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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burning Eyed Hunter

Updated Teemo Tank

Burning Eyed Hunter Last updated on May 5, 2011
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4-2: Decided to play a ranked Teemo Tank game, won.3-28: UPDATE! UPDATE! NEW ITEM SEQUENCE
3-27: Updated another screen shot, my best score yet******beaterv1/TankTeemoBestYet.jpg
3-22: Updated "proof of build working" added another victory, Chances of Teemo Tank Working section added.
3-21: Updated Item Sequence, credits-foolishchild for testing out the build: , pros/cons.

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Try it then vote. Don't just vote down. You will look like an idiot when you notice I have screenshots AND a video proving it does work. Screenshots are going to be constantly updated.
Background:First off, I was bored yesterday(3-21) and decided to make everything a tank, and for some reason I just kept on winning.

In addition, I do realize I put extra items there. Those are alternatives, read on.

Trust me, the reason you want to make this is because you look so ******* ridiculously squishy, people cant help but lunge at you! Perfect for team fights and tanking damage, just hilarious. Plus your fast/mobile!

One more thing: You will never die more than 4 times MAX in a game if you know the basics. And those four times will either be:
1. Tower Diving (more tower diving than team fights for me, i like messing around)
2. Team Fights

Check section "Chances of Teemo Tank Working" for more information on what you must do to succeed.

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And you thought Teemo couldn't be a tank and do damage/Tank Towers?!

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Masteries in my opinion dont really matter as long as you put them in what you plan to build. Sometimes I max out dodge and the lil speed buff since i have some 9 dodge runes in spare.
Reason for the 1 cripple is because... .5 seconds makes a difference. it really does. Plus, minus 10 armor and magic resist, perfect for early game kill.

Why not Evasion and get Ardor? Because any dodge chance is better than having some extra atk speed that wont matter because your a tank.

Make sure to get perseverance in utility, it helps to have regen at all times.

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Pretty self explained. HP, Armor, Magic Resist. Sometimes I replace armor with evasion runes just cause i have them. They really help on top of ninja tabi for fun.

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Items (updated 3-28)!

You need this to start getting survivability + helps atma's.

Depending on the situation, sometimes I buy mercury, other times mobility. Why mobility and not swiftness? because a lot of the time you need to be on the move for map control. But if your in battle? Just use your W. Might as well get the boots that give you more movement overall then. Since I tend to not plant shrooms because of my delay to get back to farming. I just tested them out today, and 560 move speed is quite amazing.

Force of Nature
Buy negatron cape, then move on to maxing guardian angel first. Many make the mistake of not getting enough balance by buying each item one by one. Shrooms can be used to farm. Move onto Guardian Angel after the cape. Buy Force of Nature after Guardian Angel.

Atma's Impaler
For armor and damage. A reason for you to get targeted.

Spirit Visage
More HP/regen + Magic Resistance + more damage for atma's impaler.

Guardian Angel
For some more armor and of course the hilarious aura that lets you come back to life. When everyone sees you with it, they will drop on the floors from laughter.


If they have high AD, then do buy.

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Item Sequence Part for Part at a time. Very important.

1.Ruby Crystal
2.Giant's Belt
3.Regrowth Pendant
4.Warmog(buy immediately! dont waste your time killing minions when you can get it first and let the minions give you hp!)
5.Boots of Mobility/Whatever you want
6.Negatron Cape
7.Regrowth Pendant
8.Regrowth Pendant
9.Force of Nature
10.Chain Vest
11.Cloak of Agility
12.Atma's Impaler
13.Spirit Visage[Buy the HP items first for this. Atma's damage]
14.Guardian Angel or Thornmail[armor first. You are rather lacking it.]

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Skill Sequence(updated 3-22)

Blinding Dart (Q)
I only get one of this for the blind. Max it out later.

Moving Quick (W)
I max this evenly with Toxic Shot. You need the movement speed.

Toxic Shot (E)
Passive Skill. Just use this to harass.

Noxious Trap (R)
This is your bread and butter honestly. Once you understand how to use this type of Teemo, you will use the triple shroom attack a lot.

Map control
Plant shrooms in river, common gank spots, dragon, and baron.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust allows you to usually get 1.) Firstblood 2.) Early Kill or Gank

Gank Example:
1. Hide in bush, and let them over extend.
2. Flash over, exhaust and plant shrooms about 1.5 seconds in front of them.
3. You just nailed a shroom attack. You usually only get 1 or 2 down on ganks, but they are slowed and dealing with your DOT.

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Battle Sequence Summary

OMFG IM SOOO TANKY!! But, but, bu- how do I fight?!

Early Game (UPDATED)
If you don't get 1-2 kills or assists, you are off to a cold start. The longer you spend on making warmog, the longer you are ****ed. You need it for the hp, but at the same time you aren't tanky because you dont have any armor/magic resistance.

Always try to lane with people you can kill within the 10 minute mark period.

How to get kills as a tank.
Nothing different, you are just like a regular teemo early game, and you dont even need to gank often(i don't want to contradict myself, but if you can, do it. Just the thing is that you are so freaking weak by mid to late game that you dont really matter). All your glory is late game, team fights galore!

Mid Game Battle
(you should have Warmog+Force of Nature/Gurdian Angel+Shoes at this point. Always armor over shoes if you must. You have Moving Quick for a reason(W).)
Make sure you farm minions often for your warmog, and initiate team fights.

You basically initiate it, run out, blinding dart, triple shroom attack. Your team wins because they are slowed and damaged from the shrooms(700 dmg per shroom at lvl 16, x3 = 2100 DOT+ slow).

End Game
Tank towers often for your team, and start fights when you can. And use the team fight plan to win. If you have 2-3 shrooms, you will always win a 1v1 fight at this point. If they are AD, even better, they just run to you and try to autoattack you to death, while you sit there and place shrooms on them, boom 700, boom 700 boom 700 DOT. They will start running(or at least trying to since they are slowed) and you just speed up and tick them off.

You basically initiate it, run out, blinding dart, triple shroom attack. Your team wins because they are slowed and damaged from the shrooms(700 dmg per shroom at lvl 16, x3 = 2100 DOT+ slow).

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Shroom Uses

In my opinion, the best ways to use shrooms are:
1. Map Control
2. Team Fights
3. Help save an ally by placing it in front of the chaser.
4. Help save yourself by placing it on them as you run(or rather in front since it needs time to set)
5. Farming

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Pros / Cons (updated 3-21)

Pros on why its such a


1. Teemo Tank? Troll'd
2. Teemo barely ever dies, what a Troll.
3. Teemo can solo a lane, even against the Xin Zhao. Make him learn that you never tower dive tanks. Trololol
4. When you solo mid and you have no other DPS carry because at Character Queue, they didn't take you seriously about becoming a tank. -Welcome Summoners, You have been Troll'd-
5. Teemo can 1v1 players with his Shrooms. Lawls.
6. Easy to farm actually, I like to use his shrooms if any are left over from map controlling.

1. How can there be a con to a troll?
2. If your team are haters on this build, they will call you useless if you guys start to lose. But the thing is, 9/10 times, its not your fault. Since you 1.) Have not fed at all 2.) You have gained map control properly and called MIAs. But this is the path of a troll.
3. Your enemies won't surrender because losing to a Troll


Teemo is just WTF.

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This guide is how to play Teemo as a troll/OP'd Tank. Mainly to counter the stereotypical DPS/AP/Hybrid build he is stuck to. But overall, this is just because I got bored and wanted to turn everything into a tank. So btw, tanks that work with this exact build are: Poppy, Janna, Veigar, Akali, Annie, Teemo(obviously), and more in progress.

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Proof of build working

My screenshots

My name is Zdf whatever because it got censored. Im the teemo tank.
4-2:*6 deaths because I did my job. Taunted the entire team for 30-40 seconds.

Other Contributers


Proof of Other classes able to be compatible with this build:

Janna Tank (also im the zdf dude)******beaterv1/OMFGJANNNAD.jpg