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Vi General Guide by TK3Huynh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TK3Huynh

Vicious Cop

TK3Huynh Last updated on July 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vi is an intensely strong jungler that has great mobility and power. She is very strong with ganking if she lands her Q (Vault Breaker). In this guide, I will be telling some tips and guides on how to play Vi. Firstly, I do not main jungle and I don't play as often, but I do like playing her when I fill. Hope this guide helps you a lot!

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10 Vi Tips

1. As Vi, if want to farm quickly, you always max E first. But if you want to gank, max your q for max damage.
2. Start blue with Vi, then go wolves and then Red. (Like standard jungling)
3. If you miss your Q once ganking, I suggest that you run out of lane and continue to take your camps. This is because Vi becomes successful by the damage of her Q and her knockup.
4. Assault and Battery can deal a lot of damage if majority of your ganks are successful. If your mid laner has been feeding his/her opponent, come in with your Ult then quickly Q for the knock up. This would be enough damage for your Assassin/Mage to take down their opponent.
5. If you want your team to get First Blood or Early Kills, its alright to flash when using your Q. What I do is charge my Q, then flash, and then let my Q strike. After doing this you should already have your E (Denting Blows), so use it 2 times. While you're attacking, you're ally should already be attacking, so just go with the flow and attack.
6. Get Mobility boots so that she is able to run fast and take down enemies easily.
7. If maxing your Q, ALWAYS gank. Vi help kill champions very easily early game.
8. When team fighting, you should be the first person going in as you're extremely Tanky with your full build.
9. This may be obvious but if people are running after you, charge your Q, run to a wall and punch through it.
10. If considering to tower dive, don't. Unless you have your ult. If you charge your Q, it'll make it to obvious that you're gonna strike. Ping that you are going to target them, run in and ult.

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Even though Vi is a Tank champ, I suggest that you use the Standard AD Runes. This allows you to have offensive and defensive runes.

Vi (Flat AD Runes):
x9 AD Marks
x9 Armor Seals
x9 MR Glyphs
x3 AD Quints

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Starting Items are pretty obvious when it comes to jungling. Always start with Hunter's Machete and 4 Health Pots. Then when you begin to take out camps and get kills/assists through ganking, you would get a lot of gold to spend.

The first item that I finish building is Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Then I start to build the extreme helpful Tank items.

No matter the situation, my build is always:
Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Mobility Boots (Homeguard), Randuin's Omen, Locket of the Iron Solari, Spirit Visage and The Black Cleaver.

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Vi's Abilities and Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells, you always get Flash and Smite for jungling with Vi.

Depending on the type of role that you want to play as a jungler, you max different abilities first. If you are the type of jungler that likes to gank a lot, max your Q for the intense damage. If you are planning to stay in your jungle and farm, you max your E. Either way, you have to max your W after it. (Eg. If you max your Q first, get your W next.) This is because late game, you would usually be with your team and not in your jungle, so your E isn't as useful in contrast to your W. Like any other champion, upgrade your ult whenever you have the opportunity to.

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Team Fights

As Vi, you are going to be that champion that every relies on to initiate fights. With your great Armor and HP, you should always be the one starting the fights. Charge your Q and aim for their most strongest enemy, then you use your R (Assault and Battery) at the champion that is at the very back of the queue. This then pushes all champion out of the way. Then everyone in your team would be attacking the strongest target. Keep on using your E (Denting Blows) so that it can deal damage to the champions behind your target as well. However, doing this can't always guarantee you a successful team fight. You're allies must contribute to the fight for you to be triumphant!

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To conclude this, like I said, I do not main Vi and I don't really play jungling as much. But this is the way I play Vi and it usually brings me to victory unless someone in my team does terrible. Just always remember that max your abilities accordingly to the role you want to play as a jungler. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and have fun playing Vi!


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