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Nautilus Humor Guide by The5lacker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The5lacker


The5lacker Last updated on December 12, 2012
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Undertow is a fairly comedic guide to making Nautilus the most inescapable champ in the game. By combining the slows from his abilities, Rylai's, Frozen Mallet, and Iceborn Gauntlets, Nautilus will be able to slow enemies to a crawl while pounding them mercilessly with his Muramana, crushing all resistances and leaving his enemies gasping for air.

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Nautilus - As a champ, Nautilus is a great tank. With a pull, a slow, and an immobilizing opener, he makes a great laning partner and an astounding bruiser by himself. Dredge Line is a merciless pull, that can also be used as an effective escape if you need to make it back to your tower quick, or if you need to charge into theirs to hit with his Riptide or simply wreck face. His Titan's Wrath is a tremendously effective shield, and makes for a potent farming and jungling tool as well. Finally, Depth Charge is a wonderfully satisfying ult, effortless passing through any and all opposition to crush whoever dare try and run away from it.

Spells - Flash is a standard as it allows for a very quick repositioning in dire circumstances. Nautilus is fairly mana hungry early game, though this won't be a problem late game due to Rod of Ages and Muramana. However, given that Muramana's bonus damage scales on current mana, Clarity can allow for a potent damage steroid of sorts, refilling mana after a few swings to do it all over again.

Items - Frozen Mallet is an incredible slow on a champion who already hits so hard with his opening swing, and allows for Nautilus to hit again and again while his opponent tries in vain to flee. Rylai's synergizes well with Dredge Line, keeping them in range for Nautilus to get his relatively slow second hit in. Iceborn Gauntlet not only offers a potent area of effect damage steroid, but an addition slow that, while not being applied in full, still works well with his other abilities to leave entire teams crawling on the ocean floor. The Muramana offers a hefty chunk of mana for Nautilus to spam his abilities with, as well as offering good synergy with Iceborn Gauntlet and Rod of Ages, which further synergizes with Nautilus's Titan's Wrath. Finally, Ionian Boots gives Nautilus much needed cooldown reduction while simultaneously giving him the ability to actually outrun people he's slowed by 80%.

Runes and Masteries - Fairly straightforwards. Nautilus benefits greatly from being tanky, and the high mana costs for this build necessitate a lot of mana. Summoner's Insight works wonders with Clarity, restoring even more mana and allowing him to stay in the fight much longer. Attack damage runes allow for a strong early game, while cooldown reduction is pretty much necessary for some of Nautilus's skills. Nautilus enjoys having tremendous amounts of health, and as such, percent health runes are very potent on him.


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