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Shyvana Build Guide by imperialions

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imperialions

Ultimate Ranked Shyvana Jungle Guide

imperialions Last updated on April 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a guide for jungling Shyvana however she is a very viable top lane champion i am only giving the build to jungle and play effectively in ranked matches.

Shyvana is a high natural damage dealer which is one reason i build her with so much defence. She is a very high mobility champion due for a speed buff on her W as well as a huge jump with her ultimate. These abilities allow for great team fighting and ganking.

Shyvana is one of the fastest more efficient junglers which is why i almost only play her in the jungle. Her strongest point is invading the opponents jungle to deny them of gold and exp

Shyvana's role is not to deal all the damage nor take all the damage, she is someplace in between. Her ultimate allows her to quickly get on the carry and keep them away from the fight along with disrupting and damaging the entire team.

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For reds you want attack speed for 3 reasons
1. Faster jungle speed
2. Helps you get your q back faster
3. When you are level 6 you get your ultimate back faster
Yellows you want flat armor without them you would loose way to much health in the jungle
Blues you want to grab magic resist per level because magic damage is irrelevant early game in most cases
Quintesences you should grab movement speed, health or more attack speed
I prefer movement for many reasons
1. You can catch up to people to apply more damage
2. When jungling you do a ton of running and the faster you can get to a lane to gank the better
3. W+movment quints=amazing ganks

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Many people like to go 21-9-0 or 9-21-0 with Shyvana however this is not the best way to jungle. Above it says 18-12-0 because there are things you can change around such as flat armor or magic resit based on their team. However everything has its reason once again this mastery page is for jungling. Even with a team that does not leash I can do wraiths red golems ect.. with above half hp while many junglers are risking their life by running around their own jungle with very low health.
For this reason you need to be aggressive in COUNTER JUNGLING which i will talk about later

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You can start out with cloth armor 5 hp pots or boots 3 hp pots this is all preference and also depends on the enemy team. I usually dont get boots unless im playing with friends and know they can help me out because it is more dangerous.
First trip back you want to get boots more pots and a ward or 2 this will be explained later.
next you want to go for your wriggles and finish your boots Merc treads or Ninja Tabi
Core build for every game
1. wriggles
2. Merc/tabi
3. Frozen mallet
4. Atmas
These items all have a reason and multiple purposes and uses
1. Wriggles is obvious due to the fact that it gives you a free ward and possibility to do extra damage on minions not to mention the life steal
2. boots depend on the match it they have magic damage or lots of cc you need merc but it they are heave on auto attackers you need tabi
3. This item makes up for shyvana's lack of cc and makes ganking very easy. You should build the phage right after your boots however sometimes you can get phage before you get tier 2 boots.
4. Atmas gives you additional damage based on your hp so after you have built health from you Frozen mallet you get atmas for an amazing amount of damage

If the game goes past this point you need to make a decision Damage or Defence.
IF your looking for more defense you should consider...
1. Randuins omen
2. thornmail
3. Sunfire cape
4. Warmogs
These all synergize very well with eatchother and the build to increase your damage and you sustainability.
Magic Resist
1. Force of nature
2. Guardian angel
3. Banshee veil (not the best because you dont have mana but can be very useful)
These items have their purpose and but only in certain matches when the opponents team has double AP or an AP champ who is carrying

If you are fed or just have plenty of defense you can go for a more offensive build
Your best options are
1. Blood thirster
2. Maw of Malmortius
3. Infinity edge
there are other options but these are usually the best options for Shyv. Again blood thirster and Maw help in both the damage depertment aswell as the defensive department.

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Skill Sequence

Start off with W because it help you clear waves faster. You also want to max this skill first due to its amazing damage output
grab your Q next however this will be the last skill you max
Secondly max your E because in dragon form this ability will be able to hit everyone causing everyone who hits them to do additional damage. This ability is magic damage which not many people will be building against in the early game besides your Q is based on you attack damage which you wont have much of until later in the game.
All ways get you ultimate when you can based on the extra damage it will provide.

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Summoner Spells

I have tried many different summoner spells but the most consistent and effective skills are always Exhaust and Smite.

Exhaust-shyv has no natural cc so this allows you to gank effectivley
Smite-You have to have this for 3 reasons
1. faster jungle
2. securing buffs (red, blue, dragon, baron) you don not want you buffs stolen because they are very important.
3. steal buffs

You can grab Flash or Teleport I have used them both effectively but i don't think anything is better then having exhaust

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle path: this is nearly meaningless because you can take just about any route you want however i thingk the best way to go is wraiths, red buff, small golems gank. you can also skip grabbing small golems and just gank after red, however dont waste your time if the lane is not gankable.

This is the most important part of the guide because based on how well you gank and counter jungle can decide a win from a loss first and most important is BUFF CONTROL. You need to know when you buff are available and you need to take them right when they get up. Shyv does not need blue buff so give it to you middle whenever you can however it does provide alot of exp so you may wan to take the first one.

Once you hit about level 4-6 you should have boots cloth armor few hp pots and a ward or 2. This ward is very important and should be placed in a spot to show you your enemys wraiths. Taking away your enemys wriths will mess with their brains trust me. They will start going for stupid ganks or try and take your stuff without wards. This also has another purpose which is you will know exactlly which way they are going to help everyone out on your team

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Focus on counter jungling and BUY WARDS
You should be very tanky remember you are stacking lots of health and should be able to dove on ganks around level 7ish.
Team fights you need to disrupt and kill the carry!
Good luck and fly like a dragon
Please tell me how my build works for you and lave a comment