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League of Legends Build Guide Author Woodoo

Vladimir, Blood Killer

Woodoo Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper

There is a temple hidden in the mountains between Noxus and the Tempest Flats, where the secrets of an ancient and terrifying sorcery are kept. The area surrounding the temple is littered with the exsanguinated corpses of those who have mistakenly wandered too close. These served only to pique the curiosity of Vladimir, when - in his youth - he trekked through these mountains during his flight from Noxus. A day earlier, the teenaged Vladimir had brutally murdered two boys his age, for no better reason than to enjoy the intoxicating scarlet bloom that surged forth. He realized immediately that he would never be able to suppress his murderous desires, and if he remained in Noxus, his foul deeds were sure to catch up with him. Without hesitation, he abandoned the city-state, and journeyed south.

The trail of bodies led him to a crumbling stone temple. Inside he found an aging monk who appraised him with eyes of pure crimson. Vladimir surprised the monk by returning the wicked gaze with zeal. Recognizing the boy's sinister craving, the monk taught Vladimir how to manipulate and control the fluid of life, often practicing on passing travelers. When it came time for Vladimir to learn the final lesson, the monk warned that failure would result in death. Vladimir did not fail, but success bore a grisly surprise. During the ritual, every drop of the monk's blood was drawn from his body and fused with Vladimir's, imbuing him with his master's magical essence, and that of every hemomancer before him. Left alone and suddenly without purpose, Vladimir resolved to return to Noxus, demanding enrollment in the League to prove the supremacy of his craft. When the Noxian High Command observed the gruesome fates which befell the palace guards, they elected to avail themselves of Vladimir's unsavory talents.

''That which runs through you will run you through.''

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You are a Mage first, and a tank second. With almost no armor or Magic resistance you won't last long against a group of enemy champions. But luckily if you engaged them with your own team as well, with Hemoplague they should be dead long before you ever even need to run away. Be careful though and play like a mage, a 'sturdy' mage.

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= Greater Mark of Potency +0.59 ability power= Greater Seal of Vigor +0.43 health regen / 5 sec.= Greater Glyph of Focus -0.65% cooldowns= Greater Quintessence of Focus -1.64% cooldowns

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Summoner Spells

Flash: A chosen favorite of most, Can let you make nifty getaways into the jungle or to pop in for a nice finishing blow on an escaping champ.
Teleport: You shouldn't ever need this spell. With transfusion leveled early, if you get hurt you just need to pull back a few paces and suck your health back to full. The only time I find myself going back to base as Vlad is to buy new items or after a major enemy attack. Ghost will handle all of your ganking needs as long as you are center.
Ignite: Best possible summoner's skill for Vlad. Stacks perfectly with Hemoplague and in combination with the rest of your abilities should help you snag some easy kills early in the game.

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Start with:
= +15 Health Regen per 5 sec and +20 Magic Penetration UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2

First, connect this:
+920 Health +30 Health Regen per 5 sec Passive: Permanently gain 4.5 Health and .15 Health Regen per 5 sec per minion kill. Champion kills and assists grant 45 Health and 1.5 Health Regen per 5 sec. Bonuses cap at +450 Health, and +15 Health Regen per 5.

When you have enough HP, the next item that composes it:
+155 Ability Power UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 30%
AND+70 Ability Power UNIQUE Passive: +40% Magic Penetration

When you have this item made up the rest quickly assembled.The last two items set that you recommend are:
AND+100 Ability Power +50 Armor UNIQUE Active: Places your champion into Stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. 90 second cooldown. AND +500 Health +80 Ability Power UNIQUE Passive: Dealing spell damage slows the target's Movement Speed by 35% for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi-target and damage-over-time spells).

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Vladimir Stats At LvL 1

Damage 45 (+3 / per level)
Health 400 (+85 / per level)
Mana 0 (+0 / per level)
Move Speed 310
Armor 12 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 1.2 (+0.12 / per level)
Mana Regen 0 (+0 / per level)

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Vladimir Abilities

Transfusion - Vladimir drains life from his target.
Vladimir drains the lifeforce of his target, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6) magic damage and healing himself for 17.5/28.75/40/51.25/62.5 (+). Range 600
Sanguine Pool - Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds. Additionally, enemies on the pool are slowed and Vladimir siphons life from them.
Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood for 2 seconds, becoming untargetable and slowing enemies above him by 40%.
Vladmir deals 80/135/190/245/300 (+ [15% of bonus Health]) magic damage over the duration and heals himself for 12.5% of that amount.
Costs 20/20/20/20/20% of Current Health
Range 1050

Tides of Blood - Vladimir unleashes a torrent of blood, damaging surrounding enemies. Additionally, multiple Tides of Blood in a short period of time cause them to cost additional health and deal additional damage, and increases his healing and regeneration by 8%.
Vladimir unleashes a torrent of blood, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.45) magic damage to nearby enemies.
Each cast gives him an Empowered stack (max 4), increasing his healing and regeneration by 8% each. Additionally, Tides of Blood deals 25% more damage and costs 50% more Health per stack.
Costs 30/40/50/60/70 Health
Range 350
Hemoplague - Vladimir infects an area with a virulent plague. Affected enemies take increased damage for the duration. Hemoplague deals additional magic damage after a few seconds to infected enemies.
Vladimir infects the target area with a virulent plague, causing 14% increased damage for 5 seconds.After 5 seconds, infected enemies take 150/250/350 (+0.7) magic damage.

Costs 15/15/15% of Current Health
Range 700
Crimson Pact - Every 25 points of bonus health gives Vladimir 1 ability power and every 1 point of ability power gives Vladimir 2 bonus health (does not stack with itself).

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Final thought

Champion Vladimir is one in my opinion the best champion in this game.It has everything one would need to have a hero.At Midle is one of the strongest heroes.In my opinion, the rating for this hero is a 9 / 10