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Volibear Build Guide by CrippledCommando

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrippledCommando

Volibear: You can't kill me with your BEAR hands.

CrippledCommando Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well to start this off, I would like to say that this is my first build and would appreciate any type of feedback. Okay, now to the boring stuff. Volibear can be played as a tank, tanky DPS, or jungler. This build is for tank Volibear. When Volibear was announced, I was excited for him. I thought he would be able to carry a team with damage. Then when he did come out, I had no clue what to buy, and thought "Hey, maybe tank won't be to bad." I was right, and instantly loved the Champion.

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Runes can vary with this champion. I myself use Magic Pen. reds (For the damage), Armor yellows, magic res blues, and Health quints. This makes you a great early game tank, and also, a great solo top with the health regen of Doran's shield.

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The mastery trees I use are 5/25/0. Yeah it's a bit strange, but with the new masteries, who cares. The 25 points in the defensive mastery tree really help with your tankiness. Of course, if you want to be balls to the walls, make your own. Hell, a 0/30/0 tree would work, but I like getting a bit of AP from the Offensive mastery tree.

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I think the items in this build are just your basic tank items. But with Volibear, there are a few twists. Any health items you get will give his Frenzy Bite OUTSTANDING damage, because 20% of his health is turned into damage for that ability. Your first item really depends on what lane you go. If you are solo top for a jungler, I would recommend you buy Regrowth Pendant and mana OR health pot, whichever you think will help more. If you are mid, don't play Volibear. If you are just casually laning, and Doran's shield is the item for you. It gives you some armor, health, and health regen. It's just a great item. Then you want to get a Kindlegem for Health and CDR. After get tier 1 boots. Then build for your Spirit Visage. The Spirit Visage is my FAVORITE item on Voli. The item gives you health and CDR, along with increased heal on self. This means you get better heals froma support, and your passive turns GODLIKE. Then, but merc treads, the obvious tank boots. Then, build for your Warmogs and buy it. I would recommend you get the Giants belt, then Ruby crystal, and the a regrowth pendant, and then buy it when you can. Next build an Aegis of the Legion. This item gives you both Armor and Magic Res. for you and your teammates. The next items depend on their team comp. If the have more AD or a fed AD carry, get a thornmail. If the have a fed AP carry or and mostly AP, get your FoN first.

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Summoner Spells

Quick note, Ignite is a ***** against Volibear. It reduces the heal of your passive, so watch out when your enemies have it. But my recommendations are Ghost and Teleport. Ghost can guarantee a kill by using your Q, and Teleport and just help save turrets, or allow teammates to Recall without them having to worry about the enemy getting turret damage. If you don't agree, use whatever you want.

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- Badass passive
- EXTREMELY tanky if built right
- More health = more bite damage

- No escape moves: Rolling Thunder only makes you go faster when chasing.
- Not many people know who to play him
- Matter of opinion, but i think he sucks at jungling

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Team Work: Who he works with

Volibear works with many champions in your lane. When i play him, I usually lane with a strong AD carry, or when with friends, a twitch. Why a twitch, you may ask. Well, when played right, Twitch can do good damage. He has a slow for when i hit the enemy back, and can finish him off with Expunge. Any other AD carries work, but if your friend plays Twitch, lane with him. Another benefit your team has when working with Twitch/Evelynn is if he/she wants to roam, Volibear is able to hold lane on his own.

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Uniqueness: Why he can bite you to half health.

Volibear is a pretty unique character. He can chase like Vayne, and fling like singed, but both traits and put into one ability. Magnificent Roar and Thunder Claws stack off AP, but his AP spread sucks ***. But, his Frenzy does not. Frenzy will be your main source of damage, especially after you get your Warmogs. After attacking 3 times consecutively, you can bite you opponent. The bite's damage is based off 20% of your health and the percentage of the health they are missing. So say you have a fully built warmogs and are about to bite someone that is missing 50% health. Well since they are missing 50% health, you can 50% more damage. That is why you will be called OP. Magnificent Roar can be helpful at times. It has horrible damage, but it is a slow. The slow can ensure a kill or a fling with Rolling Thunder. Thunder Claws is okay, it can help in teamfights if you're building straight AP for some unknown reason. But that sums up his abilities.

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Well this concludes my first ever build on MOBAfire. I hope you like it, and Tank Volibear owns. So Cya, and i'll take any feedback. THANKS :D