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Jinx Build Guide by MQ2000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MQ2000

UNFINISHED - Jinx guide

MQ2000 Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Jinx ADC

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


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About Jinx: Jinx is a solid ADC who is great all-around. Her kit gives her amazing potential with raw AD, and can bully lane quite well. Jinx's main weakness is her early game. Otherwise, she is very strong. Overall, Jinx is fun to play and easy to learn!

Hello everyone, I'm MQ2000. I made this guide because I wanted to share this Jinx build and to show everyone her potential! Please remember that this is MY opinion on what the best build for Jinx is; builds always depend on playstyle, preferences, etc. I think Jinx is a very fun champion, and bought her the moment I could.
I'm not an ADC main, but I've had good success with this build so far. I love Jinx because of great all-around kit as an ADC. This is my first guide, so any constructive feedback is welcome! :D

I hope you, the reader, can enjoy Jinx and my guide.
Good luck, summoners!

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Pros / Cons

+High damage and dueling
+High damage poke
+Very good utility for an ADC
+Global ultimate
+Amazing waveclear and pushing, especially with this build
+Very good at cleaning up
Jinx is strong all-around, making her able to fit in pretty much every team composition. She can fit very well in poke, siege and pick comps. Her passive makes her very strong at cleaning up, because once you kill one, you can run quickly towards your next target. Her W and E also give her a HUGE amount of CC compared to other ADCs, and her Q makes her a very strong duelist. A global ult is always nice. I'll say this more, but Jinx's kit is just SO good all-around.

-Lower than average base attack range
-Not very strong early game
-Hard-to-hit ult
-Quite AA-reliant
-Can run OOM easily
Jinx's kit does not have many weak points. The only part of the game (IMO) that she does not excel in is the early game, but even then she can outtrade many ADCs by starting Q. Other (small) things that she is inherently is that her Ult's hitbox is quite small compared to other globals. This makes it impractical to snipe moving enemies from afar. Also, enemies can counter you by stacking armor and AS slows and dodging your abilites, making you run out of mana and defenseless.

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These are standard ADC masteries.Offense:
1st tier: I take attack speed because it's essential for an ADC and some CDR to lower cooldowns, but mainly to get to tier 2.

2nd tier: Always want more damage.

3rd tier: Even more AD. I take Executioner just to do more damage, and a large part because Jinx is very strong at cleaning up (killing low health targets in quick succession). This mastery is very helpful in teamfights.
It lets us get to 4th tier.

4th tier: 5% of bonus AD as extra is amazing! Dangerous Game helps sustain a little bit in a fight, especially in teamfights.

5th tier: Bonus attack speed after a crit. Attack speed helps us kill our enemies even faster! Armor Penetration with all the physical damage is essential very helpful. 3% more damage is always welcome.

With this setup you'll be ready to melt your enemies!

1st tier: Block helps us trade with the enemy ADC/support, and just take less damage in general. Some extra HP Regen for more sustain, especially in lane.

2nd tier: Just take a little bit less damage. 36 HP is very helpful; How many times have you gotten away with less than 36 health?

3rd tier: None of the other masteries that we can get are very helpful to us, so I take Juggernaut. Extra health is good for living longer.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
These are standard ADC runes.

Use this setup for: Early game trading ability, extra defensive stats and early survivability in lane (respectively).

Alternatively, you can use greater mark of armor penetration to pierce early armor to do even MORE damage and/or Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for more damage (duh).

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Summoner Spells

Use Barrier for safety early game and prevention from being bursted. Use Flash for the defensive and offensive capabilities it offers. With Flash, you can dodge skills, instantly get away from enemies, or Flash closer to secure or set up a kill with your W or E.
Flash is a very versatile and a must-have on almost all champions.

Other choices include Ignite if you like to be very aggressive (and maybe Ghost if you can't get Flash).

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Doran's Blade is the standard opening items on ADCs as they give you much-needed tankiness, AD and a heal on attacks. This gives you just great stats early game and is EXTREMELY cost-efficient! Whenever you feel you are losing lane, you can buy 1 extra, but beware because they don't build into anything and you'll need to sell them later.

+ + + +
Start with Boots if the enemy bot lane is skillshot reliant or when you need the potions, like Ezreal, Caitlyn Blitzcrank, or Morgana.

First back

If you're losing the lane bad. Buy 2 Doran's if you really need to just soak up the damage, heal up and still be able to trade decently. You should only occasionally buy these, when you aren't losing that badly go for Vampiric Scepter because it builds into something. 2 Doran's is the MAXIMUM! Any more and you'll be wasting too much gold on an item you can't upgrade.

As the ADC, you're going to want to do a LOT of damage, so try to get this item first. The bonus AD also boosts the damage on your Zap! and Super Mega Death Rocket!.

If you can't afford B. F. Sword/you're taking too much poke, you can go for Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed instead. Always try to farm at least 1125 gold before your first back.


An amazing item on Jinx. Rush this item because it gives you the highest AD on a single item, great for dealing more damage with your auto-attacks, W and Ult. You don't need attack speed immediately because of your Q passive, and this also helps her with her already strong dueling.

I know, I know, you probably think Runaan's is a terrible item. It is, on most other ADCs. But not on Jinx! Here's why:
Grants a lot of AS (70%!) and homing bolts that spread from your target. There are two reasons why it's SUPER OP on Jinx: The bolts fully stack her attack speed buff (when hitting 3 enemies), and also stack the rocket explosion damage on nearby targets. This means that you'll have unparalleled pushing power, can MELT turrets, and also deal crazy AoE damage in teamfights. In other words, it enhances both parts of your Q even more to become the god of auto-attacks.

Now continue on with standard ADC. It'll be a bit later in the game now, and crit chance is really the only big way ADCs scale into late game. Infinity Edge gives you 25% crit chance(about 1/4 of your AAs) and increases the crit DAMAGE to 257.5% (you get 5% from the mastery)! That's a LOT of damage in a single attack, and with your extremely high AS, you'll be able to proc that very often.

So, by now the enemy team is probably buying armor. That's fine, because with Last Whisper, 35% of it will be ignored! You'll need this to deal damage, and the bonus AD very is nice.

(Defensive items explained in "Notes")

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Situational/Unrecommened Items

This is a pretty popular item on Jinx, and certainly viable. The % health damage on hit is very useful for taking down tanks in conjunction with her Q, but otherwise, Runaan's is better for the flat damage, pushing power and AoE it gives.
Item to replace: Runaan's Hurricane

Sure, it gives a bonus 200% of your AD on your next attack, but I don't find it to be that strong on Jinx. When in one "stance" on her Q, you usually want to stay in that stance, and otherwise, her cooldowns are quite long. Also, the AP, health and mana aren't very useful on Jinx, and the movespeed on attack were nerfed on ranged champions. I just feel that it's a sub-par item for her, but maybe could work with a bursty-caster playstyle.
I'm not sure what you would replace on Jinx with this, as they all give her essential stats that Trinity Force simply does not fulfill.

Not a great item overall. First off, once the active is used, it essentially becomes a waste of an item slot for the duration of the cooldown. Second, you don't really need the attack speed, and the active is inefficient because of the huge attack speed you naturally have. I strongly unrecommend this item.
Item to replace: Runaan's Hurricane

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Skill Explanation

Skill Summaries (inside spoilers are Tips and Tricks):

Passive: Get Excited! gives you a BONUS 175% movement speed boost that decays after destroying a turret or killing a champion. This makes her good at cleaning up champions or splitpushing, destroying a tower then quickly getting away.

Q: Switcheroo! first part grants you a very large amount of attack speed that stacks on your auto-attacks PASSIVELY! This means you get free attack speed by simply attacking anything, including turrets. The stacks fall off one by one and are not affected by attacks in Rocket form.
When activated, she switches to a rocket-launcher, increasing her range and dealing AoE damage slightly higher than her AD. The damage is the same inside the AoE. The only downside is that her AAs cost 20 mana each when in this form.
Spoiler: Click to view

W: Zap! is a very long range, single-target nuke, line, delayed skillshot that deals an enormous amount of damage (1.4 AD ratio!!!) and heavily slows the target. This is her main poking tool and is just great. 'Nuff said.
Spoiler: Click to view

E: Flame Chompers! releases long range mines that can be detonated in 0.5 seconds by an enemy champion. This spell does not stop her movement (no cast time) and snares the enemy. They automatically explode but do not snare. They have quite high base damages. This is an extremely useful and important skill to master!
Spoiler: Click to view

R: Super Mega Death Rocket! is a global AoE line skillshot that explodes when it hits an enemy. Remember, THIS DOES NOT HIT MINIONS but will deal damage to them when a champion is hit nearby, much like Ashe's ult. It also deals a high amount of their missing health.
Spoiler: Click to view

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Skill Sequence


This is my preferred skill sequence; by maxing Q first it enables me to almost always come out on top in trades. I max W second because it actually deals damage, leaving E last. Always put points in your Ult when possible.

Another possible route would be to max Zap! first and then Switcheroo! for a more caster-y playstyle.