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Trundle Build Guide by Porowns

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Porowns

[UPDATED] Trundle, King of the Jungle

Porowns Last updated on April 16, 2012
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DPS Trundle


Support Trundle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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The Story of the Troll.

Trolls have never been well-regarded beings of Valoran. Generally speaking, they are barbaric, cannibalistic, and sneaky. They are creatures relegated to the murky recesses of the world, hidden away from most intelligent beings. Despite their maleficent natures, however, the Ruhgosk never deserved the grisly fate that was visited upon them. Generations ago, a twisted necromancer known as Hakolin the Bonecrafter attempted to enslave the Ruhgosk tribe. These trolls are considerably more genteel than their ill-mannered brethren, although still uncouth by human standards. The Ruhgosk fought tooth and claw against the necromancer, ultimately driving him from their land. As a parting gift, Hakolin afflicted the trolls with a leprous disease, forever cursing the members of the tribe. The leprosy would have rotted their flesh away to nothing were it not for the trolls' natural ability to regenerate. Caught forever in a hideous rotting state, the Ruhgosk endured their curse while desperately in search of a cure. They never found one.

A wise Ruhgosk shaman learned that he could magically bind the disease to a single troll, provided that the troll could bear the weight of the entire tribe's curse upon himself. However, there was no such troll...until the birth of Trundle. His ability to regenerate was so profound that it appeared as if he did not carry the disease. As Trundle grew, he came to understand his gift and what it could do for his people. When he came of age, he took the curse from his tribe in a baptism of searing agony. Through the shaman's ritual, Trundle became a horrifying creature whose flesh constantly sloughs off his body, only to be re-grown in an unremitting cycle. He has joined the League of Legends in hopes of eventually finding someone who could dispel the heinous curse completely.

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There are many junglers in the game of League of Legends, however, Trundle is most certainly the king. If he's not freefarming his jungle, and taking a bite out of the enemy jungler, he is out on the Fields of Justice denying any ganks with his Pillar of Filth, or just plain out destroying the enemy lanes. The thing I like about Trundle is that he has extremely powerful endgame. Besides the fact that he can basically kill any jungler on a 1v1 fight, he can tank up to a whole team end-game, if built correctly. And if you build him with some damage under his ugly mask, he'll be making a feast of the enemy team.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Very health sustained, can be used by new players
- Adaptable jungle path
- Very versatile in how you build him
- Can demolish the enemy jungler
- Isn't extremely blue dependent, like Amumu
- Has a wall skill, with his Pillar of Filth, greatly impacting teamfights
- Easy to use
- Good territory control with Contaminate and Pillar of Filth

Cons :
- No AoE jungle skills, such as Shyvana or Udyr, impacting clear time
- No stuns, such as Pantheon, impacting ganking
- Hard to master

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Jungle Route -

Wolves - Blue Golem - Wraiths - Wolves - Red Lizard - Golem - Wraiths

Alternative route : Wraiths - Red Lizard - Golems - Wraiths - Wolves - Blue(If not taken)

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Q - Rabid Bite
Rapid bite is a wonderful spell, giving Trundle elements of both a support and a DPS. Firstly, it does a great amount of damage, especially when you've got some nice damage under your belt. It also gives you a nice little buff after using it, giving Trundle some bonus AD. However, if you're running a support-type Trundle, it is great for lowering the damage of the enemies AD carry.

W - Contaminate
Contaminate is a very unique skill that Trundle has, and is one of the only skills in the game that reduces CC for your whole team. Not only does it give Trundle amazing territory control with it's speed and attack speed boost, but it reduces CC for the whole team. When placed right, this could greatly benefit your team in any teamfight.

E - Pillar of Filth
Pillar of Filth is a wonderful utility in Trundle's kit, not only adding a slow, but a wall effect, which is extremely unique due to the only other wall effect in the game belonging to Anivia with her Crystallize spell. This allows Trundle not only to block off any enemy champions, but completely change the tide of a teamfight. This can be utilized by splitting the enemy team apart, such as the Tanks and the AD carries, allowing disorientation and confusion, which are great elements for you to abuse and destroy the enemy team.

R - Agony
Agony is a wonderful ultimate for Trundle, because he is based around sapping the enemy champions while doing damage. Agony not only inflicts a great deal of damage to anybody you cast it on, but it reduces their armor and magic resistance, which can be used to destroy that annoying tank that always gets away in a teamfight, or you can simply sap the enemy carries, speeding up their deaths.

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Runes are a big part of personal preference for Trundle. Some jungle with attack speed runes, mainly because most junglers are used with attack speed runes, however, I jungle Trundle just fine with my rune setup. The extra armor pen will greatly help Trundle's transition from the jungle to the lanes.

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-This setup will provide you with a greatly sustained path, and you will suffer very little from mobs due to the defensive perks.

-This setup is used for speed and agility, and using this you will spend a lot of time ruining the other junglers day and destroying enemy lanes.

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Warmogs - Warmogs gives Trundle a great health boost so that he can build Atma's impaler and get a great deal of damage from it.
Frozen Hammer - Obvious reasons, the utility is wonderful, who doesn't like slowing enemy champions? The health boost also goes well with Atma's.
Trinity Force - So you're getting fed, you want to absolutely hit the enemy team like a truck. The Sheen boost will help your bite and melee combos greatly early on, and it gives you a mixture of stats that you won't normally get with a tanky dps build.
Aegis of Legion - This item is for when the enemy team isn't doing so hot on damage, and is mainly scattered AoE or just low in general. Goes great on a support trundle.
Randuin's Omen - Makes you an unstoppable beast, like Udyr.
Bloodthirster - An extra luxury item for Trundle, helps out his sustain and damage.

Other possible items -
Thornmail - If the enemy team has heavy, heavy attack damage, you will want to consider building thornmail. Not only will it reflect back 30% of their damage, but it will give you a crazy armor boost, and it's very affordable. Also, when combined with any of these tanky Trundle builds, any ranged AD will flash away right when they see you.
Force of Nature - This is an item that you will definitely want to infest in if the AP champions on the enemy team are doing the most damage, or maybe they're all AP champions. Not only does it protect you from those deadly AP carries, but it also gives you a massive health regen, also good when paired with a tanky Trundle build.
Infinity Edge - If you feel like being an AD carry or a Garen, go for it, I'm not going to stop you.
Madred's Bloodrazor - You'll want to skip the Wriggles and start off with Madreds, but this item is reserved for when all of your enemy team is tanky, otherwise an AD or AS carry should get this item.

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A Sight Ward is an extremely important item to buy in League of Legends. Not only do they tell you if an enemy jungler or lane has come to gank you in your jungle, but they can also be used to see what the enemy jungler is doing, so you can easily steal a blue buff from them, or you can just flat out kill them. Sight Wards should not be underestimated, and are an extremely important tool that every player should use.
1 - Blue Side Blue Golem Bush - Ward this if you would like to prevent the other jungler from taking the blue buff.
2 - Blue Golem Baron Entrance - Ward this to prevent the purple team from entering your jungle. Can prevent ganks or potential invasions.
3 - Baron. Standard to ward mid/end game - This will prevent the enemy team from sneaking a Baron.
4 - Baron Side Bush - Can be warded to prevent Mid Lane ganks or jungle invasions.
5 - Purple Side Wraiths Entrance - Can be warded to prevent Mid Lane ganks and jungle invasions.
6 - Purple Side Red Lizard Bush - Can prevent counter-jungling and jungle invasions.
7 - Top Tri-Bush - Extremely important to keep warded, allows top lane to push safely with low threat of gank.
8 - Top Bush - Synchronizes well with number 7. Allows top lane to safely push.
9 - Mid Side Bush - Can prevent ganks to Mid Lane.
10 - Purple Jungle Entrance - Can prevent jungle invasions as well as team fight initiations.
11 - Purple Side Blue Golem Bush - Can prevent counter-jungling and jungle invasions.
12 - Purple Side Blue Golem Entrance - Can prevent jungle invasions.
13 - Bottom Lane Bush - Can be warded to prevent ganks.
14 - Bottom Lane Tri-Bush - Extremely important to keep warded, allows bottom lane to have some safety and prevents ganks.
15 - Dragon - Lets you know when they're taking dragon.
16 - Dragon Bush - Prevents ganks and teamfights.
17 - Blue Side Wraiths Entrance - Prevents jungle invasions as well as ganks.
18 - Blue Side Red Lizard - Prevents jungle invasions as well as counter-jungling.

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Skill Sequence

Why max his Q first?
Mainly because Trundle's bite is the best skill he has, and you should always max it first.

When to max his Pillar? If laning phase ends rather quickly, and you need to deter the enemy from initiating on your team because they're becoming overconfident, you will level this up. It also makes it impossible for them to escape.

When to max his Contaminate?
Another teamfight utility, mainly used for movement speed and attack speed, but don't overlook the CC reduction. Max it when you're not going support Trundle.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a main summoner spell if you're going to counterjungle, and it's a great escape tool.

Smite is a great recovery tool in the jungle, it has the highest damage output to minions a summoner spell could have, therefore allowing you to steal dragon and Baron.

Alternatives -

Heal is a good summoner spell, but it's not recommended, leave it for your support or ranged AD.

Ghost is a good skill if you prefer Ghost over Flash.

Cleanse is generally not a good skill on junglers, mainly used on AP and AD carries.

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In conclusion, Trundle is a versatile jungler that is GREATLY overlooked by many players. He is definitely worth that 4800 IP, especially if you're a dedicated jungler. He has the ability to completely buzzkill teamfights, he can greatly hamper any AD carries abilities with aa simple bite, and he can even make hard CC a little bit softer. He can even take on the greatest challenges in the jungle, such as a deadly 1v1 Lee Sin. He's extremely sustained and just an overall fun champion to play. Personally, he is hands-down, my favorite champion to play in League of Legends.