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Varus Build Guide by Toepeka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toepeka

Varus ADC Simple guide. S3

Toepeka Last updated on July 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction ( BTW This is My First Guide :) )

Hi guys, Toepeka here from OCE server with my first guide on the ADC champ varus. While I get use to all these coding techniques I'm just going to leave you with straight up raw info you should know about playing varus :) enjoy!

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Simple and Straight foward.

okay so the point of this guide is to be simple... so this is basically going to be just the item build, masteries, runes, ability layout and yea. the only other thing i am about to add right now is how to play him and a few tips.

straight off grab your long sword and HP pots and head to bot. get your W and begin to grab cs.
( If your team is invading you may want to get your q or e, i prefer e which is your slow so you can cc their team during the invade :)

During this phase play passive for the first 3 levels so you have your 3 skills, after you hit lvl 3 tell your support to start playing aggressive. ( i prefer to play with aggressive supports like thresh, blitz or even sona it goes well with varus )

if you are being zoned and have NO POSSIBLE way of getting cs then go back into passive mode and use your skills to get some cs and alert your jungler to come for a gank.

once you are fairly farmed you will be hard to kill in a 1v1, unless versing a very good adc most likely you will win. that doesn't mean to stand their and auto attack to death the easiest combo to kill the enemy in 1v1 will be to.
- autoattack 3 times to get your 3 marks on him
- then use your slow and straight away hit your arrow so both skills set off the marks together and your enemy will be slowed
- continue to attack to get the kill, but continue to play it smart.
- ONLY use your ulti in a 1v1 if you REALLY REALLY need it, otherwise save it for teamfights.


Mid game you are going to want to get red buff often, make sure to ask your jungler first. Never roam around by yourself make sure to stay with another member because if you get caught out your team will have no ADC in team fights and the enemy will use this as a chance to push.

in teamfights you MUST stay at the back of the group and avoid being targetted by the enemy team, Here is the order of what to do.
- Make sure you are at the back.
- when you see then enemy grouped ulti them so it hits all then immediately follow up with a slow and fully charged arrow.
- once you have hit this combo start auto attacking the enemy team while staying At a safe distance

I Cannot stress this enough. AIMING THE ADC IS NOT ESSENTIAL IN TEAMFIGHTS. Your job as the ADC is to auto attack their team as much as possible while positioning yourself away from danger. By aiming straight for their ADC you are putting yourself in danger by running through the whole team to get to their ADC, you will most likely die without gaining.
So, just stay at a safe distance and auto attack as much as you can and once you hit your 3 auto's pop a q to set off your passive on that target, also throw in your aoe slow whenever possible and ONLY use your ultimate when you can hit a good portion of their team.

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Team Work

Good partners for varus to team up with.

THRESH: i really love a good thresh with varus because that pull/ slow combo is a death trap.

SONA: your ultimate and her ultimate sync well in team fights

NAMI: if she hits her bubble it gives you a chance to do the " slow, AA 3 times then q " combo.