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Viktor Build Guide by MalzacastleX7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MalzacastleX7

Viktor - A guide to mechanical dominance

MalzacastleX7 Last updated on August 17, 2012
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A beginning note

Hi, MOBAfire! I'm Malzacastle, and this is my first guide on this website. I plan to do some for Malzahar and Orianna, and maybe a few more champions, depending on if this one does well or not. I hope you enjoy, and learn to play Viktor just a little better, or at least play him like I do. :)

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Who is Viktor, and what does he do?

Viktor is a ranged mage, focused mainly around crowd controlling with slows from Gravity Field and silences from Chaos Storm. His other two abilities are used to poke at long range to deal pretty good damage. In most teams, Viktor is the mage that hangs back and uses his abilities to assist from afar.

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Why go for your build?

Let's take this step by step.


I use this setup to give me quite a bit of mana and ability power, which work with most items in my build. The magic penetration is to take out those annoying tanks, and the mana regen is just so I don't run out of mana to keep jumping back into the fray with my abilities.


These masteries are based around allowing me to level up a little faster, granting me small ability power boosts, and enhancing my summoner spells. With this mastery setup, I can dish out quite a bit of damage and level up pretty quickly to get my abilities stronger faster.


These items focus around getting additional mana, magic penetration and ability power. When these are coupled with my masteries and runes, I'd say I can ruin someone's day pretty easily. Let's go over each item in the build in detail.

catalyst the protector: This grants me an additional portion of max. health and mana, which is always nice for mages when it comes to survivability and, well, not running out of mana easily. What's also good is the fact that this will heal me for mana and health when I level, which is good to stay alive as the game progresses.

: Viktor has INSANE burst damage, so with these and your Greater Mark of Magic Penetrations + Void Staff, you'll get quite a bit of Magic Pen., which is greatly useful on most mages.

: Now, this is just my personal preference. I take this rather than the other two augments because I rely a lot on Death Ray, and having it burn your enemies it hits over time is always good, right?

: This is a must have for ability power casters, it gives the greatest boost of ability power in the game. Always nice, innit?

: This gives even more ability power, and a large health boost to increase my survivability as Viktor. Plus, my spells slow the enemy. That's nice for chasing or setting up Chaos Storm.

: This item rounds out our build with another AP boost, and some more magic pen. to stack with the Sorcerer's Shoes and our Greater Mark of Magic Penetrations.

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Pros and Cons to playing Viktor


Great burst damage and crowd control
Low cooldowns on abilities for quick and devastating combos
Passive allows additional ability power, and can be upgraded to power up choice ability

Usually always targeted first in teamfights
Silence on ultimate doesn't last too long
Death Ray can be a little hard to place the first few times you use it

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Early, Mid and Late-game


With Viktor, you want to start out with taking a point in Death Ray at level 1 and usually taking bottom lane. Use Death Ray to check the brush for enemies. Death Ray is also REALLY good for poking at opponents from a distance, as the range of the skillshot is pretty long. With Power Transfer, focus on your target with your laning teammate as your shield will soak up some damage in a confrontation. This is usually a good way to pick up an assist as you'll be off in the distance with your abilities to help out said teammate.


By this time, you should have your Sorcerer's Shoes and catalyst the protector, and your ultimate, Chaos Storm. With these two items, Viktor can enjoy additional healing as he levels up very quickly, and have a little more Magic Penetration to stack with the Greater Mark of Magic Penetrations you have in your rune book and the soon-to-come Void Staff. Continue to farm with Death Ray so you can work up for Augment: Death. Augment: Gravity and Augment: Power are also very viable choices, depending on how you play Viktor. I always go for Augment: Death, though. Chaos Storm is in my opinion one of the best ultimates in the game, as it gives a brief silence all around the cast area and follows enemies, shocking them to deal damage over time. This is amazing in teamfights, so your team can just POUND the enemies while they can't do jack.


By this time, your build should be around fleshed out with Rabadon's Deathcap and Rylai's Crystal Scepter to give additional health and mana to stack with catalyst the protector and additional ability power for more devastation with your abilities. When you find the right time, work toward Void Staff to finish off your build with some great magic pen. and even more ability power. This will allow you to just DESTROY tanks and use your abilities to totally devastate the enemy base.

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Summoner Spells

I usually take ignite to deal additional damage to an enemy after using my ultimate to burn them even more, mostly resulting in an easy kill. Also works well to get quite a bit out of Power Transfer.

This pretty much does what it's known for, I use it to get out of sticky situations, or to flash in for a well-placed Death Ray.

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Viktor is an amazing champion, with amazing ability damage and an almost legendary ultimate. I believe he's pretty underplayed, and I hope I could help persuade people to try him out or help those that play as him to consider a pretty fun to use strategy. I had a very fun time writing this and I hope you all benefit from this guide. Before I forget, I'd like to thank jhoijhoi for her AMAZING guide to making a guide, it REALLY helped. It can be found here.

God bless!