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Tryndamere Build Guide by sammolo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sammolo

Utimate Tryndamere Build/Guide

sammolo Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Greetings Summoners! This is the first build i'm doing so if you have any suggestion or anything else, just let me know. i'm sorry if my english isn't perfect but i'm italian and i'm a bit out of practice...
Anyone on League Of Legends think that Tryndamere is a noob champ and that the only thing required for using him is a good right clicking technique, this is partfully correct, but i will show you that with a good build and a bit of training, Tryndamere can really lead any battle to victory.
Enough talk lets start with the guide.

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Istructions for use

First of all remember that what makes Tryndamere really deadly is his naturally high critical chance, due to his passive. My objective is to improve this characteristic to reach as soon as possible the 100% crit chance. This will give you huge advantage, particullarly in early game.
This justifies my runes and objects, at first level only with Brawler's Gloves i have 20% of crit chance, wich is a big help early game considering that you reach about 50% with full fury.
Always remember that you need items before starting to own. Because of his great heal ability and having no mana (no need to come back for mana) Tryndamere is a great top lane champ in the twisted treeline and, combined with a good support champ, he's really dangerous in summoners rift. Your objective should be farming at beginning with occasional hits to the enemy for forcing him to back and let you farm. so don't be too cocky at first, just because you're Tryndamere it doesn't mean you're immortal, at first concentrate on farming (wich is pretty easy with Trynda) and easy kills, until you get your lovely ulti at lvl 6, Now you can start taking some risks.

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For the items i tryed a lot of combinations, but i think that this one is the best.
i don't usually play jungle Tryndamere because i think he has a great lane potential expecially for first blood, so when i am in lane i try to remain in it as long as possible and since he has no mana, the best way for doing this is lifesteal.
That's why i choose Executioner's Calling wich gives good lifesteal and crit chance for a good price and it is also very good with stealth champs like Twitch and Evelynn because on hit it does 4 dmg per sec for 8 seconds revealing them.
We want as much as crit chance possible at beginning, that's why i put two Cloak of Agility, i use one of them for the Infinity Edge and the other for the Phantom Dancer.
At this point your core build is complete, we will buy The Bloodthirster for extra damage and lifesteal and the Frozen Mallet for becoming nearly unkillable and slow the target while attaccking.

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Summoner spells

I always thought that the choice of summoner spells depends on the gamestyle of every person so lets see some spells and their pros:
It makes you almost unreachable combined with Spinning Slash and
it's great for chasing the preys, always usefull.

Very usefull early game for finishing the preys expecially when you're
attacking under tower and you don't have much time for chasing the

Usefull early game if you are solo lane and for finish the prey under
the tower, almost unusefull late game beacause of the huge lifesteal

Somethimes the Mocking Shout is just not enough for slowing the
prey, but i think that there's really not that much need for it since
you buy Frozen Mallet

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The most important thing to remember is that you have to be always killing something or someone... don't you dare standing still...
I think that's all, if you have anything to say about this guide i will be pleased to listen :)
Good Luck & Have Fun!!