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Vayne - The night hunter

Vayne - The night hunter

Updated on May 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Lee1 Build Guide By 1Lee1 3,788 Views 3 Comments
3,788 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Lee1 Build Guide By 1Lee1 Updated on May 22, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Vayne
  • LoL Champion: Vayne


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



This is one of the first Vayne Build and i will keep update it, as i get better to it, is any ides let me know (:

- focus alot on attack apeed and dammage and crit thats why i pick thoes items and runes i did.


I try to make my guids and builds so simple as poseble, cus' i know i hate all that text who just goes with no end. Enjoy
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Build 1.

You gotta read more to understand what you dont understand.

Why does i use this build ?!?

- Its more safe.
- Higher speed ( better for follow people on low life and gank)
- High attack speed
- High Dammage.
- Better early game.

( personal i like the other build the better but its '' not perfect enoug'' for many people becaus no boots.
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Build 2.

First i like to start out that i know i dident add any boots. thats becaus i dont need them there.

why does i use this build ?!?

- over 300 dammage
- over 100% crit chance.
- Her passiv give extra movement speed when enemy is neer.
- Her wepon gives movement speed.
- Its fun to kick *** with no boots.
- High amor, reduse 56% attack.
( her Q W E R skills not encludet in stats)

You gotta read more to understand what you dont understand.


Ill putted the Abillitets three as i did becaus i wanted to show in this build i like to max my Q first

- then E
- Then W

put ulti at lvl 6-11-16



Combi Her Ulti who gives 35/55/75 + her Q skill who gived BONUS DAMMAGE 75% of total attack dammage does kick *** in this build- remember thet 100% crit chance
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- This is the first abillitet, She cast herself on the ground and her next attack will deal bonus dammage, ( in a range of 6 sec ) when using this as escape option, remember the colddown first start on it when you have waited thoes 6 sec. or shooted an enemy.

- This is the 2nd abillitet, this is a passive, does that the 3 enemy you hit in a row take bonus dammage.

- Is a high dammage arrow, pushing enemy traget away. if hitting a wall/turrent or other not moving object its will stunn him / her for a moment, ( do not use this when combat 1v1 unless you push into wall / killing shot / puching him against your base )

- She take her big gun out for 10 sec dealing bonus dammage.


All her abillitets are effected by dammage - the higher dammage the more bonus she get using an abilitets - Crit does also effect the dammage of using abilliets.


I personal dosent max anyone out, i pick them after my need. for exampel:

IF im in alot of combat solo i like to max my Q skill first. thats confuse them, and give me more attack.

IF ill mostly hitting minions and is in fight ones in a while ill like to max my W first.( thats helps farming alot also)

IF im gettet ganked alot or ill gank alot with team mates then i max my E skill out first. help me to escape, or make sure they dosent escape.
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team work.

Vayne is really good in team fiths, but also a main traget, becaus the high dammage and low life,

- stay a few steps outsite the mass of people who are fighting, when you agree on a traget all go for him! try to punch so many away as you can so your team easyer can fight if poseble into a wall that will stun them for a moment.

- keep hit the same traget thats will make your dammage higher.
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Items - how and why?

in my item planner in the start i does only show what items i end up with - NOT how i combo them becaus i might wanna change it, or dont can afford em when im refilling.

So for thoes who want my wiew of planning items here you go.


I usealy start of with boots or sword with attack speed -

I use the boots to upgrade to - - i use that for more dodge.
(u need dodge runes for this one to work really great)
( if u dont like high dodge and life high speed ill would say you shuld pick then a good ide would be to change the runes also)


I use the sword to upgrade to - OR OR But in the end i end up with all thoes 3 items. i just pick them for what i would think fit the early game best. ( dif on who i fight against)

Is optinal . i just pick it SOMETIMES, in early game, if i need more hp. but in alot of cases i dont really need it.
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Show of.

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19 MAY 2011 - ill changed Seal DODGE runes to AMOR runes
19 MAY 2011 - ill changed Quint's runes to from DODGE to AMOR PEN.

20 MAY 2011 - ill addet another item build
20 MAY 2011 - ill addet '' Build 1'' and ''Build 2'' to explane the diffrent between them
League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Lee1
1Lee1 Guide
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Vayne - The night hunter

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