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Varus Build Guide by Baybo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baybo


Baybo Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all league of legends players! welcome to my VARUS THE ARROW OF RETRIBUTION GUIDE Varus. This guide is meant for varus to be played in the mid lane, but this still works in others too. Pls comment, ask for another champion, feedback, OH AND VOTE!

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Summoner Spells

I usually take Ghost and Flash just because other players usually get away with very low health and Varus does lack in movement speed. Lots of players take Ignite but with all the damage varus does and his HUGE range with his Q Piercing Arrow so it is unnecessary.

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For Runes I focus on lots of attack damage, speed and and crit damage like a regular ad carry still this is what works best for varus. Many people wonder why I take 1gold per 10 quints Greater Quintessence of Gold, this helps you rack up gold A LOT! were talking being ahead of everybody because of your expensive build it is highly recommended that you take these.

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In this masteries segment this setup is used by alot of people but his utility is quite different than most ad champ. OFFENCE is quite simple it's simply attack speed and damage, but with utility take mana regen Expanded Mind and some speed because early on varus skills do take up quite a bit of mana.

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People wonder why I take 2 the blood thirster its because you want to be able to regen health quick so you can stay in the fight longer also with this dont be afraid to fight just because you have low health, with this you it will quickly replenish it. 2 phantom dancers for more life steal and attack speed and a Frozen Mallet to keep foes from running away.

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Unique Skills

We'll start with varus Q Piercing Arrow this skills range increases the longer held before firing refunding mana if held to long. His W blight deals bonus magic damage and stacks up to 3 when using an ability on a blighted foe it triggers and deals EVEN MORE bonus damage and a percentage of their health combined with the bonus damage (the bonus damage is focused on AP and I will make an AP varus guide soon.) For his E Hail of Arrows it can be used to slow them and reduce the healing they do as well as trigger blight, however you should mainly use it on detonating blight because you should be able to catch up with Flash and Ghost

Chain of Corruption
Before his ult was quite small therefor the other allies weren't noticing it and didn't have time to react so it has been made much longer make it much more visible. This ultimate is a skill shot that damages and stuns to nearby enemies also stunning them but not damaging them. The slow is quite long and is 1 of the most useful ults in the game. (also AP)

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USING YOUR ULT. (very important)

This ultimate is the biggest tide turner in the game, you could say it makes or breaks the game. Aiming it is easy but knowing when to use it is a WHOLE other story.

1. When you are VERY close to getting knocked out. (try to use your Flash and Ghost
2. In team fights just toss it out and do as much damage as possible.
3. When someone is diving you. Use your ult Chain of Corruption followed by a hail of arrows right after to keep them trapped even longer.
4. To destroy a enemy gank. ex. When 2 people come to gank you at low health when your alone use hail of arrows to slow them auto attack 3 times and and detonate blight, right after use your ult and auto attack 3 times again and detonate blight with another hail of arrows.

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Piercing Arrow-EXTENDED

Many people use piercing arrow Piercing Arrow just to detonate blight but early game its damage and range is the best poking tool. Use this lots early game for them to retreat early if you can use ghost and flash to dive them, remember even if you die at the start first blood is always worth it.

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Your main combo is:
Attack X3, Hail of Arrows, Chain of Corruption, attack X3, Piercing Arrow

This Combo is primarily to damage and stick to tour target making for easy solo kills.

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Thank you for checking out my guide and I hope that you guys can be amazing varus players. Remember if you ever need a guide for any champion i'd be happy to oblige.

Chain of corruption picture is from RIOT GAMES PATCH PREVIEW and not all images are rightfully mine.

This has been my first guide and it has been quite a fun experience and I hope some of you will make a guide too!