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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bentstraw

Wait, I thought AD Ez sucked...?

Bentstraw Last updated on October 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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AD Style

Welcome to my guide on AD Ezreal!


  • Spamable Spells
  • Good sustained damage
  • Excellent harass
  • Can pick people off from across the map
  • Decent mobility
  • Long range on primary damage dealing spell
  • Good escape mechanism


  • Quite squishy
  • Very slow base movement speed
  • Can be screwed if Arcane Shift is on cooldown
  • If you have trouble with easy skill shots, Ez isn't for you.


Incredibly useful passive. Helps a ton when taking out turrets mid/late game.

Basic and most important spell. Harass with it, farm with it, spam it in team fights and -1 to cooldowns helps you use Trueshot Barrage even more.

Just used as support in this build. Buff your allies in a team fight or when taking out a turret. The more people you hit with it, the more stacks you get on Rising Spell Force.

Oh look, flash. But it does damage. Use to set up Mystic Shot, go over walls, escape/engage in fights, or just have a fun time.

Goes all the way across the map in what ever direction you shoot it. Use to it soften everyone up in a team fight, snipe runners or people blue-pilling next to a turret. Has a deceptively long cooldown since anytime you hit with Mystic Shot it decreases by one.

Summoner Spells

What I go with:

Makes for great mobility around the map. Going shopping but want to get back to mid quickly? No problem. See a fight starting in one of the side lanes and wanna help? No problem. Massive creep wave you want to farm? No problem.

Always good to have extra damage. Plus, Sadism makes me angry. This helps.

Other useful spells:

I can see how this helps. Double-flashing away from people can sure piss them off. But, I never use it. If you need to flash twice to escape, you got yourself in a bad position.

Another great escape tool. Arcane Shift and this will let you get out of anything.

Shut down a carry. Enough said.

I use this more when playing AP Ez, but it can still be helpful on an AD build. As soon as you are level 6 start checking side lanes for someone with low hp. If you think they are going to blue pill, use it on the turret and hit them with Trueshot Barrage. Free kill. Late game it is just helpful to scout for ganks and what not. In my opinion, Clairvoyance wins games.

Helpful, but not necessary. Mystic Shot still hits when you are exhausted/blinded.



For masteries I run a standard dps set of 21/0/9. I grab the 15% spell penetration though to help with the damage from Arcane Shift and Trueshot Barrage. Also, there is no need for the increase to attack speed thanks to your passive. In the utility tree I grab improved teleport, regeneration, experience, and the increase on monster buffs. Pretty self explanatory.


Greater Mark of Desolation Armor penetration is always a good thing. You want that Mystic Shot to hit for as much as possible.

To make sure you spam those spells, mana regen is always a good thing. I used to run with Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist here as well before Manamune was released and I was still using Chalice of Harmony to make sure I could spam. But now with these runes and the basic regen from the items I have no problems with mana.

No one likes to get blown up. This helps, a little.

There is never anything wrong with extra health, and considering Ez's base move speed and squishy nature these are a must. I swear it's almost every game where I end up escaping/living through a fight with <97 hp. Thank you runes.


Core Items


General starting items. Mana regen to allow for more spell casting and potions for not dieing.

First Trip Back
Hopefully you'll have enough to upgrade to the tear and get the boots the first time you are forced/decide to go back.

Second Trip Back

For the second time back finish that Manamune and upgrade those boots. I always grab Boots of Swiftness because of Ezreal being such a slow charater. They help you be about the same speed as everyone else out there. Plus, we don't need more spell penetration and there is no need for attack speed due to the Rising Spell Force.

What Next?

From here on out there is no "going back" that I have planned. Laning is done and now it's just head back when you are low or dead. So, from here on out this what I what I generally buy and in what order.

This item is great. Armor pen and cooldown reduction. Two things that make Mystic Shot even better.

(Bonus damage is actually 100% now instead of 80% patch) Increased damage for Mystic Shot? Yes please.

Life steal. Nuff said.

Extra health, a chance to slow and getting even closer to Trinity Force? What more could you ask for.

(Bonus damage is actually 150% instead of 130% patch) Ah, finally. 150% more attack damage added to Mystic Shot. Plus some other cool stuff (seriously, put your mouse over the picture and read). This item and Sheen were made even more valuable for this build by their recent buffs.

Wait, We're Done?

But we still have more space to put items??!?!?!?!?!!!

True, but from here on out you need to decide what best fits your needs in this game. Here is what I choose from based on certain situations. Heck, you might even have some favorite items that you can't go without using, but I don't have listed. Go for it! (No really, use that Malady or Tiamat and let me know how that goes for you...)

I used to get this item before Trinity Force all the time. But, I realized that I was spending money on something that didn't actually help. The active of Ghostblade doesn't stack due to Ez being a ranged character. So, while all those melee DPS get increased move/attack speed as they keep attacking, you don't. If a game is going on long enough though, I will get it. Activating it does help a little. I generally just use it to escape if I need or when I am taking down a turret

Well, that Vampiric Scepter is already using one of your spots, might as well upgrade it. More damage, more lifesteal. I listed this as optional though because often times I feel I need to get other items before finishing the BT. It's up to you.

More damage and Reduces armor with each Mystic Shot you land. Helps against the Sunfire-Stacking- Garen.

Find yourself needing more health and/or they just keep getting away? Get this. I usually just stick with lizard buff though. They won't get away then.

See a trend here? Damage is good. Too bad Mystic Shot can't crit.

Considering you aren't an auto-attack character this generally isn't helpful, but when their entire team is made up of tanks it can be.

I've only ever gotten this a few times. All of those times I was getting completely shutdown by CC, so I bought this and had an easier time.

Just having a good time? I usually am. Buy this. Watch them kill you, then you get back up, then flash away. Adding some lawls to your game always helps you have a good time.


Early Game

Buy those starting items and head mid as fast as you can. If you're feeling ballsy run as close to their turret as you can and try to land Mystic Shot a few times. Hopefully the other mid won't be paying attention. Once the minions show up, just farm. Last hit with your auto attack and use Mystic Shot to harass the enemy champion. After a few levels, and if you have enough mana, try to line up an Arcane Shift Mystic Shot combo. You'll be surprised at how much damage you can do with it. Just blue-pill back and buy items as needed. Use Teleport to get back quickly.

Mid Game

I consider mid game around the time both mids have their ult. Hopefully you'll have Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed by this point. Look to see if you can land a kill with Trueshot Barrage while staying in the middle lane. If that isn't an option hit the enemy champion with a Arcane Shift -> Ignite -> Mystic Shot -> Trueshot Barrage combo. You'll generally get a kill you if land all 3 skills and get off the Ignite.

Unfortunately, I don't find Ezreal to be a terribly good ganker. He has decent burst damage, especially against someone who is underleveled, but nothing special. Also, he is too slow to get to a side lane fast enough. Generally the other mid will have called an "mia" on you and the enemy champions in the side lane will probably have fallen back. Unless they are complete idiots. Instead of running to the side lanes (unless they really need help or I know that I'll be getting a kill since the enemy champions are both quite low) try teleporting in on a friendly minion wave that is coming or the turret and clean up any fight that is taking place.

The Rest of the Game

Laning phase is over, team fights are breaking out everywhere, Master Yi is back-dooring the heck out of your turrets, your Evelynn rage quit, and the rest of your team is arguing in all chat. Definitely about the 25 minute mark.

This is when using Ezreal to his full potential becomes quite important. Don't stray off into a lane by yourself, you'll die. Instead stay with the rest of your team, preferably behind your tanks. As a team fight begins to break out land some Mystic Shot and buff your team with Essence Flux. Once everyone is engaged fire off that Trueshot Barrage then spam Mystic Shot like it's your job. Next Arcane Shift next to their squishy carry and finish them off with a Mystic Shot (which by this point should be dealing 400-700 damage). If you didn't use Trueshot Barrage at the beginning of the fight clean up any runners with it. Once you've sent the other team packing move in on those turrets while spamming Mystic Shot to increase your attack speed and buffing the rest of your team with Essence Flux. Rinse and Repeat for a satisfying win.

General Tips/Things You Should Know

  • If you are committing to engage someone in 1v1 decide whether you want to save Arcane Shift to try and escape if it doesn't go your way or if you want to use to for extra damage and the line up a Mystic Shot.
  • Even though this isn't an AP build when fighting someone 1v1 Essence Flux can still do some decent damage and if they are a DPS character the attack speed debuff can be the difference between them killing you or you killing them.
  • Despite the fact that I said it above, it needs repeating. I see waaaaayyy too many Ezreals doing it wrong. In a team fight your job isn't to get into the middle of everyone. You need to stay back and land your skills shots without dieing, which you will do very fast if you decide you want to be like that awesome Tryndamere you saw.
  • If you are trying to escape and you are very low HP try not to Arcane Shift over a wall into a bunch of jungle minions. The damage from it will hit them and they will kill you. Believe I've done it a few times and it is quite embarrassing.
  • If whoever you are laning against is out harassing you remember that you can stay at about the edge of XP range and still land Mystic Shot for last hits. On the contrary if you are harassing them very well try and stand behind their caster minions last hitting with your auto attack and keeping them out the exp range by spaming Mystic Shot.
  • If you are fighting a Morgana (especially in mid) take note that Black Shield doesn't block the damage from Mystic Shot, because it is physical damage. So, be sure to finish her off with a well placed Mystic Shot through Black Shield and watch her rage in all chat.

    The End

    That's all I have for now, thanks for reading. I'll be sure to keep updating this guide with new tips and ideas whenever I find something decent.

    Also, if use dun see anys mispeling or impraper grammars b sure 2 let me no as I hates it wen ppl ar 2 layzee tooo l2spell. Ty.