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Volibear Build Guide by Aarsveger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aarsveger

Volibear the WARMOG BUILD

Aarsveger Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first guide ! I enjoy reading guides, so i decided i would make one myself. Remember... it's a lol guide.
This guide is for Voli solo top, but he is quite a good jungler too imo.


oh... btw, this guide is under infinite construction :P It's a lot of text now, i might make it look more fancy later!

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Skill Sequence

Max frenzy first, its your core dmg and harass ability. Second lvl your e. good dmg, aoe slow, nice sound effect.
Ofc level you ulti at 6, 11, 16. Dont be afraid to use the ulti often, for example to clear creep waves, because the cooldown is quite low.
Get a point in rolling thunder at lvl 3 and max it last. You only need it for the grabbing and throwing, not the dmg.

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Get all the health bonus masteries from defense. I also get some other useful masteries, arp, as, cdr( to be able to frenzy as much as possible).
Other than that, you want to be tanky, so take defense masteries.

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I am not a rune expert. To me, it makes not enough difference, sadly. On top of that, i think they are all way overpriced. Anyway, for Voli, you want as much health as possible, so get all health runes. A second option is to make sure you get the best per individual rune type, then choose health, MR and armor, and find out which ones are the highest value of the specific stat.

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Start off with shoes and 3 health pots, so you can grab your enemy once you are level 3, cause you will be faster with rolling thunder. LEt them waste flash or ghost :)
Build the shoes into mercury's treads, good to have MR and tenacity. Build into Ninja Tabi, if the enemy team is AD heavy or you have a good AD opponent in the lane.
Time to start what this guide is all about. BUILD WARMOGS. STACK! Build any part of it you can afford, preferred the health parts, continue to do so. Go on. Buy more warmogs. IT will make you extremely tanky, beefy, and you frenzy will do insane dmg. Also, your passive will heal a larger amount of life... as your max hp will hit the 6k or 7k.
Close the build with Atma's. 1,5% of your health into dmg is still nice, and the crit is good for doing dome dmg in teamfights instead of just getting in the way:)

You could also sacrifice one warmogs for something else, because you already have enough health. For example, a frozen mallet to still have health, but also some AD and a slow. Or you get force of nature for some nice regen and MR if you have heavy AP opponents.

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how to use the abilities

Be sure to keep auto attacking minions, so that frenzy is available as much as possible. Dont spam frenzy, try to use it when your enemy is low, because it also does more dmg to low hp enemies.
Use the q-e-w combo. Run in, toss the enemy over, slow/roar, bite! Guaranteed good dmg, great harass. Put in your ulti as well ofc if available.
Dont count on your passive to save your life(although it does quite often), play safe anyway. Burst/ignite will still kill you quite fast.
You can use your Q to charge in and initiate, but also to escape, it is a mini speed boost.

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Team Work

You are tank! Maybe not the only one, but you are. Initiate team fights, watch if everyone is ready and if the positioning is right. Try to open with the Q-E-W combo. IF that is on CD, just walk in.
During the fight, try to finish off low hp enemies with frenzy, if there is no one low hp, use Q and E to disturb the enemies.

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your main goal is to be annoying for your lane opponent so that he can almost have no farm. Achieve this by harassing with the Q-E-W combo.
Then feel free to farm, try to last hit so the lane wont get pushed too much. Otherwise you run the risk of getting ganked.
Feel free to use your ulti in lane phase, to farm, to harass(it prioritizes champions, it seems)

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Top opponents

Most melee Ad champs you can easily handle. a lot of ranged you can handle as well.

Be afraid of...

Teemo: for he has blind and can poke/poison/run away

Heimerdinger: also a blind, or a stun(worse)... get stunned near his turrets and die.