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Volibear Build Guide by T0RR3T0

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author T0RR3T0

Volibear - Teddy Bear Powah - Yummy

T0RR3T0 Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Volibear is a brand new champion, who mostly specializes in Off-tanking with some nifty damage and cc going around.

The main idea of this guide is how to make such a built that will help u survive in early game, get some kills assists and lead you to a team fight domination in mid/late game. Due to the tankish style of this built a good teammate is handy to have.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Good CC
- Team Fights domination
- Powerful Frenzy Bite
- High Survivability

Cons :
- Slow Movement (can be eliminated with clever use of your CC)
- Low Armour and Magic Resist ratings
- Dependency on teammates in early game and in team fights (but that's an issue with any built in any game)

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The Runes are there to increase the efficiency of your Frenzy Bite and your auto-attack spamming and to cover up for the low armor and magic resist ratings in early game, as when you get your HP up to 5.6k, you will need a massive beating to die.

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The Masteries i have chosen want once more to enhance the efficiency of your damage output, alongside with some defenses to harden you up.

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I recommend starting off with a Doran's Shield, as the extra health makes you harder to kill and also increases the damage of your Frenzy Bite. the armor makes you harder to kill as well due to the less damage you take and the health regen helps u stay longer in the lane and get xp and gold.

Usually if you have a good lane partner, you will be able to get some kills and assists quickly, due to the handy slowdown you have and the awesome Frenzy Bite which is a lovely finisher move, as its damage output increases when your target has his health lowered. This will mean you will have enough gold to afford a Giant's Belt quickly, which will make you even tougher to get killed and will pump up the Frenzy Bite.

Obviously, you can feel the low movement speed you have, so it is essential that you quickly buy the Boots of Speed. You can buy them before the Giant's Belt if you are having issues, but usually I tend to buy both of them at the same time due to the cash float.

After the Boots and the Belt are purchased, you should starting focusing on buying the rest of the items needed to complete your Warmog's Armor. At this point you will see the difference from this huge HP increase both in damage and survivability.

As soon as you have all the above items, it should be smart to start planning ahead for the Auto-Attack plan and the team fights domination. The key to this plan is Stark's Fervor. This is a well known item and if you just have a look at its stats, you will realize how epic it is, because it increases your and your teams AS plus a very handy Life-Steal, that can be a deciding factor in your team fights , especially if you have 1-2 other AD/AS champions like Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Teemo, Twicth etc.

After Stark's Fervor is obtained, you can feel free to get the advanced Boots. I suggest you go for the Ionian Boots as the CD reduction is much needed as you skills have long CD's. Obviously against heavy CC teams you can go for the Mercury's Threads, however the 3.5k HP and your CC can prolly make you survive as well.

So far so good. You should be dominating in team fights, thanks to your awesome Health and Stark's Fervor buffs, but you realize that your attack attack damage is still pretty low around 100ish. We have to do something about it. Having in mind that we will stack up even more health with our future purchases Atma's Impaler sounds like the best item to add to our collection so we can increase that basic attack damage.

Usually, at the point where you start building for Atma's Impaler, the opponent team will surrender due to the massive beating they will be getting in team fights.

Nevertheless, if your team isnt that good or the opponents are too stubborn to give up, continue building for another Warmog's Armor for the reasons I already have explained above.

After this last item, your damage output should be pretty high and you Health should have reached around 4.5k +. So the last item is really up to your will to other be another Warmog's Armor or a Spirit Visage ( for the CD Reduction and the Health) or another optional item for defensive reasons like Frozen Heart or Force of Nature for a heavy AD and AP opponent respectively.


- Mercury Threads ( against heavy CC teams )
- Frozen Heart ( against AD's )
- Force of Nature ( against AP's )
- Banshee's Veil ( against AP's and nasty Ability Champs )
- Guardian's Angel ( good defensive item + the revive can turn a team fight or save you a death )

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Summoner Spells

I personally really like Exhaust, Heal and Flash for Volibear. Teleport is great too, if you have a good team that places wards around or a Teemo, so you can teleport on the wards/mushrooms and join a team fight or get a nice gank off.

Exhaust will help you slow down and catch a fleeing opponent or reduce the damage output of their Carry in a team fight.

Heal can save you or most likely your lane partner in early game, if you have some tough opponents like Swain, Jax etc.

Flash is an all around good spell, despite the nerf it got, for setting up a gank, getting away or catching up an opponent that is running away.

Some might like Ignite, but most likely your lane partner will have it and your Frenzy Bite if used properly alongside with your CC, will leave nothing to luck.

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To sum up Volibear is a tankish champion with great potential as a hidden Damage Dealer and a Team Fight Winner. As I said early in the guide, your teammates play a massive role on how well this built will work for you. Remember in any team fight you should be able to take off an opponent by yourself, if your team fails hard, make the kill and then walk away. this way you dont feed the enemy and you can stay and defend a possible tower push.

You might have games against some annoying Ranged AD / AP champions, which will kill you a couple of times, Don't get disheartened, play your cards smart, be more defensive and get the team fights started. The Sun will shine from that moment onwards.