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Vi General Guide by tupe67

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tupe67

Vicious Stands For Vi - Punching The Top Lane

tupe67 Last updated on December 21, 2012
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Welcome to my little Vi guide.
This is my first guide ever,im trying to pass over the knowledge i got with her in the few games i got to try her.
Vi is a bursting off-tank that can easily wreck the top lane,with some AD and Defensive items she can punch everyone out of the game.

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Pros / Cons


    * Great Mobillity with Vault Breaker
    * Amazing Burst with Exessive Force
    * Overdosed Riven!?
    * Great Damage output
    * Very tanky
    * Early game CD's are high
    * Mana hungry when really spamming skills (like everyone)
    * With this build,No lifesteal (Blood thirster/Blade of the ruined king should be put in mind)

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Skill Sequence

- Her passive gives you a sheild equal to 10% of your maximum health,decent passive that is very useful to tank the early damage on a fight because of its cooldown.
(Q)- A Dash that its damage and range increases as long as you charge it,useful for ganking,damaging and escaping. I Max it second.
(W)- Decreases the targets Armor and Increases your attack speed every tirth strike,I Max it last due to its low uses in teamfights.
exessive force (E) - When activiated,Your next basic attack will deal damage to your target and inflict damage to targets behind it,I max this first due to its great burst.
(R) - This is a great ultimate,marks your target just like in ,Vi then moves to target location,knocking it up and slamming it down dealing damage to it. Vi lands behind her target. I Max it at level 6,11 and 16 just like with all ultimates.

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Im still working on this build,this is not even a quarter of the real thing.


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