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League of Legends Build Guide Author RideRBad

Vayne - The world through red glasses

RideRBad Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first build here on MobaFire. My name is RideRBad, and today I'm gonna show you how i play Vayne.

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On Marks i use the standard armor penetration for more early and mid damage, as well as some support against heavy tanks in Lategame.

On Seals i use Attackspeed for more early damage.

On Glyphs i use Cooldown Reduction per Level, so I can spam my Q and R even more in Lategame.

On Quintessences i use armor penetration for same reason as marks.

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I follow the standard 21/0/9 Offense Masteries with Cripple and Haste , so both Summoner Spells are improved.

Most important Points in Offense are Deadliness , Alacrity , Sunder and Lethality , cause they offer the most damage to us.

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I first buy Sapphire Crystal for some mana and 2 Health Potion, so i can stay in lane for longer.
Then i head for mid lane most of the time.

At my first return i buy Sheen and, if i have enough money, i buy Berserker's Greaves, too.

At my second return i mostly get Zeal completely, and a part of Phage.

Next return i complete my Trinity Force. This is also the point, when i start to deal a pain in the *** to my enemies.

I buy The Black Cleaver next, which gives me great Atkspeed and Damage, and also the nice passive, which cuts through tank's armor like a knife through bread and butter.

So, the next Item is Infinity Edge, which actually gives me the biggest Damage Boost of all Items, eventually because I do 250% Crit Dmg then. That means at this point i deal around 600 Damage with Crits, without my Q-Skill and the Proc from Trinity!

From here you can choose whatever you want to buy, that's the end of the Core Build. I mostly wont get this far, but if I do so I buy a Blood Thirster for INSANE Damage and Lifesteal. As last Item i get a Guardian Angel, which is never wrong on a squishy AD-Carry like Vayne.

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Skill Sequence

On Level 1 I take a point in Condemn for the Knockback and the Stun, which is pretty awesome to have on Level 1.

On Level 2 I take a point in Tumble for the mobility and the constant extra damage.

I pick Silver Bolts on Level 3, and also I max out this skill first, cause it grants the most damage. Secondly I max out Tumble and as last skill Condemn.

I put a point in my Ultimate at 6,11 and 16 of course.

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Summoner Spells

I pick Exhaust and Ghost for even better chasing and fleeing.

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Skill Usage

I really, REALLY always spam Tumble, it gives so much damage and is nearly always available. I use it to farm in jungle, to farm Creeps, to harass opponents and so on. You can even use it to flee with your Ultimate

Your second skill is a passive, so you cant use it, and couldn't care less. ;)

Condemn is easily the best Skill Vayne has, but also the one, who is the hardest to use. I like to point out, that you can shoot your enemy into all walls! That means also towers, inhibitors and Jarvan IV's Ultimate! That's so great, I nearly killed myself when I played with Jarvan IV for the first time.

Final Hour is your ultimate and it's so SUPER awesome and funny. I often only use it for the Stealth Tumble gains with it. You can do superb damage with your Ultimate activated. At Level 3 it lasts 12 seconds i think, which is pretty fantastic.
Here is a scene, which describes how usefull this R-Skill is:

I played against Ashe and Shen. They weren't that bad, so me and Jarvan IV had our problems to get money and Exp, cause of volley and taunt, and the Q-Skill of Shen. So in the first real Contact (I had Sheen and Berserker's Greaves already) my Jarvan IV and their Shen were killed nearly at the same time. Me and Ashe both nearly died, too, when Ashe flashed out, to run to their tower and i stepped into the bushes down there. I wanted to kill her so badly, and as she moved out to lasthit a single creep I activated Final Hour, tumbled out with Stealth and killed with one shot, cause of the Sheen Proc, the Ultimate AD-Bonus and my Tumble.

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Yeah, so this is the end of my Guide to Vayne. I play very succesful with it and hope you'll enjoy it to. I'd like to see some positive and negative comments down ere.

Greetings, RideR.

P.S.: Sorry, if my English isn't that super. ;)