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Viktor Build Guide by dark_fatality

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dark_fatality

Viktor-y with le poking laser of death

dark_fatality Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well welcome one and all to the guide which will show you the inner workings of one of my fav champs.

but before that. allow me to introduce myself.
IGN is dark fatality and i play on the SEA servers.(well mainly)
but i do dabble in the NA servers once in a while under the name DarkenedFatality
I usually pick up any role my team hasn't picked so i am kinda flexible.
but i prefer AP carries, and as such, this guide is born ;D

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Viktor, The Machine Herald

Now. some of you might be wondering. Why should i use this champ. in fact. why should i even read this guide?
Well lets take a summary at some of the skills.
Power Transfer > Nice skill with a decent ap ratio. quick cd. and a quick shield to protect yourself from those pesky DoT
Gravity Field > Slows and stuns. with an AoE. still not loving viktor?
Death Ray > My personal fav skill. a laser with crazy poking range. Has a DoT once augment death is utilized. nice ap ratio. and well. who wouldnt want a laser that shoots from a third arm *drools*
Chaos Storm > An ult with the power to silence ( as if gravity field's stun wasnt enough) yeap. momentary silence but it is enough to stop those channeling spells that everyone hates. *i am looking at you nunu*

Still not interested? lets go a little deeper shall we.

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Laning phase

Well. you decided to go deeper into the guide and actually use Viktor?
you wont be getting anywhere without a good early game and that is where i am here to help out.
As you can see from the build order, i take a point in death ray. why?


to tell you the truth, these laser pokes will literally be, just pokes. (at least in the early game)
The trick is, to gauge your enemy's fighting style. Will he dodge prematurely? Or will he just sit there like a ****** looking at that death ray blazing his face?

and of course not to forget, to actually farm WHILST poking him (or her. i have nothing against girls playing LoL :O in fact i welcome them :D)
this might take a while to get used to but i promise you, some practice and it all pays off.

but keep in mind that spamming willy nilly will most likely cause you to go oom (out of mana)
unless you can persuade your jungler to give you the blue buff.

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Mid Game - End Game

So you had a great early game and now you are looking to end the match.
Pretty simple.
If you were to follow that build order *refer to the item list*
you might realize that your AP should be around the range of 500++. This amount of AP coupled with the fact that your skills have pretty low cd ensures that you can wreck havoc just by sitting at the back and blasting off a well aimed Death Ray to the enemy team and a well placed Gravity Field can ensure your team even more kills.
This part of the game is mainly about team fights and good initiations
so just make sure to not charge in headlong into the fight !

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Hex Core. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Now what is the hex core?

Taken directly from the Wiki: Viktor starts with a Hex Core that provides him with stats and can be upgraded into one of the three augments, that benefit one of his abilities each. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once and cannot be sold back to the shop.

A rocking passive?
well. kinda. It gives +3 AP per level, not that bad right?
you see this passive aint like the rest. it takes up an inventory slot.
now read that passage again. not only does it take up a slot, it can also be upgraded ONCE. and only ONCE

So most of you must be wondering. which augment should i choose?
power? gravity? death?

No need to fear :D that is the reason why you have this guide to help.
Imho, the augments are all about preferences really.

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Augment: Power

Augment: Power

What does this wonderful augment do?
220 Health, 6 Health Regen. Power Transfer also increases Viktor's movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Now, think of the possibilities.
A 30% increase in MS. Thats a huge increase. 310+70 from the sorc shoes would grant 380.
now a 30% increase would be = 494
Along with Rylai's Crystal Scepter no single target will ever escape your grasp.
Think that was it?
Chaos Storm actually moves FASTER the closer it is to viktor.
increasing it's overall damage output when you stick it to the enemy champs.

It even grants an escape mechanism.

That 30% increase in MS, along with a well placed Gravity Field and a ghost+flash combo? The only champs that can POSSIBLY catch up to you would be rammus and yi (even then they might requires Zilean's Time Warp

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Augment: Gravity

Augment: Gravity

Seems cool isn't it? well this augment provides with a decent boost of :
10% Cooldown Reduction, 200 Mana, 5 Mana Regen and an additional 30% cast range for Grav field

What? Just casting range? This augment blows.
Pfft. Sorely mistaken.
That 30% increase in casting range enables some WICKED setups for gravity field.
Here are a few examples:

Enemy champs taunting you to get closer when they are at the turret?
Go into the enemy jungle. pop a grav field and witness his horror as your companions rush in for the kill.

Enemy champs stupid enough to take the dragon at the opening? Wait in the bush (that solo bush)
pop a grav field. and laugh as you steal the dragon with a Death Ray and punish them while you're at it with a Chaos Storm (team backup would really be appreciated :D)

Enemy champs trying to kill baron?
well you get the picture ;)

All in all, Augment: Gravity is a wonderful upgrade for a viktor player that loves to setup such wicked snares. however, what is coming up next is pure evil.

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Augment: Death

Augment: Death

Death. Death is a natural part of life.
Heck. it is gonna be an even more natural part of their lives when you snipe the enemy team with death rays.

With this augment. you get +45 AP increase!! (who doesn't like more AP for damage right?) AND your Death Ray gets a 30% DOT (Damage over time). Pretty simple really. let's take a look at the maths *OH THE HORROR*

assuming the enemy has 0 MGR.
Death ray hits for a whopping 600.
Now. that 30% DOT means, another 180 damage.

now for the possibilites
Couple this skill with an Ignite if you like. those 2 DOTS will piss off almost any enemy you face, and with a good mid lane, you just might punish the enemy ap carry enough to underlvl them = making them useless in future teamfights

Well it isn't really much of a 'possibility' per say, but getting kills when the enemy has managed to escape your teams grasp is always funny.

Expect the enemy team to go "**** YOU VIKTOR" when you score kill after kill from this lovable passive <3

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Now, you got the basics of Viktor.
time to delve deeper into the machine.
and. provide some TIPS on the basic skills of viktor :D

Power Transfer.
remember the shield. it could save your life from that bloody ignite. teemo's poison. heck it can even save you from karth's ult (well not cancel his ult completely but you get the picture :D)

With Augment: Power the MS boost will save your life countless times. or just to secure that annoying Ezreal who can Arcane Shift away.
Don't forget that this skill CAN BE USED ON ENEMY MINIONS.
Many people waste this augment's ability by saving it and trying to throw it at the enemy champ's face when they know they cant chase.
screw that. use it on a minion, secure the kill with a death ray.

Gravity Field.
I have seen plenty of viktors that have failed to use this skill to it's peak performance.
Don't just use this as a means to run. it could cost your whole team.
Use it to initiate from a jungle/bush
Use it to cancel channeling spells if your ult is on cd
and of course, use this to ensure the enemy team cant leave your grasp of death. and the poking laser :3

With Augment: Gravity
this augment enables you to:
STUN MINIONS (just for kicks really, but it can save a tower from going down)

The possibilities are endless. Do experiment on this augment since it isn't really my favourite.
You can submit any idea's by PM-ing me, i'll make sure to credit you on that ;)

Death Ray.

all of the above may seem pretty simple and basic indeed. but most of the people that play viktor these days tend to forget just how amazing this specific skill is.

Augment: Death

Need i explain further? 30% DOT seems to explain itself XD
just don't miss that Death Ray and you will be fine :)

*vids of me performing these feats will be posted at a later date. yes even the baron steal. if i could do it more than once. why not another 100 times ;)*

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Well this is essentially my first guide.
I even made an account just so i could share the wonders of viktor-y to the world and the LoL community. ( or just the LoL community. either way its cool.)
I realize that the guide isn't complete but i will edit this guide as time passes by

*item choices*
*champ synergies*
*how to HIT with the Death Ray*
*warding* (i highly doubt i will add this to my guide. but i do suggest to check out Warding Helper, More than your eyes can see. its a great guide imho. and should clear out some wrinkles regarding warding)
*how to beat viktor* ( yeap you got that right. i am giving away the secrets to beat my beloved ap carry :C)
*dominion. a viable choice?*