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League of Legends Build Guide Author Masked Duck65

Vladimir, Beginners Guide *Out Dated*

Masked Duck65 Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Chapter 1

~Read Description~

Hey please do not hate, this is my first guide!
Also it is a beginners guide, and I probably won't go back and edit it. I made it just so myself and others who are new can get an idea at what to build.

This build is similar to Riot's Phreak. But I changed a few things around, tweaked it a little. I came up with this. Now this hero is new, but the way I play him is basically like a tank and a caster combined.

9/0/21 seems to work for me, now remember this is my guide, you do not have to copy me 100% you can tweak it to your likings!

REMEMBER! Spam your Q ability whenever it is up! You have no mana, it gives you health = win. Also DO NOTforget that your W can save your life and drop all minion aggro. But it does take a portion of your health, along with your E ability.

Now before you -1 or +1 please leave a comment telling me why.

Also just some quick details, the first game I played with him, brand new, didn't know what to do. I used this build and ended up 6/2/14. Not to bad for a first time hey? The next game was where it really kicked in. I edited my items, played with the team. I ended up with a nice 16/0/6 flawless. Not KSing.

Also i upgrade senguine pool to max last. The reason is because I mainly use it to save myself.

Runes - I actually don't have all of these runes, I am too cheap to buy them hehe. Use whatever you have available

Skilling Order - I messed up on the skilling order, it isn't a big deal at all. Was gonna do the same skilling order as all the other builds. But whatever. Skill whichever way you want!

~Early Game~

Start off with a health potion, and a Doran's Shield. Try to grab mid lane. If you cannot grab mid lane, don't freak out. Try laning with a tank/carry. It seems to work well for me.

Whenever you have the money, head back to base and pick yourself up a spirit visage. The stats on that item are great for Vladimir.

Keep harassing your enemies with your Q ability. You have no mana so why not?
Don't forget to use your senguine pool to drop all turret and minion aggro.

Hopefully by now you will have at least 1 or 2 kills / assists. Grab your boots on your next trip home. Also don't be afraid to swap up your boots if your against a caster heavy team. If needed grab mercury's treads instead of sorcerer's shoes.

~Mid Game~

The next key item is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This is a very important item in the build. It helps slow enemies down on casts. Gives you a big health boost, and a ability power rise.

Now to top your health off, try to build a Warmog's Armor when possible. If done correctly stacking it, by the end of the game you can have a large amount of health. You are the tank.. but with not as much armor / magic resist as a tank should. I think i ended my first or second game with around 4.8k hp.

But if you find a Warmog's Armor isn't going to benefit you as much. Either grab a laviathon if you have plenty of kills happening. OR grab some more AP

~Late Game~

To top off your item set, finish with a Zhonya's Ring. It adds a great amount of ability power to you, making you almost unstoppable. But usually the game is over before you can get this item.

If you have the money at the end, sell your Doran's Shield and buy elixers. Then buy a new item that will help benefit you.

~Thanks For Reading~

Hopefully this guide will help you learn, and enjoy Vladimir.

Comment, tell me your thoughts on my guide, +1 if you enjoyed. If you are going to -1, please give a valid reason! This guide works for me. But may not work for you 100% of the time. It can all depend on how good your team is and if the enemies are fed or not.

Remember you can fully customize my build to your liking. If a team is heavy casters, build magic resist etc.