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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Berchtold

Wanna Rumble?

Berchtold Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my first build, sorry if I don't do so hot on it:S

Now from what I've seen this is unlike any other build I've seen, but it works great for me and i hope it works for you too!

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Pros n Cons

Rumble is a GREAT team fighter
Rumbles passive (if played right) is a huge advantage for increasing attacks and spells
Rumple is a gank master
No mana no energy

Rumble can be taken down fairly easy if stunned or snared
Rumbles heat gauge doesnt always work (i dont know why)
Timing danger zone and over heat takes getting use to

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These runes are what i like to use (i dont have all of them cause im not 30 :/ but i will use them)

Greater mark of insight is a given magic pen always worth it:D

I go with dodge seals only for the fact that it can save you many times when you play but health seals would work great too

Next i go with attack speed glyphs because rumble is not only strong at spells but also attacking this one is hard to explain but its worth it in the end:)

and finally ap quintessence these really help early game to turn up the heat and get some kills

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Masteries/Sommoner Spells

I go with 23-0-7 masteries because Rumble is an "attacking caster" i go with ap and dmg to help through out the games

I go with exhaust and ghost to both save yourself and to chase
ghost is great witch rumble when chasing it allows you to use flamespitter and deal a lot of dmg by basic attack also by using ghost and scrap shield it gives you even more speed when running

exhaust i use to slow them, to greatly decrease their dmg, weaken their magic resistance, and also to get away when i need to run

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I know these items arent the usual! ( i don,t know how to do the picture thing sorry guys)

I start with amplifying tome for the nice ap boost and usually a hp to go along with it

2nd Depending on the other team i would get berserks for the extra attack speed or merc treads if the other team has a lot of ap (possibly ninja tabi for dodge)

after berserks i get a blasting wand for more ap

next i follow through with the hextech revolver for more ap and nice spell vamp (spell vamp + danger zone = rapesauce <3)

If youre completely destroying them id go straight for the hextech gunblade

But if not id then get Rageblade
i guess this is a good time to explain :) where most people see rumble as a great caster he is also pretty strong and with 2 slows, crystal scepter, and exhaust you can torch them and pumble. when i chase i spam the torch (flamespitter) and electro harpoon (sheild if they fight back) and by doing this you activate overheat and BOOM damage out the wazoo! also rageblade make you attack faster every hit (8 stacks) and every hit you gain a little ap (also 8 stacks)

Next i go into crystal scepter for the ap and slow which really helps yourself and the team

Then i go for rabadons for the great ap boost this can possibly make you run the game;)

after that i finish out with as many gunblades as i can get. these really help late game with rageblade because of the lifesteal youll win almost every 1v1 hands down:)

If your lane partner is doing great then id get the crystal scepter after berserks for helping him/her get fed to be the carry:)

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This is where it all comes down to rumble has 4 amazing skills when used correctly

Flamespitter: this is my favorite by far and with a lot of ap can wreck the enemy team
it is a wonderful skill to have when in any lane to farm minions

Scrap shield: this is a great "omg" skill meaning the enemy is like "omg really..." how? because it can be used to just save you from a turret, from a gank, and even put u over the top in a 1v1. not only is it a wonderful shield it also gives you a short speed boost to let you flee or chase!

Electro harpoon: to be honest i rarely use this but i really need to start. Early game this skill starts off pretty weak but late game does alot of damage, but the really great thing about this skill is it has a slow, not only that it can also be fired a second time with no cost and almost no cooldown. This skill can turn the table in a chase or team fight.

THE EQUALIZER!: possibly the best ult in the game if used correctly i use this ult all the time and it has an amazing cool down of 60 seconds!! This ult can definitely turn the tide in a team fight slowing every1 in it and causing large amounts of damage over time. I use this ult all the time to turret dive for the easy kill and using it right when u get lvl 6 when ever you can really puts you ahead by getting many kills in your lane. this ult can be used to chase and escape to and with this build if you ult for the chase you are almost sure to have a kill or 2 or 3 :)

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Rumble is great anywhere and everywhere

Solo: If you have some one jungling Rumble is the man to step up to the solo lane he's pretty squishy when it comes to stuns and snares ranged people so be careful of that! When soloing a lane play major D turret hug if you need with your flamespitter they wont want to come close also dont be afraid to be risky this is one of my favorite things to do when soloing let the enemy think they can get a kill on you and when they come harpoon them for the slow and sheild yourself then the turret can usually finish them off

Mid: Rumble is extremely good mid for the fact he can push fast and hard, he also is able to come outa no where and gank for the double kill with easy

Team lane: This is what i mainly do. Rumble is very good for using flamespitter to weaken minions and kill them him self and allow allies to get him he also has his electro harpoon which can slow them and let you or your ally get an easy kill Rumble is also great at team lanes because he can turret dive for the kill with his shield. The best part about a team lane with rumble is his ult which can easily turn the tables and get him a double kill, not only that he can gank any other lane and snag a kill:D

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I'm just gonna say it Rumble is OP im expecting a nerf but enjoy him while hes crazy good and please tell me about this guide its my 1st one im pretty sure it just sucks but i want more people to know this build:) hope it works for you too!