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Urgot Build Guide by Zafrion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zafrion

Urgod Penetrating the Campers [Patch 5.9] {Season 5} (Still

Zafrion Last updated on November 13, 2015
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Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco Shaco is a high threat to Urgod, as he will take your buffs early on, which you are in heavy need of for the early survivability. All other counterjunglers share the same threat level as Shaco.
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Jungle Route

Now, this is an important part. You want to be starting at Grump, and then take the blue buff, as Urgod needs the early mana, but if you feel confident enough, you could try to start Golems -> red. A good tip for ranged junglers is hitting the camper, and then stepping out of range, then going back to auto attack. This (for obvius reasons) doesn't work against ranged creepers.

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Now, when ganking you want to get in there and ult, sounds pretty simply eh? Well it is, sort off... You want to be ulting to your teammates, however not so close that you get them killed (I.E. ulting a Yasuo into your Syndra). You also want to make sure you don't ult into the enemy creeps, as they will just laserball you to death in the early game (Trust me, it happens).

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You don't want to be fighting too quick after grouping. Urgod has great poking, take advantage of it!
In teamfights your role is pretty straight forward: Try to ult the enemy carries into your team (Again, don't ult an enemy like Yasuo onto your Jinx...). It can be hard at times, however, and it takes a lot of practice. After landing your ultimate you want to be doing 2 things. 1 is to make sure you don't die, remember, Urgod's Armor and MR buff doesn't last forever, so if you don't pay attention, you might get bursted. Secondly is to land your E. I use it before I ult sometimes, as it will be easier to hit that way.

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Picking Urgod

Now, this might be a short section, however it's also pretty important.
You shouldn't be picking Urgod when you don't have any tanks, as he is more of an offtank than a tank. You also shouldn't be picking him against counterjunglers, as he has a hard time coping with them.

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Pros / Cons of Urgod Jungle


    Good ganks with his ult
    Great poke
    Good teamfights
    Good lategame damage


    Bad clear
    Very squishy early on
    Bad ganks pre-6
    Not much peeling for the carries
    Not very tanky

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Final Words

Now the guide has come to an end, please keep in mind, that this is my first guide, and that English is not my main language, so feedback would be higly appreciated, and maybe even a like if you liked playing Urgod jungle? I would feel really appreciated if you do, but I will keep updating a few times even if you don't.
Please remember, this guide wasn't made for you to ride the elo wave, or show off your awesome skills. This was made for fun, and will lose a lot (PLEASE ONLY PLAY THIS IN NORMAL GAMES UNLESS YOU ARE VERY GOOD AT IT!)