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Viktor Build Guide by ninvus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninvus

Viktorious Viktor

ninvus Last updated on September 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello everyone this is Viktor and i am here to fix all of your flaws on your builds for me. In my guide i will teach you how to use me properly summoner! i am a burst mage, i am ment for your mid lane foe to rage quit due to my laser.
ok enough of being in character as stated above viktor is one of the best burst mages in the game. i do not count leblanc due to her being broken and overly op early game. first and foremost play safe as viktor do not just rush in and hope his laser will win every time. that skill takes a while to master. Please do not troll this guide in any way please this is to help other be as good as i am with viktor. if i can get 28/3 as viktor then so can you! and be sure to say in the chat after a match " you cannot spell victory without "viktor" that is key :)

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when i start out i never buy any starting items as viktor. this will maximize your chances to get his AUGMENT: DEATH first and very fast. then i work my way to high AP see the items list on this guide for what those are.

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Pros / Cons

- Death Ray is a great poke and creep claimer
- your GRAVITY FIELD is a great tool to stop ganks and everyone loves a stun more so if it is AOE
- DEATH RAY is a massive poke that can be used in every direction
- scales well in the AP department
- is under played and not many know how to counter him in blind matches
- Viktor is one of the best burst mages to date in LoL


- like any mage he is squishy
- POWER TRANSFER's shield is not instant and does not shield for alot, you also have to get some what close to people to use this skill
- DEATH RAY is hard to master and can be dodged if your foe is quick enough
- Viktor is slow moving by nature, and has trouble out running foes with gap closer like fizz/leblanc/ahri/kassadin.
- if you play him well you will be the focus of rage targeting while in team fights. viktor gathers player hate very well and you can get shot down alot.

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this is a simple and short one but most importantly is Viktor is on par with mordekiser when it comes to farming creeps. all you need is DEATH RAY and everything but the cannon minion will be killed nearly instantly. early game it will not 1 hit them but enough ap and it will happen.

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Team Work

Viktor is a master at controlling and leading your foe's team where he wishes use his GRAVITY FIELD and DEATH RAY to lead them.
if you pick support viktor build him the same as you would as middle. but use GF (gravity field) to stop ganks and poke the adc to death and allow your teams adc to finish them off.

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Skill Sequence

this is a short but to the point combo once you have lichbane this is how you want to do things. use E (death ray) to poke them a few times only if they are tanky and need a poke to hurt them. if you are vs a mid champ here is what you want to use.

power transfer --> auto attack --> death ray --> auto attack if this does not 4 hit them then finish them off with --> chaos storm.

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the main summoner spells with viktor i use is
a) flash or teleport
b) clarity or ignite

why use clarity you noob!? well i will tell you. viktors E (death ray) hurt like hell.. to both target and your mana. clarity alolows you at both early game and late to spam your death ray without fear of.. **** no mana! also works well in team fights to give you all mana to keep the fight going. ignite is fine but i dont use it. viktor is burst mage there for he does not need a dot other than the death augment to help get a kill.