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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author metallicapirate

Vlad's power tank/mage combo

metallicapirate Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Alright- I know there're a ton of Vlad builds out there, but this is the one that works best for me. Typically with this build I end up with 5.5k life and almost 800 AP. Granted, towards the end I get two consumables, but regardless this helps me get there.

NOTE: the calculator on MOBA doesn't factor in the AP you gain from HP and the Rabaddon's Cap, as well as the HP you gain from all the AP...

Keep this in mind

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I picked these runes because it allows for more flexibility. I could just go for straight AP and health runes and quints, but this allows for some room to breath against built auto attackers like Yi and such.

Mostly sticking with magic pen, just in case you'd rather get mercury treads or boots of swiftness(battle depending), this allows to get quite a punch in with Transfusion- being my favorite harassing spell. I've found that going with pure magic pen can get you more last hits and more gold because of it.

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So, weird choice of masteries, huh? Well, that's because I don't think Vlad needs much in the way of Utility masteries. Sure, the ghost and flash and move-speed ones are good. But I'm not the type to put16 or so points into a tree that I don't fully use. Nine into offense gives(yes, a recurring theme) more spell pen and a bit of AP and cooldown reduction. Now the meat of things. Defense. The one thing Vlad does great is escape- now why don't we make it easier. Yes, flash might be the best escape mechanic, but I like to just be able to tough it out. More hp, 4% damage reduction, dodge, more magic resistance and armor... Defense just works for me.

And, it also now gives a 4% flat AP boost. ^.^

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Nothing fancy here, most people get this build anyway. I've tinkered around with "experimental builds", and I haven't found much in the way of useful. I just stick to the classics.

Start off with health regen(you can pick something other than the pendant, but it builds into Warmongs so it saves some trouble. The new Doran's shield(patch update today, 2-1-11)might replace it though because of how good it is now. Build right into Mejai's first(if you are mid, wait until you have killed the other, or worse- died) building sorcery boots if you have the money. This gives you enough right now to escape most any method of gank or team fight, and makes it so you can build up even off assists.

Get warmong's next, giving you more to build up and making you extremely tankish at this stage of the game. I've switched up getting warmong's first and THEN Mejai's and Sorc boots. Either way works well.

Finally getting Rylai's gives you the edge so nobody can escape if you drop into pool and then transfusion them. Making you very valuable in team fights and even deadlier in 1v1.

Rabadon's cap just adds more fuel to the already beastly Vlad. The AP boost is too valuable to not have in any of his builds.

Same with abyssal scepter. It gives more AP and magic pen(technically) so that your pool and transfusion hit that much harder.

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Skill Sequence

I like to start with transfusion. I know some people that don't, and that's just weird. >.<

Quickly get the pool second, then tides of blood third.

Get Transfusion again until Hemoplague, then balance out the rest. I've found that Sanguine pool is going to be the best chunk of damage spell to actually get Transfusion into killing range. Tides of blood just helps a lot in team fights, and for annihilating creep waves, so keep that decently leveled.

Always, always save your sanguine pool for the kill or for the escape. Never use it to initiate or to kill creeps(unless NOBODY is around). The long CD on it will leave you hurting if you get jumped.

Ultimately though, find your niche spell. I like tides to initiate, some like Transfusion, some like hemoplague...

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Summoner Spells

Nothing too special here. I picked exhaust/ignite to battle against carry melee fighters and tanky healers. Sion, Yi, Tryndemere, etc. I've seen a lot of Ghost/Flash mixes for the ultimate in getaway. I've never run into many situations I couldn't get out of, but hey. It never hurts to be prepared.

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You've got a lot of health, some escape, a lot of power, great teamfight potential with AoE's(three of them) and great laning capabilities.

You've got a powerhouse of tank and magic, called Vlad

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Pros / Cons

Decently powered
Great with others
Makes taking a solo lane kinda nice

Low armor and magic res compared to others
Rough to start with until you have decent cooldown on Transfusion and Sanguine pool
Easily jumped by two or more melee roughians

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In my opinion, Vlad is the best farmer. Transfusion hits almost instantly, so you can target creeps that are already being struck down and possibly kill them.

In mid, save your transfusion until just before the creep is going to die. Avoid auto attacking if you can to get maximum number of transfusions off during first and second waves. Like I've pointed out earlier, typically I can go straight to warmong's or get both mejai's and sorc boots by the time I hit about 10 minutes in.

Once you get tides of blood, turn it around and tides the creeps when they are dying to save your transfusion for the harassment

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Team Work

Start off with tides of blood, trying to hit at least a few of them. Then go right into hemoplague. Everyone expects Vlad to start with that, so hit them off guard with this order. Wait until someone pops some CC and then pool, slowing them all and ticking away at their hp at the same time. Then transfusion the squishies. They should be dead or dying, and your team should be able to finish them... if you haven't already.