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Udyr Build Guide by Bensayeed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bensayeed

Unstoppable Juggernaut Udyr (Season 5)

Bensayeed Last updated on January 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build of Jungle Udyr is built for pure enemy disruption. The 0-21-9 Masteries illustrate this heavily, as do the heavy armor and movement speed items and Runes. Your basic task to is to be every where at once and never caught with your pants down. You can easily leap into a fray and vanish immediately, letting your laners pick up a kill or flee from danger. When push comes to shove, you are able to tank for your team and lay about with infuriating Bear Stance strikes to keep the enemy off balance. You should be able to tank towers for your team and handle most jungling scenarios solo. Don't try Baron alone, though.

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I didn't come up with this set up of Runes by myself, but I've unfortunately lost the guide that suggested them. The Armor and Magic Resist is self explanatory. Besides, Turtle Stance health bonus gets a boost from your defenses as well. Attack Speed is ideal for Udyr's two best stances: Bear and Phoenix. Fast attacks means more enemies stunned and more Phoenix waves used.

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This seems to be where this guide differs most from others. Utility abilities are chosen to keep your Jungle buffs longer, movement speed a little up, and tries desperately to improve your abysmal early mana regen.

Defense tree is fairly necessary for Udyr to survive early jungle with gusto. Compared to other junglers I've tried this with, Udyr can survive at least twice as much early game. Naturally Tough Skin and Bladed Armor. Naturally all the health regen and max boosts. You can forgo Block and Unyielding and Oppression. You aren't going to be going toe-to-toe with most champs at this point, and your speed should get you out of trouble anyway.

I've chosen Resistance and Evasive instead of Legendary Guardian because you will be spending more time alone than with a lot of support champs. Your speed makes you a great split pusher, and your bulk means you'll be alone while allies flee often.

Swiftness and Tenacious just makes you that much more infuriating to anyone trying to catch or stop you.

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This build is all about "hot, nasty, badass speed," as Eleanor Roosevelt would say.

Your first trip back should be to get your basic boots and the stalker's blade. Now you can wipe out jungle creeps ridiculously fast, and you have your crucial Chilling Smite. If you have to go back early (which should only happen if your leash sucks), I'd suggested getting boots first still.

After that go immediately for Boots of Swiftness and then the Juggernaut enchantment unless you are getting bullied too hard by the counter jungle, in which case, appropriate armor supersedes Juggernaut. Now that you have extreme speed and Tenacity, you can rush into lanes to help gank fluidly. Counter jungling is also fairly easy since you can disengage without too much trouble if you get caught. You should be about level 6 or 7 at this point, and you should be able to solo dragon easily if there is no enemy interference.

At this point, assess your team's needs. Is your team struggling to get kills without you, or has the enemy been stronger than your combined strengths? If your team is pushing, go aggressive. Attack speed is still your best option whether you're clearing the jungle or ganking. Cool down reduction let's you swap stances for optimal performance. Life Steal won't save your life if you're already losing, but if you're bullying, it's hilarious.

If you're losing, go full bulk. Get cool down reduction with it. Your job now is to survive the hits so your squishies can get the kills. Armor and Magic Resist synergizes well with Turtle Stance's added HP shield. Cool Down reduction will always make you better since you can switch between stances all the faster.

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Passive-Monkey's Agility: "Each time Udyr switches stances, he gains 5 flat movement speed and 10% attack speed for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times."

Q-Tiger Stance: Basic attacks gain large over time damage based off AD. Attack Speed increases for 5 seconds.

W-Turtle Stance: Gain life steal to basic attacks. Pick up an AP based shield for 5 seconds.

E-Bear Stance: Basic attacks now stun for 1 second. No target can be stunned more than once for a few seconds. Gain increased movement speed for a short time.

R-Phoenix Stance: Every 3rd basic attack procs a wave of damage to all enemies in front of him based on AP. Pulsing waves of fire spread from him for 5 secs, also based on AP.

You should be able to see the pattern. Switch between stances frequently to get Monkey Stance stacks and to get the temporary Stance bonuses on a regular cycle. Once you leave a stance you no longer get its constant bonus, but the ones on a timer are still in effect even if you switch stances before they run out.

Starting Phoenix is a must with most Udyr builds. The flame waves helps you clear minion camps with incredible speed compared to other junglers early on. You've got options next. Some choose to go Tiger Stance--the extra damage can be great to get a kill and the attack speed helps proc more Phoenix. I choose Turtle Stance. It gives great defense added with life steal so you can survive in the jungle marvelously as long as you have the mana to switch stances. After that I go Bear stance because it is essential to making the most of your speed and ganks. Thus, at level three you have attack, defense, and movement needed to see some action.

Since taking out Dragon early, solo if necessary, is a goal, I stick with leveling up Phoenix first and Turtle next. Most of your mana will go to those two abilities, and leveling up reduces their mana requirements. However, if you are feeling particularly dastardly, leveling Bear stance before Turtle can be delightful as it increases your speed more and for longer the higher its level. Tiger is mostly an after thought, but once you get it up at all Towers will not be a problem.

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Smite is a must! Especially with the new jungler items. With two slowing, damaging Chilling Smites under your belt, and Bear Stance at your beck and call, no one is moving around you ever.

Flash is great for clearing ground while trying to gank a lane before the enemy runs, and even better for fleeing.

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Your Path

Start at the Gromp. Smite it immediately to get the poison shield. Get a leash if you can, but its not the end of the world. Gromp will get you to Level 2. I suggest getting Turtle. Switch to Turtle right when you hit the Blue Golem next, then switch back and forth to Phoenix for optimal damage/shield/life steal. You'll probably use at least 1 of your potions, even if your leash sticks around. Try to kill the entire camp, because you need to EXP and money early.

Now you can either run to Red buff to stop an early counter jungler opportunity and make you particularly scary, or take out the near by wolves to get to level 3 immediately. If your lanes need you fast, get wolves and help. If you have time to feed, do so. You should have enough for Boots and Stalker's blade if you run through everything once. Keep up that pattern to play it safe, or bully to help your team. If you are level 7 or higher, go get Dragon, solo if needed.

Once you return again and have your Boots of Swiftness and Juggernaut enchantment on your Stalker's Blade you can go hog wild.

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General Game Play and Tips

Udyr's biggest problem is losing Blue buff early. At early levels switching stances is incredibly mana depleting. Try to keep an eye on your Blue camp often, and claim it as soon as possible. You won't be helping anyone if you gank and run out of mana. Once you get some levels under your belt your mana pool increases and your Abilities' costs decrease. You'll hit equilibrium by late game, but you'll never be as effective without it. Lend to your allies with discretion.

Udyr's main tankiness comes from Turtle Stance and Items combined. Don't try to tank 3 or even 2 enemies by yourself if you haven't got some Turtle points and a few items, you'll just embarrass yourself. Instead, try to chase the enemy off. No one wants to get Bear'ed, and most will not engage. Those that do usually try to run after being stunned once. Harry when you can't carry. And that's why we love speed so much.

Since you will likely be the fastest thing on the map, you can be every where and create a terrible paranoia in your opponents. Try to show up everywhere. Keep them skittish. If you can't successfully help your laners get a kill, at least secure their safety and then flee immediately. You can farm in the jungle or hit another lane. Point is, you'll already be elsewhere by the time their jungler shows up, and bullying will mean a lot more feed for your team.

Let your laners get the kills from ganks. You will have plenty of money from Jungle camps and assists. They need the feed, and come late game, they'll be wreaking all the havoc and you'll just be a speed bump.

If you find yourself falling too far behind, focus on the jungle.