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Viktor Build Guide by The Chaser

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Chaser

Viktor: Science is here!

The Chaser Last updated on August 31, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 8

Threats to Viktor with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate It should be a fairly easy lane, but watch out for his cards, which make him predictable. If you get constantly hit by his Q (the three cards) your health will drop. Also, attack him when his color cards are in cooldown (it has a 6-9 second CD). It's also his only defense besides his ultimate. So basically try to abuse him but watch out, for he can follow ganks pretty easily.
Heimerdinger This lane is rather more annoying than dangerous. You can destroy him if he gets in your range, but his turrets won't allow you to do much. Simply farm, don't even ask for ganks, as the chance that your jungler dies trying to gank him is pretty high.
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For 1000 AP

If you want 1000 AP, check the second build. Note that you need the dragon buff too, and to be at level 18.

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Viktor is an AP-mid that is excellent at agressive playing and denying your opponent's farm. I find it an excellent pick for lots of ocasions because most of your counters are usual bans, and Viktor has the tools to chase and defend himself pretty easily, mainly because of his Q and W.

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Pros / Cons


-Nice poking with his Q and E
-Has kill potential early game due to insane damage
-Nice auto-attack damage makes farming easy
-Has AoE stun which comes extremely useful in teamfights
-His kit can be one of the most deadly out there
-Not an usual ban

-Has badass voice and is a crazy scientist


-Relies a lot on Q and W for saving himself and he doesn't have any real gap-closer such as Akali or Diana's R
-Considering he is an AP-mid he has a short range
-Easy to counter if your opponent knows how to play against you
-Abilities have a rather high CD which makes accuracy important for your survival

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Skill Sequence

First of all I get Viktor's Q so I can trade at level 1, as the damage it offers is pretty high. Then, I get the E (Death Ray) which will deal nice damage to poke. I get another level at E at level 3 because I tend to play extremely agressive with Viktor, but you can get his W at level 3 if you wish or if you suspect an early gank.

So, given this: Viktor's Q deals tons of damage late game, but that's mainly because of the great Lich Bane. That's why I max my E first: because it's Viktor's main poking ability, and once evolved, it can burn a third of your opponent's life easily (assuming it's an AP-AD mid).

Later I max Q for damage and then W. Obviously, max your R when possible.

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Unique Skills


This skill is pretty neat for harassing your opponent early-game. When it's upgraded, it gets a lot of potential with the extra movement speed.


This AoE stun is nice although intelligent opponent won't be curious about what happens if you get inside. Use this in heated teamfights, to chase, to save yourself from the botlane chasing you... It's got plenty of uses, but I mainly use it to escape. Use as you like.


The bread and butter of Viktor, the reason why he is known (and one of the main reasons why his Creator Viktor is so nice :3)

The damage that this ability deals is insane and AoE, which makes it extremely dangerous in teamfights. It doesn't have much range though, and it's Viktor's ability with most range. Use it to poke or to scare someone to chase you.


Most of people use Viktor's R to just deal damage. The thing is Viktor's R has got, indeed, plenty of damage, but that isn't his most useful thing.

Viktor's R cancels channels. What does that mean? Well, you can cancel some abilities that take a time to deploy or to finish, such as:

-When Fiddlesticks begins to use his R, he will levitate and will take a few seconds to finally go with his R. If you use your ultimate you can stop the channeling, leaving him without R. Also, you stop his W.

-When Katarina uses his R, she will begin to spin around. If you use your ultimate right when she starts to use hers, surprise! Katarina doesn't have her ultimate. Proceed to destroy her.

Also: Your R follows objectives, so you can use it to follow that nasty Twitch that thinks that he will escape, or a Shaco, or a Talon... use it when they are visible though, or you'll most likely miss your ultimate.

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The match-ups have already been stated at the beggining.

So, your goal for early game is to get:

First back:

First augment and boots (some health pots are nice too)

Second Back:

Second augment and finish boots

Those are essential. Obviously, if your lane is something hard you'll usually need to back up more.

Third Back:

Sheen, maybe enchant boots?

More or less it should be mid-game at this time. So congrats, you made it to late game!
As you'll see, Viktor's damage isn't low. However, he turns into a true monster when he gets Lich Bane (a similar effect to Twisted Fate).

Proceed to farm, get objectives, destroy turrets... and unleash your power as the match goes on.

You may think early game: I don't deal the damage I should...

That's true: Viktor's laning phase is pretty nice but it's true potential comes late game, when you can wipe out 3/4 of the adc's health with just a Q. So, if you don't deal damage: wait, your time will come.

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Team Work

Viktor excels at teamfights. This is because his R and E are AoE spells, which can make a teamfight at the jungle horrible for the other team, as your E will most likely hit everyone on it's way.

Viktor also has synergy with some junglers like Jarvan IV. If he uses his R and gets plenty of people inside, you can use your W inside Jarvan's R to stun everyone inside, leaving your enemies exposed.

However, due to short range, Viktor has to expose himself quite a lot, and he can become pretty weak for some spells like Lux's Q or Morgana's Q (basically any stun, slow or snare which prevents you from moving). This means that although in teamfights you can wreck the other team, they can WRECK YOU TOO. And you don't want that. So: You've got tons of damage, but if you don't have the right position in a teamfight, stuff won't go well.

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Notes: About the Hex Core.

The Hex Core is one of the items that makes Viktor so fun to play: As you'll have seen or heard, Viktor has an item in his inventory named "Hex Core". This is an unique item that only Viktor has, and basically what makes him great is this.

The Hex Core allows you to:

Upgrade Q: Allows you to move faster (30% faster) when hitting an enemy with your Q. Extremely useful to chase people or to escape (using a minion to toggle your movement buff for example).

Upgrade W: When using Gravity Field, if enemies stay in it way too long (which is beneficial for you) enemies will be moved to the center, allowing you to aim your E with more precision, allowing you to hit more people at once. Although it's a nice upgrade, I reccomend to upgrade it the last.

Upgrade E: This kicks ***. Basically, it's like you throw two lasers at once in the same direction, just in case the original laser didn't do enough damage. However, if your laser already hit your target and the second laser hits the target again (it's more of an explosion, but who cares) it will only deal 40% of the damage. This upgrade is ESSENTIAL, so, in exception of a few match-ups that require upgrading your Q (it's in the matchup section) always upgrade E first.

The typical order is:



The Hex Core is an essential thing for Viktor. It allows you to explore Viktor's full potential so it's a nice thing to get first. So: As stated in the item buying list, always get the two first augments as fast as possible, as they are essential. You can make plays easier with your Q evolved, and you need your E evolved too to deal most of your damage.

So, a frequent question is: When should I fully upgrade my Hex Core to a Perfect Hex Core?

And my answer is: When you've finished Lich Bane and you are going for an expensive item and you lack the money to get an "Unnecessary large rod". I've put it last in the item order list because it sometimes the match requires you to get it sooner or later. If there are lots of teamfights then upgrade it as soon as possible for the utility from your W.

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Well, this is the final of my guide to Viktor, the machine herald. Please let me know what you think, as this is my first guide ever :3

I will probably improve it's design later.

Happy winning!

-The Chaser