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Udyr Build Guide by iQueen

AD Offtank Utility | Godyr 4.17 | Guide In-Depth | 2Fast2Furious

AD Offtank Utility | Godyr 4.17 | Guide In-Depth | 2Fast2Furious

Updated on October 6, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iQueen Build Guide By iQueen 8,656 Views 0 Comments
8,656 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iQueen Udyr Build Guide By iQueen Updated on October 6, 2014
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My Very First Guide!

Hi my name is Selena, and this is my very first guide. I really am grateful for Trick2g! he helped me get out of bronze because of his Udyr build and guides i was able to get from Bronze 4 to Plat 5 in 4 months or so. So this guide is dedicated for him! and i hope this helps <3
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Godyr and D Cane

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Udyr is a really annoying champion to face against because of Trick2g. That's why you use him! :D. This is the old Trick2g build which is the Utility build, i really think it's still good! and here's why

With just the movement speed quintessence and the 21 points on the utility you'll be on the GoodYear Speed. one of the best wheels in League of Legends (383-385 MvSpeed) Activating a skill (389 MAX MvSpd with no boots)

With movement speed this will allow you to gank more often and clear your jungles a lot faster.

with 21 points on utility, i have more time on my buffs therefore i can clear up camps much faster by constantly spamming my abilities because i have blue buff on. i would have 20% cooldown reduction as well as having the longer buff duration. same goes for Red buff. by having red buff i can clear camps much faster because of the damage over time.

Don't Worry! this is just my opinion, i play udyr a lot and i feel really comfortable as utility, i have played Offensive 21/0/9 its good as well! but i feel good with Utility.
21/0/9 Offensive Udyr or 0/9/21 Utility Udyr. Both are good! ^_^

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I think this is the best runes available for udyrs.
The attack speed runes allows you to put on the pheonix flame proc going on the enemy.

Movement speed allows you to become the best wheels in league of legends. GoodYear. by having Movement Speed Quintessences this will allow you to run down all over you map and get to the camps faster than a normal udyr.

Cooldown reduction runes are also vital for udyrs. by having the 5% from your masteries getting another 5% from your runes will give you 10% in total. this will allow you to constantly spam those abilities that you will need for escapes, changing stances, etc. just constant spams.

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Fleet Foot is a recommended although you can take meditation, meditation will allow you constantly have that mana to be able to spam and dish out your abilities. I like to take Fleet foot because this will allow me to constantly be everywhere on the map. by having additional movement speed i can go to my camps a lot faster and also to lanes for more successful ganks. also for chasing, escaping, etc.

Summoners insight will allow me to apply my smite more often to the monsters and camps.
I think Runic Vital is very important for a utility udyr this is because of the duration increase of the buffs by 20% this will allow clear out camps more often

Intelligence is another important and vital for udyrs this is because of the 5% cooldown reduction udyrs need to be able to spam their abilities because that's how it should be done! ^_^ in order to have the best wheels in the house you gotta have the constant bear stance.

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How to play udyr

playing as a jungle your job is to help other lanes out and apply pressure where ever you can. Not ganking until 10-15 min is a really vital thing as a udyr because your opponents will likely to drop down their map awareness causing more successful ganks. However this is optional you can gank anytime you want, it's up to you.

If any of your lanes are doing bad, if you have Madstone [Madreds + Spirit Stone] this can allow you to give advantage, or bring you team back up by doing dragons. my current fastest drag i have been able to do (Solo) was around 6:30 at lv 5.
To successfully dragon, follow these rotations:

1:Turtle Stance. Wait Until the cooldowns are back up
2:Activate Tiger Stance and attack dragon.
3:Switch to Pheonix Stance whenever possible. Apply the first hit then the next Flame Proc.
4:Switch back to Turtle for shield
5: Repeat. Turtle -> Tiger -> Pheonix + Proc -> ...

If you know that youre bad at this game or somewhat dont have the balls to carry a team then let your team carry you, gank and feed them dont try take the kills. i've seen a lot of junglers out there who takes the kills and go back to their jungle farming up, applying no pressure anywhere.

Basically on playing Udyr:
1: Gank 10-15min ( Unless Enemy has no Map awareness / Wards )
2: Give Team Advantage by doing Dragons and applying pressure.
3: Feed your team, let them do well on their own. In my opinion, a jungler is almost like a roaming support, but much more aggressive and has a carry potential

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The only Vital item an udyr needs is a feral and a trinity force.
If youre not taking Feral Flare then why the F*** are you wasting so much time in the jungle getting no where? if youre not taking feral flare then it for gods sake, please look for opportunities to gank because you will be wasting your time in the jungle getting no where if youre taking Golem or Elder Lizard. by having Feral Flare for this build this will allow to carry the game. by not ganking you need to have a good reason why. by stacking up feral flare you will become a monster late game.

Trinity force is a recommended. but there could be another build for alternatives such as the sunfire and wits end. by having both these items you may not have the sheen and ability power which is the destructive item that allows phoenix stance to work really well. by having wits end and sunfire. there will be that dot applied to the enemy and by stacking up the unique passive of wits end it will suck up the magic resist allowing you to put more pressure and damage on the enemy. it also gives you attack speed which gives you more chance and product of applying phoenix proc

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Skill Sequence

Sequence for Running:
1: Bear / Bear / Bear / Bear / Bear / Bear
2: Bear / Turtle / Bear / Bear / Turtle

Sequence for Chasing and Applying the Damage:
1: Bear / Tiger / Phoenix
2: Bear / Turtle / Tiger / Phoenix
3: Bear / Turtle / Phoenix

Sequence for Dragon:
Turtle / Tiger / Phoenix / (Repeat)

Sequence for Baron (15-25min with Tri Force)
1: Turtle / Phoenix / Tiger / Pheonix / (Repeat)
2: Turtle / Tiger / Phoenix / (Repeat)

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Phoenix stance is your main source of damage. Tiger has many advantages and good points to it but Phoenix has a greater potential and a much more efficiency on clearing camps, dishing out damage, etc. You would want to max this ASAP. since this is your main burst of damage it needs to be maxxed out so you can create that massive output to help you out.

Once we got the damage we need the speed, I max bear stance next because by having a high mobility i can get to my camps a lot faster and give my ganking efficiency a lot easier. this creates a major impact on my jungling and towards my late game.

After speed, i would need survivability. i max out Turtle Stance next because i would need to be able to survive and have a constant presence in my pressure. we also need to be balance, Balance input and output this means Soak up damage and Dish out damage. I prefer udyr as an offtank or a bruiser because udyr is really tanky and deals tons of damage when build is fully completed.

I max Tiger stance last because i barely use it, i only need bare stance for that first attack utility, which gives damage per sec bleed. and also triggering its passive which gives attack speed. this would help me put out my Phoenix Flame proc to deal my damage. i also put that Monkey's Agility which helps me out big time.

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Pros / Cons

High Mobility good for chasing / Ganking
High Potential to carrying games
Spam Abilities
Easy to play
Trick2g Ftw
Fast Clearing Camps
High Utility and Burst
Too much time on the jungle farming
Relies on Blue buff early game (First 2 buffs usually)
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Creeping / Jungling

Basic Clearing Jungle (Blue Side)
Red Buff -> Wraith -> Blue Buff -> Wright -> Wolves -> Wraith -> Golems

Advanced Clearing Jungle (Blue Side)
Red Buff -> Wraith -> Wolves -> Wright -> Blue buff -> Wraith -> Golems

Basic Clearing Jungle (Red / Purple Side)
Blue buff -> Wolves -> Red Buff -> Golems -> Wraith -> Wolves -> Wright

Advanced Clearing Jungle (Red / Purple Side)
Blue Buff -> Wright -> Wolves -> Wraith -> Golems -> Red buff -> Wolves -> Wright

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Udyr is a really great champion! His high mobility allows him to clear lanes / jungle camps faster, chase and escape. Udyr his an AP / AD Offtank. Similar to champions like Renekton or Garen. Strong Off tanks that only need one or two items to absolutely decimate the enemy.

This build is dedicated to the old build that Trick2g has set out, it still works! and i
think its still amazing. a lot of people do Offensive Udyrs, which is good, but in terms of team composition and team benefits i think that having utility is a lot more helpful. (IMO) by running Offensive you really can get straight into fights and do damage where as Utility you can start fights and benefit your team with your strong Mobility and Utilizations

I hope this guide helps!

League of Legends Build Guide Author iQueen
iQueen Udyr Guide
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Utility | Godyr 4.17 | Guide In-Depth | 2Fast2Furious

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