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Urgot Build Guide by The One 683

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The One 683

Urgot=Epic Lane Dominance

The One 683 Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my build/guide on Urgot, the Headsman's Pride. I started noticing this champion when my friend asked if he should get Urgot and this "really pro guy" was like "Yes, he is really good". Fueled by the "really pro guy"'s five words, I started searching him up, looking at his skills, play style, how people use him and I can't say that I wasn't impressed. And so, I decided to buy him and I have been really enjoying him ever since.
BUT... enough about me, let's get this started! Oh, and don't forget to thumbs up and comment so I can improve this guide.

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Change Log

1. I have changed my first item to Meki Pendant
2. Added The Brutalizer to Item Purchases so that people can see it on first glance
3. Added Maw of Malmortius to Situational Items because of the Lulu Patch
4. Changed Rune build and chapter on Runes
5. Changed Masteries
6. Changed Summoner Spells
7. Edited the Runes a bit
8. Edited Runes and Runes Chapter yet again
9. Changed some of the items

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Pros / Cons


    Literally AWESOME Early-Game
    Anti-Carry ALL THE WAY
    Crazy kiting
    Awesome Ult for ganking and carry screwing in team fights
    Consistent damage as long as you land your E

    Your power slacks off Late-Game
    Can't do much if you fail to land your E
    You look ugly
    Ult usually places you right in the middle of an enemy team

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For items, I feel that there are three items that need to be rushed early. Those items are Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Manamune and The Brutalizer. Here are my explanations:
Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives you movement speed and CDR that you sorely need for spamming your E and Q to harass the opponent out of lane.
Manamune makes up for your relatively small mana pool, offers mana regen and gives you some attack damage, which benefits your Q in every way and lets you constantly spam it.
The Brutalizer gives you CDR, Damage and Armor Penatration which makes it the ideal item for your early game as your Q benefits from all of these.

Afterwards, you can progress to the rest of your items. Then, get a Glacial Shroud as the opponent would start to get powerful now, and the extra mana, CDR helps you spam your Q and E. Here you can choose whether or not to get a Hexdrinker as it gives a good amount of AD and MR but also gives you that lovely shield. If you don't need it then upgrade Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart as you can just walk into the enemy AD carry and laugh at his attack speed. After that, you should move onto a Last Whisper as your opponents should have a decent amount of armor now and it is up to this item to render you not useless as you pierce through their armor LIKE A BOSS! Anyway, after you get Last Whisper you can proceed to finish Maw of Malmortius as it gives a LOT of AD and MR. It's kinda funny when you're low on health and the enemy you are fighting does reduced damage due to your passive but you deal more damage as you get lower because of Maw of Malmortius's Unique Passive. As a last item, if you have time, sell The Brutalizer and get Guardian Angel would give you exceptional defensive stats and creates great synergy with your Ult. Also, the Unique Passive makes you bloody annoying.

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Situational Items

However, there are some items that work great as well and these are:
Banshee's Veil because it gives good health, good mana, good magic resist and an awesome Unique Passive. You should get this when the enemy team is very magic damage-orientated or if there is an annoying nuker out there who chooses to focus you every time you appear.
Hextech Gunblade because it gives you nice overall Hybrid stats that helps your game. The damage obviously helps your Q and E, the AP helps keep your shield on yourself longer, the Spell Vamp procs on your Q, and the Lifesteal is just useful for your auto-attacks. Also, the Unique Active acts as a good long range slowing nuke which is useful when you want to ensure that you land your E.
Mercury's Treads because any extra magic resist is good and the tenacity helps because Urgot is generally screwed once he's CCed.

If you have more to suggest, please tell me through the comments

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The Glyphs of Shielding is for late game, and makes up for the magic resist lost in this item build.

As you noticed, the rest of the runes are not per level, but flat. Some may say, "Oh, but that hurts Urgot's late game severely!" Well... SCREW late game, Urgot is strongest during early game, that's why the title is "Epic Lane Dominance" not "Mr. Carry". If you want a champion with great late game, go get Tristana or something. Anyway, the damage is for your Q and E, the Armor Pen is also for your Q, and the cooldown is mainly for your Q and E but also for your other abilities. Also, I get 1 AD Quint as it helps with Last-hitting and makes your trades all the better.

If you don't like them or have better suggestions, tell me in the comments below

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So... Masteries... What can I say?
Points into Attack Damage for Q and E. Attack Speed for your auto-attacks. Armor Pen for your Q and auto-attacks. Cooldown Reduction because you need it for your Q mainly, but for everything else as well. And Executioner because it helps a lot when finishing of targets.
I have recently changed the Masteries from the Defensive Tree to the Utility Tree as the extra mana gives you damage through Manamune and lets you spam more. The extra Mana Regen is good for spamming as well. The Longer Buff-Duration is good for keeping your Red or Blue Buff on yourself for longer.

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Skill Sequence

If you have read my other builds, you should know that I always say something along the lines of: "It depends on how your game is like" whenever I talk about the skill sequence. Urgot however is different. Your Q MUST be maxed first. Not maxing it first would be like Gangplank not taking a point into his oranges, it just doesn't work. By not maxing it first, you would be throwing away your bread and butter, your major harassment spell, the thing that makes you URGOT. So please, max it first.
After that, you can max your E or W for whatever situation you're facing. If your lane opponent over-extends a lot, then get your W up because you want to slow the guy down as much as you can so you need the shield on you for longer. If your lane opponent is constantly trying to harass you and take as little damage as possible (you know the type, they shoot like a skill and then ghost/flash out... okay maybe I was exaggerating but you get the point), get your E up to give them some HARD punishment.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse is for escaping ganks because a CCed Urgot is a Screwed Urgot.
Flash is a good as you can immediately Flash out of a team once you Ult and put damage at a safer distance. Ignite is also a good replacement as it creates synergy with your E and can give you the First Blood if you use it well.

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Early/Mid/Late Game

Early Game
As Urgot, you have one of the most potent harasses early game. As soon as your lane opponent come to last hit, pop your E onto them and auto-attack between your Qs. This should keep them at bay and keep them underfarmed and underleveled.
With your E, you can zone effectively and coupled with your W for the slow, your lane opponent will think twice about taking you on and would call for a gank. Ganks will result in your death if you over extend, so don't even think about staying behind the enemy minions to zone them out. A good counter attack while you're being ganked is to go under your tower and Ult him while he is in turret range. Coupled with your W to slow him further, you might find yourself to be the new acquirer of the two buffs the jungler was wearing.

Mid Game
Your mid game should be pretty easy, but your power would start to slack off a bit as your enemies might start getting defensive items. In that case, you would have to be a bit less aggressive and play at a safe distance all the time.

Late Game
Your old power should have returned with the Last Whisper. Now, just try to pick off anyone who is out of position and try to stay behind your team all the time, that is unless you're Ulting.

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You should be hitting your enemy at a safe distance as you are pretty screwed if they are close to you.
Your fights should go like this: E->Q->AA->Q->AA->Q->AA->W->E->Q->AA->Q->You have slain _______
If your fights go bad, then you should be kiting LIKE A BOSS. With your W, you have amazing kiting potential.

In team fights, you should be focusing the carry and after that, you just help your team kill everyone. If the fight goes bad and there are 2 or more enemies alive and chasing you, you're pretty much screwed, so just try to put out as much damage before you die.

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Team Work

As said above, you should be hitting your enemies at a safe distance even though you aren't the carry. When in a team fight, forget about the "safe distance" switch the carry right into your team and GET THE HELL out of there. After escaping, hit them at a safe distance and try to put as much damage out.
You could try and form a kite-based team. As long as you're at a distance, you dominate your enemies. However, you would all be relatively squishy so I advise you to grab a tank or two.

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So, thank you for reading this guide. I hope I have helped anyone who wasn't sure about how to play Urgot and gave new advice to "old" players of Urgot. Please vote and comment to show me how to improve the build or guide. Thank you all again.

(Oh, and also, the stats don't include the conversion from mana to damage and the Masteries which obviously means, your attack damage should be a lot more than what is displayed at the top)