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Varus Build Guide by PoseCaca

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoseCaca

Varus, or how to make ennemy kebab !

PoseCaca Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Varus is a carry AD Character, who is based on attack speed and physical damages.
In this guide, I'll try to show you how to exploit the best of Varus

Oh, and By the way, sorry for my bad english, I'm a french player =)

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Here's the history of varus:
For his incomparable skill with the bow and his unquestioned sense of honor, Varus was chosen to be the warden of a sacred Ionian temple. The temple was built to contain an ancient pit of corruption so vile that Ionian Elders feared it could envelop the island in darkness. Varus prided himself on his position, as only the most exceptional Ionian warriors were selected for the role. He lived with his family in a nearby village and led a quiet life of disciplined routine until the day the forces of Noxus invaded Ionia. Their shock troops left nothing but death and desolation in their wake, and the temple lay in their path. Varus was forced to make a decision. He was bound by honor to stay and defend the temple, but without him the village's few inhabitants could offer little resistance against the oncoming war machine. Gravely, he chose to fulfill his duty as a warden. The corruption could not be allowed to escape.

His arrows sundered the troops who tried to wrest the temple from him that day. However, when he returned to the village, he found that it had been reduced to a smoldering graveyard. Remorse at the sight of his slain family gave way to overwhelming regret and then to seething hatred. He swore to slaughter every Noxian invader, but first he needed to become stronger. He turned to that which he had sacrificed everything to protect. The pit of corruption would consume him wholly, as a flame devours a wick, but its abominable power would burn within him until he was lost. This was a path from which there could be no return. With grim resolve, he condemned himself to the black flames, feeling malevolent energy bond to his skin...and with it, the promise of ruin. He left, seeking the blood of all Noxians involved with the invasion, a grisly task that eventually led him to the invasion's most infamous perpetrators in the League of Legends.

''The life of an arrow is fleeting, built of nothing but direction and intent.''

- Varus

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Skill Sequence

The "q" is really the most impressive spell of varus: it has a really good range, and if you wait 4 seconds before you throw your arrow, you will do a lot of damages.
So, try to up this spell first.

The "w" is a passive spell, but it has a ap ratio, so don't max it as soon as possible because you won't have ap items with varus, but you can lvl it up sometimes to inflict more damages on turrets, minions and ennemies.

The "e" is a really good spell, it throw a arrow rain (epic language ><) that slows ennemies, so it's quite good to prevent ennemies escape.

The ultimate of Varus, the "r", is a ap ratio spell too, but stun an ennemie, and a second one if he's near the first one (wow, what an explanation !) of course, take it on lvl 6, 11 and 16.

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I'll now explane my item build choice.
Some people will say: "Why don't you take some HP or armor with Varus to get more sustain ?" I'll answer them that Varus is a ranged cahr, so if you play safe and don't rush like a mundo on a steak, you won't need armor, HP or Magic resist.

Like I said before, Varus is an attack speed based char ...
So take Boots than Berserker's Greaves , and to have more damages (yes, if you have 2.5 attack speed but 70 AD, it won't be really efficient !) start an Infinity Edge with the B. F. Sword than take a Vampiric Scepter
You will now have a lot of attack speed, and enough life steal for the moment: now finish your Infinity Edge
and after The Bloodthirster .
Take now a Phantom Dancer for more Attack speed.

It now depends on opponents: armor, lot of cc etc ...
I use to take a Last Whisper to inflict more damages to char like jax with armor.

Try to take another Phantom Dancer .

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Summoner Spells

Best summoner Spells with Varus are flash to escape or slow someone with your "e". It's a must-have.
For the second one, you have the choice:
- you can choose Exhaust to slow down ennemies to get a kill easily

-Or you can choose ignite to kill someone who runs too fast.

I prefer Exhaust , because you and your team will get lots of kills with it.

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I chose flat AD because Varus does not have too much AD without items, so you will be more dangerous on low lvl with those runes, and if you play well, you will be feed and you'll buy items, and increase your damages, kill again etc etc etc ...

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Classic Carry AD masteries, with AD and some defense ability.

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So, now the gameplay of Varus.
He's a ranged char, with a good range on his "q".
Try to play safe, and use your range to harass ennemies.
Sometimes, throw your "q" arrow to inflict damages to ennemies to make them back, so You'll get the advantage on the lane.
You can play on bot lane with a lux , really funny, because you both have crowd control, (cage and qlow with lux, your ultimate stun, and your "e" slow ennemies, so it's free kill garanteed) and you are two ranged char, so you won't take lots of damages.

Or you can play in mid lane, because opponents are totally feared when they see a good ranged AD Carry in mid lane, so it's great.

Use your ultimate in teamfights to prevent ennemy escape.

Try to throw your "e" on an ennemy, then charge your "q" and hit him with it. If you are well stuffed, he will have one quarter of life.

Try to kill a minion before a teamfight or before attacking a turret, so, with the Varus's passive, your attack speed will be increased.

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Pros and cons

+ ranged char
+ epic range for his "q"
+ some cc (crowd control) with stun, and slow
+ ultimate = free kills for your team in team fights (2 free kills)

- A bit Squishy but if you play safe, it won't be a problem
- Doesn't have an escape
- ****y style: he walks like a grandpa, and have a strange voice.