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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Surisis

**Ultra-Mega LOW IP Super Team**

Surisis Last updated on February 23, 2011
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I made this for those who were sick and tired of spending IP on Champs and wanted to focus more on team composition that aren't going to be screwed by patches and/or updates. I also feel that many of these champions are Nerf (R) proof as they are older, balanced, and well established. But, when put together they are OP!

Each of these champions farm well, lane well, and are very viable in Ranked and in Normal Games. In addition every one of these heroes has some kind of built-in support mechanism, CC, and compliment each other well in team-fights. They are also very unlikely to be banned because people have this absurd perception that low IP champs as bad or underpowered. Ah but we'll show em!

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The Setup

Tristana and Ashe - 2 solos both have great CC and have massive carry. Both farm incredible and deal great auto attack damage. Tristana keeps assassins away from carries with her R skill. What about miss frost? Ashe can initiate from anywhere on the map with her ultra mega frost arrow. BOOM! HEADSHOT!

Annie - Uber Nuke mage. Can send big bear tibbers to scout bush and help with ganks. GAME CHANGING ult when being used to stun. Synergizes well with Nunu's Absolute Zero. (Little Girls Press R to win!)

Nunu - Jungler, anti-jungler, and tank. His AP ratios are through the roof. He can tank and lane with the best of em. Great at controlling the woods, great and jungling early and doesn't even require smite! Ult in the bush NUKE! Pure awesome! Buff those carries with blood boil oh no! Tower gone! Did i mention he can tank?

Sion - 2 second stun. OH yes! He can be built AP or even AD (if no one is smart enough to blind you) An incredible laner and wonderful compliment to Annie or Ashe. His healing/lifesteal ult gives you and your carries some great health regen to stay in those tough fights. Excellent burst damage with AP. His AP ratios are simply godlike. Can also fill the role of tank if need be.

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Runes and General Advice

Since the giant nerf to Flat health Quints I recommend loading up on both Magic Pen for AP users, Armor Pen for AD carries, and Health per level for everyone, with personalized Glyphs for being the open option.

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Crit Damage Runes

NEVER EVER get Critical Damage Runes as the math has been done and they are determined to be sub-par in every circumstance. Here's the link proving what a I claim is true on Crit Damage.

(I take absolutely no credit here. But I swear by the man's guide.)

/|\Please read above! Your AD carry with thank you again and again./|\

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What?! ALL CHAMPS are EASY! Quit being so NOOB!

All right then. Champs are easy. But what champs can be the most mistake free? Who can be played to near perfection by almost anyone? This guide aims for consistency. It aims to minimize mistakes and maximize gain.

I don't have the runes or the Masteries/Runes to Jungle Nunu or Amumu..Help!

Unfortunately your only options for junglers is Warwick or Nunu with Smite. Simply replace one of Nunu's spells and you are good to go. Warwick is king of jungle but he still costs 3150 IP. Whereas Nunu is only 450. Again, low ip heroes here. IMHO Riot needs more low ip tanks and junglers.

What about Sivir?

Sivir - A great substitute carry...but no stun :(
A great compliment to any team but she may be nerfed again soon.
She is probably much harder to counter than Ashe but I like to keep permastun in mind when i think of team-fights and initiating. Again I play on the NA server where EVE can't win games by herself. I digress...
(As I post this they have recently Nerfed Sivir. CALLED IT. LOL.)

Sivir requires less margin for error than a Tristana or an Ashe. A great pick all around but requires tactful use of spell shield. As always, keeping it simple.

Why are there no flat Rune Health Quints in your build? Phreak says they are great!

1.As Elementz has pointed out; nerfing health during the lane phase gives great power to laners. Doran's items are also a bit less appealing to me now. Not to mention, everyone I picked in this guide can lane like a boss. Magic Pen has yet to be changed and Armor pen is still very awesome.

2.First of all why do you listen to Phreak? Riot should tell him to stop giving advice. I digress....stop it Phreak!

Janna is Queen Support she is so much better and she's cheap wtf!

You're right Janna is great at extending the game, extending the game, keeping the game going longer, and longer and longer. Quite frankly you are obviously too good for this guide. Go play Janna if you are so Pro. You can probably keep the game going all by yourself and other team may give up in frustration.

---> My point is this: Riot has expressed the want and need for shorter games, more frequent ganks. I suspect Janna will be hit hard at some point. Play her while you can.


Champion X,Y,Z isn't on here. I so own with them! They are new and better. Why aren't they on here?

I suppose there is something to be said about "Flavor of the Month" Champions. I'm sure you'll defend them on the forums, claim they are perfect, claim they are fine. Then Riot hits them with a nerf! OMG whiners always win right?! Maybe in fact it's a GREAT TEAM that will always win. Did you ever think of that? You are also way too good for this guide play your FOTM champ then....

OMFG I can't 1v5 with any of these champions! Noob guide! So noob!

I can't tell you how much more satisfying it is getting the gang together and working together to play this game. You'll find the whole experience much more satisfying when you love the game, love the teammates, and love to help each other. This IS what it's all about. Again you may be way too pro for that...

NO PURE TANK!? Your build sucks!
Then...use AMUMU.*

Nunu can ice approaching assassins, Tristana can blow them away safely, Sion absorb damage with his shield or hold them back with his stun. There are plenty of ways to keep champs off of your carries and low health teammates. Using Jungle AMUMU is indeed a very viable option here.

But i see Amumu as a poor counter-jungler and u need to be on your toes to jungle as the sad mummy. He also REQUIRES smite. Which makes him a liability during his attack on blue. Using despair and using bandage toss effectively is great but again it requires you to be quite mistake free to really turn the tide of battle. While Nunu only requires ignite to jungle and is very easy champ to learn.

NOTE about Amumu

*Certainly Amumu can replace Nunu or Sion on this setup but he is often banned in Ranked and that makes him sort of unreliable. He IS one of my favorite champs. My heart says yes but my head says maybe...Mummy rocks.

u]Why don't you have boots of swiftness on Ashe? I need to chase people DOWN![/u]

Use the active on Yommu's ghost blade. I might also add that Ashe NEEDS to be behind her tanks/dmg soakers. CDR for the boots of ionia and brutalizer will get your Frost Arrow quite often and the armor pen and CDR is always welcome. It's win-win.

Why do you have ignite on Tristana? Isn't the (Active) on explosive shot going to stop healing and regeneration?

You are clever one. But Having both allows you to compltely destroy Mundo's ULT. Makes Tryn Cry in a corner. And makes Vlad go back to Twillight. DEAD and forgotten. :D

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Final Thoughts

If you read of all this then you obviously are way cool and we should play :D I thank you! If you didn't read all of it but some then that's cool too. If you just skipped ahead and read TL:DR then you are obviously waaaaayyy toooo pro. (Sorry. My rage is beyond PETA's control.) On to other things...

So that's it! Again thanks for checking my guide out. Please rate and comment and please give constructive criticism in the comments. Good luck and as always have fun out there!

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Low IP, well established heroes, are a basis for this guide. They are suited for competitive play as their roles have withstood the test of time. These champs are wonderful in design and role, are rarely nerfed or banned. They offer tremendous value together as a team.


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