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Viktor Build Guide by Lathia

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lathia

Viktor's AP domination

Lathia Last updated on December 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Viktor being newly released has a lot of room to theorize and mess around with. Surprisingly enough he really does have a bunch of different ways to play. In this build/guide I will be showing you guys how to build the AP Viktor building.

What makes this build significant?

As you can see many builds are all speculating off of the champion spotlight build. It is good, but it does take a lot of skill to play correctly. I've found that using that build and augmenting power is NOT the way to go.

This build is significant because it follows its own wavelengths. By choosing a build set to itself in an honest way of destruction.

Without further ado here is my guide to playing Viktor.

P.S. This is my first build/guide ever. I am working on it severely and will update it a lot.

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A little taste for all those saying Viktor is extremely OP. He is not, and is a very well balanced character.


1) His E has a ridiculous range
2) Gets a lot of HP if built right
3) Can cause a massive amount of damage
4) AoE silence ultimate is amazing, and redirect-able
5) Has one of the best AoE slows+stuns I've seen
6) Has a lot of different playstyle options

1) He is relatively slow
2) Runs out of mana quickly until higher levels
3) Augments cost a lot of gold (Really they do, 1200 gold is a lot in some games)
4) His Q has a very short range and usually forces you into unwanted battles.

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The master set-up I have chosen was to capitalize on ability power.

I chose this for my play style and it may/could be reworked to yours too, but this is what I am the most successful with.

21-0-9 seems perfect although if your not feeling the utility you could always go 21-9-0 or 9-21-0.

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Runes was probably the hardest thing to put together. I spent a lot of time looking them over and choosing which one would be the best to use.

I ended up picking three quin's of knowledge. The extra 75.06 mana per quin is great at level 18. Especially in the early game where we are trying to last the most and CC a lot.

The glyph of force is simply to get some additional ability power on to the build. Nothing more simple then that.

The seal of intellect is to help the mana increase and regenerate quicker. Like I've said many times Viktor uses a lot of mana quickly.

Seals of penetration help viktor deal more damage through spell resist builds. I hate using my Q and doing lesser damage then I should be.

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Summoner Spells

There are three spells of choice that I would take personally.

1) Ignite : One of the best ganking tools and early kill spells in the game. It is available for every champion is by far a great spell to combine with Viktor's E.

2) Flash : Helps him get away from fights quicker. Gets blinked in kills ( Q-W-R-D-E) most of the time. I like to use this sometimes to get a better W placement too. Slowing down and stunning is the best thing Viktor can be used for besides poking for a lot of damage.

3) Clarity : Viktor uses a lot of mana. To make sure we don't run out I suggest you take this over ignite. It is useful throughout the game and puts you in the mana game better.

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Evolving Technology:
Viktor's passive gives him a hex core that takes up an item slot in the beginning of the game. It allows you for 1200 coins to upgrade it into one of three things which I will explain as we go over each ability.

Q (Power Transfer)

Is your shield and short-range poke. It can deal a lot of damage if a player focuses on maxing it first and foremost. When augmented you gain 220 health, +6 health regen per 5 seconds and when you hit someone with your Q for a small period of time you may run 30% faster.

W (Gravity Field)

This is your slow-down and possible stun. This is great for setting up potential team fights and stopping your 1v1 opponents from kiting away. When augmented it gives gravity field 30% more range, and grants you 200 mana, 10% cooldown reduction and 5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

E (Death Ray)

One of the best pokes I have ever seen. This ability allows you to be moving and still be able to fire. It has a great range of effect. When augmented it grants your death ray to deal damage over time (4 seconds) and grants you 45 ability power to the additional +3 AP per level.

R (Chaos Storm)

Viktors Ult when used deals damage upon impact and AoE damage over a course of 9-11 seconds. When it impacts it silences all foes for .5 seconds. This ability cannot be augmented. This ability is also redirect-able. By hitting R again the storm will move to your cursors current location.

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Coming soon

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Viktor fits a pushing mage support role quite nicely. He can also be a very tanky mage and a very gigantic damage dealer. The way to get him here is to feed or farm a lot of minions.

Viktor has a unique playstyle which is very difficult to use, for one you have to use your E to poke or farm minions a lot. I very rarely use my E for anything else. When I poke whether they be at 1 bar hp or full bar deals a lot of damage. Usually on squishies, and on a good game once I augment death I hit for 4-6 bars intially with Death Ray and the 2 more bars with the 4 seconds. This is why I really love Death Ray. Your Q also will hit for a lot of damage. In those one on one fights I perfer to use my Q first to get shields. Although most of the time it isn't enough. Also if fighting someone with minions around try to use your death ray to hit your opponent and the minions. This way if you don't get the kill you may as well get some gold.

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Early Bird eats the Wurmz?

In the early game I suggest poking a lot. Conserve your mana and make every poke count. The more damage you deal can possibly turn in to a kill for you or a teammate OR force the opponent to recall. This is very good for you. Keep your W up for possible jungle ganks. Make sure you always have same target as your teammates.

Item setups for early game.

I always start off with a Doran's Ring. The bonus's really help with your poking abilities. I usually soon follow after with a boots. If I have the money I'll accelerate my buy to augment immediately or if I have even more skip all that for the Needlessly Large Rod.

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By mid game my build looks a little jumbled. I have one tier 2 item Tear of the Goddess and I augment death. By this time I'm looking to finish up my build and get Sorcerer's Boots. By the end of mid-game we should have Rabadon's Deathcap.

Remember this is where most people start ganking. Be more cautious once mid hits level 6 and watch your mini-map closer. Make sure you call MIA's because it could end up in a death for your teammates if you don't!

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Theres not much to say here. The build should be mainly pulled together. I only have a few suggestions here though.

If the oppoising team is mostly AD pick-up a Thornmail, it will wreck them hard.
If opposing Team is mostly AP, I would pick Zhonya's Hourglass Or a Banshee's Veil.

Most importantly this is the time of game where your team needs to pull together. Push as much as you can and try not to over extend too much. Make sure communication is tight and that everyone knows whats going on. Watch the minion waves because they can get quite large and if you see an opponent go to clear one gank them asap. Remember this part of the game is where you DO NOT WANT TO SPLIT. Splitting when they are together will cost your team and will result in numerous deaths. Ganks of 2 on 1 person is fine, but when you send your entire team to gank your going to end up with a team fight, and it might not be worth it.

Just remember these three phases:

1) Laning
2) Ganking/Pushing
3) Base invasion

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Viktor is a great champion to send mid. His E will poke for a longer ranger then Ezreal can shoot his W most of the time. It also hits a lot of minions. I like to use viktor to farm minions and help protect my teammate. The funny thing about viktor is when your teammate is fleeing from being ganked throwing the gravity field so the top is on his feet infront of him, by the time he gets halfway through your opponent is 25% into it, which means he will be stunned which allows for your teammaate to turn and attack. This stun will usually amount to an easy kill for which your opponent thought was going to get an even kill effect.

Another cool thing about laning with viktor is he can prevent the gank easily. Some of the turns from jungle are just small enough that gravity field will fit in it and they cannot avoid it. I like to do this when I get pushed back a turret and I know some champion is coming down. I throw down the gravity field and 9 times out of 10 they walk right in to it. I follow up with a Q and an E and let my partner to bash him til I use my R for the finish. Its a good trick to know.

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Soloing Mid

Viktor is a champion that can solo mid very effectively. His E can poke your enemies for just enough that they will back off a lot. I hate using my Q like they show in the champion's spotlight because everyone knows that its going to happen. So to avoid that use your E and start it at the edge of its range and push out. The range will hit your opponent. Just remember that this is a skill shot!

When soloing mid try not to overextend to much. If theres a Twitch, don't go past your turret's range as your turret will detect it in stealth mode. Another good note is conserve your mana. It really sucks when you run out of mana when your teammates come down to gank and your poke could have granted you a kill. It will happen a lot if you don't pay a lot of attention.

Another pointer is to keep moving around. Viktor is slow and a lot of people who solo mid use skill shot abilities. Being able to dodge them by just moving is a good skill to have.

I also find that when I solo mid viktor has very weak attack damage. So wait until a minions health about
[-____] before you attack. This will guarentee you the gold and the kill. It takes some practice. Trust me.

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Summarization baby!

To tell everybody the truth I just started playing LoL not even a week ago. I find that most of the tactics from DoTA are equivalent here and Viktor is a great example of it. Try not to overextend and don't get overly cautious. If you don't make yourself seem like a threat, your not playing Viktor right.

This is my first summary and I will update it a lot. I hope a lot of you read it, try it and comment it! Thank-you for reading and I hope you have a lot of fun with Viktor!

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12/30/11: Published!