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Aatrox Build Guide by DendoOkami

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DendoOkami

Vamptrox, Blade of Blood

DendoOkami Last updated on November 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, I just wanted to you all to see my version of how I think Aatrox should be played. He definitely got a major nerf within the last few patches, and I personally think that the super health regen and major attack damage fill out those holes, giving him his old self and more! I gave him the title "Vamptrox" for one main obvious reason: LIFESEAL!!! I dont see many people giving him much lifesteal, when it could easily be used to sustain himself in a battle between any foe, up to even 3v1! I definitely like to utilize LS for this reason, because he proves to be quite the troller in any battle.

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You can pretty much use any armor or magic resist seals, but I think that scaling is much better later on, considering he is quite the builder. But these are just my suggestions, so you can switch out a few runes if you want.

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I used the Bloodthirster twice, due to its major damage and lifesteal WHILE also leaving it a normal passive, which also brings me to getting it twice. its great when its combined with Spirit Visage, and in order to sustain more chances to use your abilities, I put in a Warmog's Armor for some major heal, plus a little bit health regen to go along with Spirit Visage. Last Whisper can be switched out with a BOTRK, but I mainly use this item to help with the major damage and the armor penetration, since it definitely can be needed. And last of all, I use Ravenous Hydra to utilize its health regen, its whopping +75 damage and especially its lifesteal, making its UNIQUE Passive and UNIQUE Active a vital esscence of immediate health leech off of your opponents. It definitely ties together with this build, and I think it definitely proves to be a useful way to gather CS for the Bloodthirsters.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty self evident, utilize your Blood Price/Blood Thirst first for your means to survive and for super damage when your confidence of health is high. Its also good to get Dark Flight to knock those aggressive pokers into the air, but it may be a pain to run away in the after math, but overall, its a good way to hold them in place while Blades of Torment is executed.

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You can switch his Flash with either Heal or Barrier considering his Q can jump over walls, fly great distances, etc., but I like to think that having two Flashes can save your patootie in sticky situations.

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Pros / Cons

While this build definitely places him in the more glassy categorie, it does leave him to take a bit more damage due to the lack of armor. He has:

+ 494 damage, w/out adding the damage included from Last Whisper
+ Over 50% Lifesteal, w/out adding the 20% bonus from Spirit Visage
+ Has about 43% armor penetration, giving him more damage to deal
+ Great health regen that reaches up to 14.5/ 1 sec.
+ Almost 3500 health, thanks to the Warmog's

But, he also doesn't have:

- Much protection in Physical Damage
- Much protection in Magical Damage either
- Any movement speed or plus effects on boots whatsoever
- Have much attack speed, which makes BOTRK a great second option

After all, I think that's pretty much it, but if you see any more pros or cons, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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This build definitely utilizes his abilities in CS, and makes the Ravenous Hydra and the Bloodthirster's an excellent combo. Ravenous Hydra cuts 'em up, and Bloodthirster feeds on the aftermath. I think you get the idea.

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This build is mainly used to screw up minions, feed on their souls, and screw up the stupid rival champs after being fed, but without being fed. Again, this is how I play with him, and I usually end up winning with this build. I definitely think you will benefit from this if you are a lifesteal type of person as well, and I hope this build helps you gain a different perspective on Aatrox as well. Btw, this is my first build guide ever, so please tell me how I did. Thoughts are much appreciated, and other comments are too, despite them being bad or good. Votes much appreciated, too. Tell me what you think, and I'll try to come up with something new in the next build I make. XD