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Veigar Build Guide by SirLauritos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirLauritos

VEIGAR → Maxed

SirLauritos Last updated on February 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1 - Considerations

**Please read this considerations with caution

This is a 5vs5 guide for Veigar, prefered as a mid-player.
To be eligible for this build, you must agree and consider the following:
→ This is a mid/late game build. You won't be able to pwn at early game.
→ At early, your focus is to upgrade your AP with first skill. Nothing else.
→ You shall not be greedy. Money comes with time (and with Kage's Lucky Pick).
→ Pretend you are affraid and BE affraid. You may look sissy, but u'll make them suffer. :D

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Chapter 2 - How to start: Introduction

**General Consideration
Veigar is a squishy champion.
To play with will, you must not stand still. Keep walking in and out of your battleground to kill monsters with your first skill.
All you need to care is CC effects on you (such as stun, fear, taunt, silence). You REALLY gotta watch out for these.
Read the gollowing information and keep in your mind: Do not initiate. Check, enter, blow, leave.

**Summoner Spells
I decided to pick flash and teleport.
Flash: You can avoid some CC effects and perform quick escapes.
Teleport: Early game, you can get equips and return to your spot real quick. This allows you to stay around more often and grab experience without expending time traveling between towers. Late game, you're able to quickly move to other spots and burst other champion.

Mark: Allows you to perform a bit more damage when using your skills. Magic Penetration is a good overall rune and is very usefull for Veigar.
Seal: This makes a combo with your first equip and allow you to stay alive longer.
Glyph: Cooldown allow you to use your skills often. With this, you can farm and get your AP from minions faster.
Quintessences: Same as Seals.
Runes gonna make you balanced early game, so you can become aggro late game.

This set of masteries was developed considering that you need maximum AP and to that, some move speed to farm with your first skill.
Masteries focused on AP, mana (as your AP source) and movespeed.

**Skill Sequence
This skill sequence focus on early farm for late pwnage.
As the first skill, you need "Baleful Strike" to farm and upgrade your AP. Your game consists (early) in farming minions with this skill, to (late) champion farm with your combo.
The second skill to maximize is "Event Horizon". The more upgrades, the more stun length, the easier to perform a combo.
The third and last skill to upgrade is "Dark Matter". This one has a huge damage and allows you to farm and kill easily. Even tough, as the focus is grabbing as much AP as posible, you won't focus this till late game.
The ultimate skill" "Primordial Burst" must be upgraded as avaliable, as your finishing blow. This will allow you to kill.

The first iten to pick is "Doran's Ring". This iten allow you to recover mana, while bursting your hp and providing some mana.
The second iten to pick is "Kage's Lucky Pick". You must buy this iten as possible, as the bonus ability of it matters most.
As you already got an Iten to start and also an Iten to provide you gold, you should buy "Sorcerer's Shoes". This will provide you movement speed and allow you to perform an efficient farm.
Next iten to grab, is "Tears of Goddess". At this moment, you don't have enough AP to pwn, but u got mana regen and mana, allowing you to farm faster.
As possible, return base and complete your "Archangel's Staff". As of now, you'll be able to perform severe damage and get respect.
For the next iten, you must buy "Rabaddon's Deathcap", to maximixe your AP. This nakes ur first part of the build complete.
To continue, you need to buy "Archangel's Staff" to complete the other spots.
To make it a complete MAXED build, sell your ring and Kage's and buy another "Archangel's Staff" to fill the spots.


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Chapter 3 - How to play: Informational

Note: This build works better when you're playing mid.

**Early game
Veigar starts with 475 gold, as every regular champion.
Buy Doran's ring, select your first skill and go to your lane. Remember that you must play defensive.
As the minions spawn, stay always behind creeps to avoid being hit. Join the teamfight only for last hits with your first skill. This will make you defensive and your opponent will get aggressive.
Upgrade your third skill (stun) and save enough mana for saves and/or ganks.
Stay on your lane till you gather 765 gold or till your life becomes low (if you play defensive, you'll manage to gather 765 gold within 7minutes of game). The early, the better.
Return to base, buy Kage's Lock Pick and teleport back to your lane.
At this moment, you have enough AP to farm fast. Keep upgrading your AP as possible.
As you finish this iten, either return home for Sorcerer's boots when you gather enough gold, or return home to more stuff as your teleport is up again.
As game keeps goin, you can move lanes a little bit, always behind a turret and/or another allied champion.
Once you build a Doran's Ring, Kage's Lucky Pick, Sorcerer's Shoes, Archangel's Staff, Rabaddon's Deathcape, its time to determine what are going to be the next itens. Here comes the following:
→ If opposite team got a champion with channeling ultimate (eg Karthus, Nunu), you must skip building full AP and go Zhonya's Hourglass after Tear of Godess. Then, you may continue this guide's build.
→ If opposite team has many champions with magical defense (eg Galio), you must skip building full AP and go Void Staff after Archangel's Staff. Then, you may continue this guide's build.

Therefore, if you had a good start, you're going to rock'n pwn other champions.
Please test, rate, and comment!