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Urgot Build Guide by Beltan

AD Carry urGOTCHA! Urgot as an ADC or Off-Tank JUNGLER :)

By Beltan | Updated on January 11, 2013

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  • LoL Champion: Urgot
  • LoL Champion: Urgot
    Jungle Cyborg Denton


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Flabbergast foes with the master of harassment.

You know what's fun? Critting for over 1000 damage. Urgot is an extremely powerful artillery character and his basic attacks can be devestating as well. The most difficult part of building Urgot is the beginning of the game where he wants to consume all of his mana with his Q missiles. If you conserve your mana and play it smart you can get away with using E (corrosive charge) as your main method of harassment, and that will save your mana for a while as it takes a lot longer to recharge.

Once Tear of the Goddess has built you a substantial mana reserve, Urgot really begins to shine. As much as a cut-in-half reanimated cyborg with a poor attitude can shine, anyway. Although there is a lot of metal there, I guess.

Item build: Tear of Goddess, then Ionian Boots. Next, build avarice blade and let it feed you some gold back, then hammer out 2 B.F.Swords. Grab a Brutalizer, then upgrade the B.F.Swords, one to Thirster, one to I.Edge. After that it's time to Manamune up, grab Youmuu's, and then build a Black Cleaver.

Always remain aware that Urgot's forte is distance fighting. When an enemy engages you, be sure to hold off on your shield as long as you can to try to use it's slowing effect when the enemy attempts to flee. Timed properly, you can hammer them with two volleys of missiles (each one easily over 200 damage!).

Playing as an ADC, Urgot will get extremely mean in close quarters as well as at a distance- however, without defensive items you'll still want pay attention to whoever you approach. It's best not to be greedy; Hit the target at a distance as soon as you can, that way if they are going to run they do so immediately. Before you use Urgot's ultimate, make sure you aren't giving an enemy the distance they need to finish off a wounded teammate- it's as devestating to team morale as it is embarrassing! Playing as ADC, you'll want to save the ultimate primarily as an escape for yourself when an enemy boxes you in. However, you can also use it as a way to protect fleeing teammates by displacing the foe who is chasing them and putting yourself between the two (then activating your shield so that your attacks slow the enemy, preventing them from catching your ally!

Urgot can boost his team's survival by using his corrosive charge to check brush when there is potentially an enemy hiding there, and his missiles do the trick as well, just at a shorter distance.

Urgot is fantastic at harassing the enemy at long range, and the way he snipes he can make a good jungler, although he starts off pretty weak in jungle and can be picked off easily by counter-junglers. Here's the jungle setup: Grab Machete and pots and request assistance with Blue. With Blue: wolves, wraiths, Red, Golems. Bad start (or no Blue): bounce between wolves, wraiths, golems and harass laners.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Beltan
Beltan Urgot Guide

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