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Udyr Build Guide by cy3160

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cy3160

udyr - jungle/tank extraordinaire

cy3160 Last updated on October 26, 2011
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guy you may meet in the jungle

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well well... why udyr?

hes macho to start
so play him
turtle nerf hits his mana really hard but its okays
with philosopher stone its the same as before, almost...
man missed the old turtle but nvm
udyr still remains my favourite champion because he got the stuff needed to make me continue playing him, even after the dominion patch nerf and cause his mana pool to run dry pretty much all the time
hes fast btw, losing to the new skarner maybe? but he is much safer in the jungle, with a higher movement speed, and a stun for ganking
well i used to go by the third built but i often fail ganks(i am moving too slow) after going into the stonewallrian play style i realised that the movement quints though hitting your jungle a little hard but turns out to be so much better when it come to ganking, with with movement speed of 345 without boots is a force to be feared, especially when a bear is behind it, most ppl out there, i still see guides with runes being alacrity, that works for triforce built but you really need movement quints to pull off epic ganks early game

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Pros / Cons

hes pro nuff said?
hes macho
he is fast in the jungle
with my runes and masteries he is fast outside jungle
he have all the tools you need from attack spd to ap boost
turtle have a crazy shield to cooldown ratio
phoenix makes you a freaking bird
you love melee champions(not even tryn can hold a candle to udyr if they are equally fed)
you hate ashe
you hate ezreal
you hate kennen
you hate being kited
you are easily kited(you need to run into brushes to prevent this)
your mortal enemies are very common picks
turtle's mana regen's got nerfed hard

other wise he is a really versatile champions being able to fill the gap to make any team balanced, the key is to tab often and look at your and your enemies items to decide on he items to buy, udyr is best played fluidly, trading a spirit visage for a early randuins to counter ad champions is good, getting more magic resist to counter aps etc etc

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Unique Skills

something really strange i found out is that items are kind of very inconsequential to udyr, he ticks with almost every item ingame, even hextech rylai combo. what really makes him stronger is a larger mana pool, and cdr. his skills as you probably realised all give bonus stats which makes item stats pale in comparison(well almost). with enough cdr he would be able to spam his skills in a teamfight to devastating effect. this is especially true for phoenix udyr as he have very good damage but low scalings, this should be taken advantage of by making him tanky while not compromising his damage much. a shield every 3 seconds or so and a bonus 48 ap and 24 ad is really strong, not to mention the movement speed and stun.

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Runes/ masteries

i invested a lot into the movement speed see, well it is necessary though
and the flash mastery is very important as lowering the cooldown makes it easier for you to just let it go to net a kill or escape rather then trying to hold onto it to create a miracle... i dont really get what i am saying but you get the point. keeping damage to bare minimum necessary and maxing speed is the way to go, after all he is a fully melee champion

his movement speed and stun makes him an excellent anti-carry, singling out threats and disabling them, this is what win udyr games

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Creeping / Jungling

well everyone probably know the basics so i tell you something different
always go the long way to the enemy!
you see the brushes at the side of mid, you stand there? you can wait one whole age for the enemy to push past you to make you stun work for sure, he also gets to see you coming and is more likely to get away
what you do is position yourself at the longer way to needed to take, like into the brush beside the towers at top rather than the brush by the river if you are from the blue side like wise for bot if you are on the purple side
for mid go beyond the brush and into the bare area near the tower or their wraiths
ping your lane to engage
join in the fun
stun and kill and continue jungling

another tip is to secure your solo lane
kill blue if you are from blue and twin golem if you are at purple side
get bear at lvl 2
run to lane in the method previously stated
stun their ***es off and proceed to kill them
vice versa if you have a ****** solo who went bot
if the solo laner went bot ignore him and let him die anyways cause it obviously makes it harder to dragon 2 laners and a jungler near dragon than 3 laners and a jungler, do your math
with 2 laners at bot if one dies the other can still lane and makes the enemy think twice about dragonning
the thing is to succeed in jungling a lot of teamwork is involved, or at least common sense on you and your teammate's part

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hope you enjoyed the guide
this is my first, not well done, i would like to do it again
though there seems to be too much incessant raging in my guide i am sorry
i hope more people will pick up udyr
yes to you ppl out there he can tank and tank very well but plz dont say he have to tank just because of his macho figure says so, he is very good as a dps in my second build too
remember that fluidity is the key to the kungfu master, dont stick to any particular builds, adjust to your enemy
peace out