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Viktor Build Guide by Dextrocasual

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dextrocasual

Viktor Supporting: They will be stunned.

Dextrocasual Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Many might wonder, "why would you ever want to support with Viktor?" It's simple. Viktor is a great champion and an asset to a team no matter where he is on the map and no matter even if he is underleveled. His ultimate and his gravity field, as well as his death ray are all extremely good moves and when used correctly will completely disengage a losing team fight, or start a fight that will lead to an ace. The same can be said about many champions or supports for that matter. But the real reason I support with Viktor with such frequency is because of the overwhelming number of opponents who choose supports such as Taric, Leona and Nunu and AD carries who more increasingly choose Miss Fortune in almost every game. Viktor has much potential to out play these commonly seen champions in bot lane and I will elaborate more on that later. Chances are if you're reading this, you are already pretty cool and you know how badass Viktor is, so read on.

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I generally use armor seals, AP quints and glyphs and magic penetration marks. This gives you a decent amount of magic damage output in the very early game and the armor seals help you soak a little bit more damage than you might have otherwise. I sometimes switch armor seals for magic resist seals depending on how much magic damage the enemy ADC or support would be putting out. For instance, an enemy Lux support would warrant MR seals over armor.

Gold per 5 seals may be used as well as GP 5 quints. This will help you augment gravity faster. I do not prefer these more "supporty" runes because you simply don't do as much damage. Getting first blood or three early assists will put more gold in your pocket than standing around in lane with your GP quints.

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I dig a ways down the defense tree to negate as damage as you can while still leaving enough points to go into the very useful utility masteries. The mana regen, movement speed and item active CDR masteries are the most essential utility masteries to get for Viktor. Buy mid game you should have your Mikael's Crucibal and you will want the cool down on that item to be lowered as you save your team mates with clutch heals. You'll have your team mates thanking you saying that they have never been healed by a Viktor before.

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The goal for your build as support Viktor is simple. You want to have ward coverage on the map, and you want to get to 40% CDR as soon as possible. When you hit 40% CDR, you will most likely have the enemy team raging about the frequency and distance that you can cast your gravity field (even if you're doing poorly). I almost always go for support items that have unique actives. Mikael's Crucible, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Shurelya's will all massively increase your versatility on the battlefield. Building AP items as support Viktor is not necessarily a good idea because you don't want to steal kills from the carries and you need to be able to give our heals, shields or movement speed buffs if you can. That being said, by late game building an item such as Rylai's Crystal Cepter or Frozen gauntlet is a good idea if you want to remain relevant as far as your damage output is concerned. Every game is different though. If your team is already putting out a lot of AP damage, then just go full support items and do not get any AP. If your mid is not doing as well as you are, it may be a good idea to buy some damage if you can.

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Skill Sequence

I start with a point in w. Starting with a point in Q or E would also both be good ideas. Some may consider it a better idea than starting with W. Many people do not understand why you will be supporting with Viktor, though, so starting with w will make it more obvious and you can easily get the enemies to burn their flashes if they get stuck in a level one gravity field. The emphasis throughout leveling up will be to reduce the cooldown of your w as quickly as possible while also keeping enough points in your e to make it do a significant amount of damage. Like always, always level up your ultimate as quickly and frequently as possible.

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I almost exclusively choose flash and exhaust when supporting with Viktor. Flash is absolutely necessary because Viktor has no healing moves, a very weak shield and he is naturally not a very tanky champion. Flash will help you get out of bad situations as well as engage on your enemies. Prior to augmenting gravity your gravity field's cast range will not be all that large. Sometimes a flash w when your jungler arrives will absolutely catch the enemy bot lane entirely off guard and if down properly you can stun both the enemies. Not many other supports can stun an entire team pre-6. Only Leona can do that and that is only once she gets her ultimate, which is an ultimate and has a higher cooldown than Viktor's w.

Exhaust is necessary because you are squishy and ezreal hurts, especially when he ulting you with Leona's sunlight marked on you. Reducing the damage dealt by your enemies can be the difference between your ADC getting a double kill or the enemy ADC getting a double kill.

I have used teleport instead of exhaust and had successful games with that spell as well. Teleport can allow you to have some very surprising engages especially in conjunction with homeguard boots and augmented gravity.

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The first think you will notice about supporting as Viktor is that your team will doubt you. The enemy bot-lane will also doubt you and will then also underestimate you. Through out the game your role is to continually spam your w from a safe range while checking bushes and poking with your e. Your W can save any one of your team mate's lives many times over. It is probably one of the best moves in the game, hands down. When maxed out and with 40% CDR you can cast your W every 7 seconds. That's a Leona ult every 7 seconds. It can be incredibly game changing. Your ultimate still does a lot of damage even when you don't build AP and when used correctly can shut down enemies channeling ultimates such as Katarina, Miss Fortune, Nunu, Morgana, etc. You wont make many friends at first, but after the game is down and you and your ADC carried too hard, your team mates will most likely send you a friend request.

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Ranked Play

Most people would say that Viktor support is troll and not viable in ranked. I play support Viktor in ranked all the time. I am currently in Bronze 1, so maybe that is the only reason it works, but I have had great success with him in ranked as a support. In the last few weeks I have only lost 2 games where I supported as Viktor. I maintain a positive win ration with Viktor and I now take him mid less than I support with him. He can absolutely bully a Taric in lane. Tarics have to struggle to outplay you in lane. Leonas are more difficult because they are more sticky, but they can certainly be outplayed as well. At levels 1-2 Viktor can play aggressively against Leona. I have been rising up bronze tier steadily now and I have yet to find Support Viktor as a consistently bad choice.

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Pros / Cons

Massive poke/bush checker
Devastating skillshot silence + DOT ultiamte
Absurdly useful AOE skillshot slow and stun
Does a lot of damage with no items
Is picked very rarely so few people now how to play against him.

Limited space for wards due to the hextech core.
Your team will think you are trolling
You will be focused very hard all game (not really a bad thing, actually)
Has no pre-existing heal, shield or buff for allied champions
Is Russian

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Creeping / Jungling

You should not be CSing as support. But if you are in lane by yourself it is absolutely necessary to snipe the last hits with your E so that you can augment gravity as quickly as possible because it is an expensive item for a support to buy. You can also steal dragons or barons with e if you are really good.

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Team Work

Your job in a team fight is to peel for your AD carry with your W, take the focus away from your APC by being more annoying and visible, and to silence channeling spells with your ult, or to ult the enemy ADC/APC. Heal or shield your team mates who need it when your items actives are up. Ideally you want to live long enough to stun most of the their team at least twice while getting off your other spells. If you can do that before dying the chances are that you already created too much of a difference in the team fight and your enemy's choice to focus you will probably be a bad one.