I do 9/0/21 , getting 10% magic penetration , mana per level and mana regen. , more exp. per kill and farming, 2 gold per sec. and 10% cooldown reduction for the spells ( ignite and flash ) and 10% also in skills

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Skills sequence

In lvl 1 get the Q for a leash in blue, in level 2 , the E is your new god , just take the W in lvl 10

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everyone uses flash to escape, I use it to kill; Q ( if u stun him ) + flash + R + E + ignite is a kill ( just do it if he/she has a half of him life ) u are anivia , no talon lvl 18 full build

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I always choice anivia if im going mid , so , if of the other side is going : ( karthus , ryze, teemo ( be carefull in lvl 1 ) or kog ) take amplifying tome with a potion of life , go B , and buy a mejai's soulstealer and ( if u can ) 1-2-3 potions of life and 1-2 of mana ( always one more of life )
But if ( kassadin , cassiopeia ( isn't so hard ), malzahar or vladimir ) is going to mid , you need 2 doran ring , boots and mana , buy catalyst and after the mejai's soulstealer

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Let's go , the nightmare in mid is coming ( laning )

Remember , this guide only works when u are going to mid.
Do a leash in blue with the Q if u have a jungler , if u dont have doran , wait to lvl 2 for more mana , in lvl 2 , ( Ryze is your enemy now in mid )
get the half life of him life with the combination Q + E ( remember than this guide is of assasin anivia , so try it of hit 2 times with the Q ( the Q do 2 hit if u slow and after you do explode the ice ball behind him ) if you do it , you are taking maybe the 3/5 of him life ( poor ryze )
* a tip with ryze , let than he catch you and do your combination Q + E in their face , and after you are seeing whoever did more damage ;)

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Team fight

In team fight , you can do two things , or wait than the tank start to the fight , or take the life of the carry ( caitlyn for example , so easy for kill with Q + E + R + W ( and ignite if you are not feeded ) ) and go Back with your team.
If you choice than the tank start the fight , try to stun the more champions than you can , so wait for use your Q , let than your R slow all the other team ( in special the carry dps ) and hit with your E , all the time ( stay with your team , they need your R ) and when they are trying escaping , do your W and do an ace or go fast to push mid , if you lose the team fight , try to stay away and save your team with your W ( or get a kill with a 2-3-4-5 vs 1-2 ).
I never do the W before the fight for a 1vs5 ( except when they are feeded ) because you are trying do an ace.

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Thanks for read

This is my first guide in mobafire , im pro with Anivia ( always 14-2-5 ) so i know how play with him , the wall is just practice and same with the Q , good luck guys and have fun playing LoL is the most important , bye