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Evelynn Build Guide by thededone42

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thededone42

viable attack damage evelynn build POST NERF read intro

thededone42 Last updated on August 18, 2011
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I recently bought evelynn even though all my friends told me not to and i realized that all the evelynn guides on this website (at least the top rated ones) blew and were for eve pre nerf so i decided to make my own ad eve build that i have tested and it does work but i am not promising anything you still need skill to play with this guide like you need to play as eve in general pick fights dont initiate and just wait invis untill the carry is distracted and then pick them off 1 by 1 and i suggest selling wrigglers at the end for one of the other items i suggested. madreds if their team is tanky hextech gunblade if you like dem mad heals blood thirster if you can get it stacked up and keep it stacked for best lifesteal and damage black cleaver if their team has some one like rammus on it cuz we all know how much ads hate rammus, warmogs if your getting focused a bit too much, and banshees veil if their team is very magic heavy and your being focused a bit too much.

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i took these runes to have the most damage possible while also having enough mana regen due to eves extremely small mana pool and lowering ravages cooldown time so that you can use it more cuz that skill be puttin in work

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i go 21/0/9 for increased movement speed and faster lvls and gold cuz eve is better late game then early and more gold every 10 secs for items faster while also getting the most damage output from my auto attacks

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the items i picked give you tons of damage and lots of room to play around with later because your build should never be consistant (unless your Win Nhao) and i think you the viewer should have some choices in your build ONLY GET SWORD OF THE DIVINE IF THERE IS AN ENEMY JAX!!!!!!!!ONLY GET SWORD OF THE DIVINE IF THERE IS AN ENEMY JAX!!!!!!!!

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Skill Sequence

i like that ravage due to its high damage output and you need shadow walk to gank and slow so i grab shadow walk second and then i get hate spike 4th and i max out ravage as fast as possible and then max out hate spike then shadow walk because you dont need your invis up past lvl 2 in my opinion because lvl 2 is enough to get you from one lane to the other.

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Summoner Spells

i take ghost for the movement speed increase and if you use ghost then ur ult not even yi can catch you before you go invis.

i take exhaust so when i go for a gank i can make sure they wont do enough damage to kill me and that i can catch up to them easy if they have a flash like ability (such as kassadin ult)

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Pros / Cons

pros -Great ganker
exellent damage late game
stealth so you can run and join a team fight at the right moment
ravage usually scares people into running early from team fights
her ult instantly recharges if she is near an enemy while they do so even if you were focused and had no hp left u could run around invis(watch out for AoE) and still recharge it
if enemy team keeps buying wards buy an oracle and farm their wards
apparently getting reworked soon =)

cons-you WIll get queue dodgers because you playing evelynn
you will get focused and enemy team will buy oracles and wards
you will not do insane damage early game but ravage right away should make up for that
she got nerfed to **** D:<