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Volibear Build Guide by Sakaraki

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sakaraki

Volibear: God of Thunder (the simple guide)

Sakaraki Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Volibear: Immortal


Volibear: Invincible

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup everyone it's the new guy, i hope you will check out my guide and give me good feedback on how to make it better. It won't be as long as others and i won't cover why i very specificly because i don't have the time and bla bla bla.(I am lazy ;p) I thought of doing this guide because when i strted playing Volibear i wanted a 100% tank build but i couldn't find any that didn't have any active effects (which i forget to use all the time) so i tested and i found these two builds.

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Build one: Explanation

The first build is just boots and stacking warmogs.If that wasen't pretty obvious.......
The thing that makes it so powerfull is that you have 100 armor and magic resist from runes and voli himself and when you get 8250 health from warmog + you passive its over 10000 hp.
People will be so intimidated by your hp that they will run the moment they see you.

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Build two: Explanation

A more varied build that gives you doubbel the magic resist and armor but less hp. you only have half the hp of the first build but now you take less also have guardian so you won't die the first time and atmas for some more ad. Which build you prefer is up to you.

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If playied right is hard to kill and does smufloads of damage
You can finish of people easily with w
passive heals alot and often

You think your invinsable and get killed
You forget he is tannk and not ad
You become a douche because he is so strong

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The basics: skills

Volibear isen't just a tank, you can build like this and still do smurfloads of damage. His w does more damage the more hp you have and the less hp your opponent has, (build nummber one wink wink) 15% of you bouns hp becomes damege. THAT'S ALOT and he can disrupt with his e and be really annoying. You can just run straigt for someone squishy with e and then your team kills him. His ulty does 150 extra damage at rank 3 and attacks 4 enemies. That's 600 every attack damage for 12 seconds. (in teamfights)

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The basics: how to play while laning

You usally solo top (and if you don't it all depends on you teammate) and if your fighting 1 v 1 you are usally the strongest because of your passive that heals you. People are afriad of you, remember that. When you and your opponent both have low hp your frenzy kills them because they don't realise how much damage it does. They saty in lane way to long. Be careful so you don't get ganked though. If it's 2 v 1 you have to be carefull in the begining because voli isen't a god that can 2 v 1 when everyone has full hp. Atleast not in level one, you have to poke you enemies and take use of tower+e combo and tada they have so low hp that you can kill them with 1 frenzy. The rest while laning is just experiance.

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The basics: middle and late game

Ok if you haven't been dying alot this is your time to shine. You are very powerfull but can only show it when you have somone who does much damage with you. You are the tank you inisiate and you DON'T ks. But you still get kills cuz your awsome, the thing is that you need to farm if you want to stay strong.

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It is a short guide but it's just how i do things, hope you atleast got some tips and give some feedback that's not ''you suck and this duide is to short'' give good feedback and i hope to see you next time cya.
Ps: This is how i build and all but i know it needs alot of work so if anything bugs you plz tell me.