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Urgot Build Guide by verixios

AD Carry Urgot The four legged jungle freak

By verixios | Updated on August 7, 2014

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Pros / Cons

-high damg
-large range
-underrated champion, make use of it
-a fed urgot is scary, they will run

-pretty easy to kill once caught
-no escape
-needs skill to handle
-possitioning and knowledge what u can and cant do is key
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Creeping / Jungling

start with blue, let your team help, you are pretty squishy early so u want to take as least damg as possible.

kill wraiths with corrosive charge and spam Q. get red buff.

start farming up. do your normal jungle rotation, the more u can farm without your team needing a gank the better, the faster u have your damg items the better, keep an eye on the lanes, help if needed, if u see a easy kill go for it, hit a corrosive charge and SPAM him to death.

try not to spam with no blue buff and ask mid if he needs blue, blue is great for urgot but dont let your mid fail becouse u want it.

after u reach 6 u should have finished your boots and jungle item/brutaliser.
now u can start ganking for real, let the enemies push, hit a charge and start spamming, be sure u move forward each time u shoot so u stay close and dont miss any opertunity, use your ult when your team is close and/or the enemy gets away.
use your ult as engage 'only if u ult the enemy towards your team' u can also ult the enemy under your turret.

once u finish the black cleaver u will see how scary urgot gets with his range and insane damg

dont go for early solo dragons, u wont be able ton wait for a good opertunity ,if bot has pushed or made your enemies go back for example, once u have jungle item,brutalizer and a third item u can start solo'ing dragon
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Team Work

in teamfights let your tank enage, after he enages make your way in asap, hit them all if grouped if not u go for the adc, corrosive charge and spam, use your ult on the adc if u can trow him in your team, a dead adc is a good adc.
dont get close if u dont have to, ult and get your 4 legged butt out of there u see why i tell to lett your tank enage hu? u dont want to ult in a full team first :)

great vision on the map is urgots best friend, endgame your dmg will be insane and u can just charge over a wall and Q him/her to death with a few shots.

remember also, urgot is not the champ u want to focus auto atacks with, if u cant do it with charge and Q spam stay away from a 1v1, your basic is not 'the' best since you dont build atackspeed on him, its not weak, but your no adc :)
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in early game u wont have the most farm, once midgame starts to end your corrosive charge will be pretty powerfull and kill waves of minions, u can get easy farm now
League of Legends Build Guide Author verixios
verixios Urgot Guide

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Urgot The four legged jungle freak
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