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Warwick Build Guide by Flarefox14

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flarefox14

Warwick the aggressive off-tank/tank sustainer

Flarefox14 Last updated on August 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Quick Infor/Introduction

Quick infor. This build is meant for more aggressive players, and not completely sure how this works as passive players. also another note. this is my first time guide, and my spelling ain't the great. However, hope this help any players that want to play ww at top, this is my favorited build for him. Might not work for everyone.

Hello everybody. This is my personal, and fav build on ww. It might not work for everyone, but if you up for being an aggressive top laner, and strong tank, mid and late game, then you might this build.

(Also I do note know how to make this a build for 2 instead of one. if anyone can tell me. ty)

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spells, runes, ect information

This guide is strongly base on spells, and runes on this guide. However, there are some chances you like on your own preferences if you rather. However, not sure if completely work the same.

Summer spells:
This guide is build around teleport and flash. However, you don't really have to use teleport. It is just a quick way in lane or ganking for others. You can have other spells to replace it. Iginit, ghost, barrier. But you must always have flash. You need it to escape from enemy ganks.

Runes, only thing you really need is armor, and magic resist. You can replace any other runes as your preferences. To offensiveness, more defense, or movement, any of your wish.

WW either damage or tank, you are base on a tank, plus you want to keep in lane. That needs armor, and magic resistances. Making you able to take more from enemy champions' attacks, as well late champ aids. If in case stun, or slow, in middle of team fights. but off of armor, feel free to put rest either in more armor, or at-speed, or what you prefer.

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Pros and Cons

1: Good sustain
2: Can out-stay, and run off other top champions.
3: Strong in start, mid, and late game.
4: Good gank once have ult. (in any lane)
5: Good Chaser
6: Strong against tanks, and fighters

WW is a strong top, do to able to keep himself going with is q, to take damage from minions, or enemy champion to heal himself. Less needing to recall back, and do to his q to take % of damage, it can wear down fighters and tanks to force them to recall, or stay passive and away from minions. WW once having his ult, can gank other lanes in help with kill. With his ult to stun, his w to boost at speed of allies, and q for damage, and e to chase. Which also made him strong mid and late game. Having his ult to engage or stun enemy champions, able to do some damage, and aid all his allies. He is an force to mess with.

1: No escapes (Note: likely to be camped/gank a lot)
2: Weak against range(Teemo, nid,)
3: weak against tank killers(trundle)
4: Less likely to get kills.
(5:This is by my expressions, not same to everyone, or everygame. You less likely get aid from jungle. Even if you are being camp, or enemy jungle pushing top against you.

WW even though his great sustain, he lacks any escapes. His e only works on half, or below hp champs, which rest of his skills don't help him to escape, stay alive bit longer, but not escape. Making him very depended on his flash, and vision. WW by all means, is a tank killer, and good against fighters. However, he is weak against range. As his q forces him to get close to use, which give them a chance to strike back. Making him unable to hurt the enemy champion without him likely getting more hurt. Also, ww ain't a fighter, he is base as a tank. Enemy champions that is build around killing tanks, which is mostly range. There are acceptations to this. Like Trundle. Trundle q does more then ww's, and his damage is more. As well as Shyvanna. They are both are rare tops, but so is ww. So keep an eye out for that. On less likely to get kills, is more on limitation of mana. As well that you more likely to run the enemy champion to tower, or recall before getting a chance to quick kill. He is more on base on wear down enemy champions, then quick kill.

(As number 5 said, this is more on my own expressions on teammates. I could be doing great against their top lane, having push them off lane, have lot more minions. Then their jungle come. Then I move to tower, then they go, then as soon I get back to lane, they come back. Or even there pushing top alongside their top lane. More then enough times, since I was doing good, they would inroge helping. Even though I request help. Just be careful on solo que do to that.)

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Items start

There's two build I give, one for you do more damage, the other you are more tank. This one start with what you get at start, regardless of being off, or pure tank.

You want to start out with is by picking up an item to build into chalice of harmony, which is going to be your most importation item in lane. It allows you to be able to poke enemy champion more often with your q, to heal yourself, and it hurts enemy champion, wearing them down.

Also, you must always, always get wards. WW has no escapes, so you must have vision, so make sure to have some money left over for at least 1 ward

After this, get boots. Then this next item is just an early aid in lane. If you facing against an ad champion, get chain vest, expressive, but it build into later item, and it gives good armor. If against ap champion, get null-magic manlet, then build them to mercury's treads.

Before on getting next build. Make sure you get to finish boots, and at least have the chain vest.

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Items Off-Tank

Off-Tank you build more on damage, not as tankie as one below, but if you already have an tank on, best to deal more damage.

You want get next Blade of the Ruined King. With you already sustand, as well it does more damage the higher enemy hp is, makes your q, and physical attack strong. it is also very great with ww's ult, as you stun, and attack the enemy with few physical attacks.

Iceborn gauntlet would be next on your list. Giving you a bit more tankness, also enable to create an slow, and more damage to your physical attack. Great in teamfights to slow the enemy's carries, or just chasing low hp champs down.

Warmog's armor is after this. Maybe not as offensiveness, but it helps to keep you in team fights. You are still in middle of team fights, and next to tank, taken most damage. It helps you stay in, as well of soloing some champions.

Phantom dancer goes hand-to-hand with Ruined king blade. Enable to do more damage do to the effect, as well to give you more hp. It also helps you chase, and slow enemy champions down with Iceborn's gauntlet. After getting this item, the enemy champion is almost impossible to escape this quick predator.

The Black cleaver is now a choose. Between of fully building Chalice of harmony or do more damage. If you want to keep some magic resist, best to fully build chalice into an athene's unholy grail. Otherwise, black cleaver goes hand to hand with rest of the offensive items. It now lower enemy's armor as well more damage. Making ww an one powerful Off-tank to deal with.

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Items Pure-Tank

Pure Tank is more on tankieness, as well debuff enemy's team. Being more of middle of the fight taken most damage.

Warmog's armor is the item you want to get right after your boots and chain armor. You got some armor and resist, now you want some hp to boot. Warmog's is one of the best armor for tanks, giving you 1000 hp. Making you easily imitating do to the amount of hp.

Frozen Heart is next. Turn that chain armor into this would be next goal. Gives you a good deal with armor, and slow attack speed of any enemy champion nearby. Great in team fight, to lower enemy champion damage out-put.

Blade of Ruined King, it ain't must of a defensiveness item. But you set yourself a pretty tough build already. hp, armor, magic resist, now, you want to do a little more damage, and it should keep you longer in team fights. As well of slowing enemy champions, or dealing just a bit more damage to finish someone else if needed be.

Spirit Visage is good to keeping you alive longer, and comes hand to hand with warmog's, and ruined blade, as well giving you just a bit more magic resist. As well as more hp, and cooldown to get your ult faster.

Athene's Unholy Grail, you finally fully building your chalice after so long of a time. It gives you still that magic resist, but as well as cooldown, and keeps the mana regen going. It gives some extra ap as well to do more damage with q. now you have a fully build, powerfully hard to kill champion that can do some damage back.

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Laning tip

As I said before, this is more aggressive top lane. Chalice is what does it. You can none-stop use q on enemy champions to wear them down on hp. As q is base on enemy hp %, making a great tank killer and good against fighters to stay in lane. So use it a lot on them if close, or even push them away from minions.

However, even though strong against melee champions, do not engage in melee combat with them. Unless you do more damage then they can. Just be careful on whom you do, or don't engage in melee combat when it comes to fighters.

Always, I mean, always have vision. WW often pushes his lane, or hurt/pushes the enemy top laner a lot, which often have enemy jungle to come and gank. WW is strong champ, however he can't fight 2 v 1, espilley with enemy jungle having an stun/fear/knock-up in hand. Plus lack of escapeability as well. So always have vision, and be careful of them coming.