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Warwick Build Guide by J 2 the ROC

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League of Legends Build Guide Author J 2 the ROC

Warwick Top REBORN for season 6 (Patch 6.10 notes)

J 2 the ROC Last updated on June 1, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

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We are back in buisness

Okay, I get it. I know what you all are thinking; "But J 2 the ROC knowemsayinn knowemsayin, why would ANYONE play Warwick in the current meta blah blah, especially in the top lane blah blah BLAH?!?!?" All you slave-to-the meta sheep need to get a grip. A wise man once told me, the lion (er, werewolf) cares not the opinion of sheep.

I am bringing this guide BACK into the modern age, where Fervor of Battle means that two-bit auto attacking right click to win champs are now META (see also, Volibear and Trundle). Let's get to it, chumps.

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What's different from Season 5

Woof Woof

For those of you were around in before Season 5, harken your memory back to a time when the Jungle was naught but a free source of gold for literally any champ who built a Spirit Stone and just started whacking away on helpless wolves and Wights.

When season 5 came around, that game was over. Jungle camps got stronger, and Jungle items got overhauled. Most notable of the jungle changes was Skirmisher's Sabre, and when you combined that with Warwick's innate sustain, you had one OP werewolf. So naturally Riot nerfed Warwick to oblivion, and he became an average Jungler. But in Riot's merciless quest for "balance" they forgot that Warwick Top would be lost in the dark, dank, Annals of History.

But lo and behold someone at Riot screwed up again and created Fervor of Battle , which means our old friend Warwick is out of retirement. His build path is slightly different now, but the core items ( Sorcerer's Shoes, Spirit Visage, Wit's End, and Sunfire Cape) are basically the same.

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Pros and Cons


+ Incredible sustain (both in lane and during team- fights)
+ Percentage health damage from Q
+ Inherently powerful auto-attacks (even more so now with Fervor of Battle
+ Attack and movement speed steroids
+ Simple, yet highly effective Ultimate
+ Friendly ganks are easy to pull off
+ Scales well into mid and late games
+ Excellent duelist


- VERY Weak early game
- No escape
- Only one CC ability (Ult)
- Horrible mana pool
- Ult can be interrupted relatively easily
- People will flame you for having no skill (probably Riven mains)

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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Oh boy, here is where Warwick get's his overpoweredness from. By going 18/0/12, you can get the two most important masteries for Warwick. Fervor of Battle makes your auto attacks and ultimate hurt like a b*tch, and Runic Armor synergizes extremely well with your lifesteal. I also really like the 5 points in Piercing Thoughts , which when combined with the magic pen from Sorcerer's Shoes, will make your passive, Q, Sunfire Cape and Ultimate hurt a lot more.

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Skill Sequence

Built in auto attack damage and life-steal. A relatively weak passive early on, Eternal Thirst scales extremely well into the late game. Because the damage stacks, at level 18 you will be doing an extra 48 magic damage with each auto attack. after around level 9, this begins to do extremely well in trades, so don't be afraid to exchange auto attacks if they get too aggressive. This gets proc'ed 5 times during Infinite Duress.

Mid ranged nuke that heals Warwick for a percent damage dealt. Hungering Strike is an excellent ability that can be used sustain and outright chunk enemy champions. Although it scales off AP, it's unnecessary to build anything other than an early Doran's Ring to increase its potency, since it scales off percent health. This ability makes Warwick an excellent anti-tank, since the more health an enemy builds, the more damage Hungering Strike does and the more Warwick heals. BE WARNED, this is an extremely mana-costly spell, so you cannot spam it in lane. Use it at the end of a trade, rather than the beginning of one. Max this first.

Excellent attack speed steroid Use this before any trade or team fight to maximize its effectiveness. The attack speed buff that Hunters Call gives Warwick and his allies allows his team to quickly melt objectives, and deal significantly more damage in team fights. Alternate skill distribution between this and your E*.

Excellent movement speed steroid This is a really nice utility passive. It reveals any nearby low health champions and it gives him a strong movement speed buff that makes him an excellent chaser, and a decent escapist. You should always try and get your lane opponent down to half health to be able to make use of this. Alternate skill distribution between this and your W*.

Gap closing suppression Ult. A simple, but highly effective ult that pins an opponent down for 1.8 seconds, and instantly teleports Warwick to their location. The best thing about this ability is that it procs on-hit effects FIVE TIMES. This includes Eternal Thirst, Fervor of Battle , Wit's End, and Blade of the Ruined King. Let's talk about how to properly use this delightful ability.

In a 1v1, open with Q, and then ult your opponent. BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MANA (I can't tell you how many countless times I've used Hungering Strike before ulting and realizing I don't have enough mana to actually use my ultimate). When your ult ends, your Q will be ready to use almost immediately. You will have regenerated a significant amount of health before opponent even realizes it. Infinite Duress makes tower-diving Warwick extremely difficult as well. Just wait for your opponent to get targeted by the tower, and then ult.

In team-fights, just remember one thing... DO NOT INITIATE with your Ult, as you will be CCed immediately. Its best to wait till they initiate on you, or they blow some of their CC on an initiator on your team. For the love of god, never ult a Gangplank, or anyone with a spell shield up ( Sivir, Nocturne, Morgana, etc.). You will likely force the enemy carry to get a Quicksilver Sash, and if they do, ult someone else, or wait for them to use it before ulting them. Max this ASAP.

*Maxing your E or W first is not recommended, since you'll really never know when either one will come in handy. Sometimes, its better to have a little more movement speed than attack speed in a team-fight, and by alternating maxing your E and W, you can always ensure you have a balance of both.

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Doran's Choice

Warwick is one of the few champions who can legitimately start with any of the three Doran's items. Each of them provide Warwick with something he can work with.

Starting Purchases

Doran's Ring helps out a lot with your mana problems, which are significant early on. The added AP makes your Q hurt a little bit more as well.

I would only take Doran's Shield against ranged champs who can harass with their auto attacks. The health regen is negligible compared to what you could get with the ring or blade.

Doran's Blade is nice because it synergizes really well with your attack speed. If you are planning on trading auto attacks a lot, then I would get this. It makes CSing a lot easier too.

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Proper itemization is what makes Warwick so powerful in the mid and late game. Building Warwick (like all champs I guess) is about synergizing items with his kit. With a focus on early magic pen, resistance, and on-hit effects, Warwick becomes an Unstoppable Force (League puns OP).

A highly underrated item on Warwick, Sorcerer's Shoes provides INCREDIBLE synergy with a number of abilities and items. The magic pen benefits all of the following:
Other boots do not provide nearly the same advantage as these boots do. While it sucks that you won't be getting any tenacity from Mercury's Treads, it doesn't really matter in a teamfight, since the only time you're really going to be CCed is when you ult, and tenacity won't really help you in that scenario.

Sunfire Cape is an excellent starting item on Warwick. It provides armor, health, and a damaging aura that makes extended trades much more favorable for Warwick. Because Warwick has no waveclear, the passive gives him a little more pushing power.

After patch 6.10, Wit's End is 300 gold cheaper then it was previously, which is HUGE buff for Warwick. Wit's End ridiculously powerful item on Warwick. It increases the damage of all your auto attacks by 42 (proc'ed by your ult), as well as giving you 50% attack speed. The magic resist it provides is increased by 25 after 5 auto attacks, or after using your ult. Because it steals magic resist, auto attacking your opponent makes them even more susceptible to Hungering Strike and your auto attacks. By the time you finish this item, you'll have a respectable amount of health, armor, and magic resist.

Spirit Visage was adjusted a bit in the last few patches, and Warwick is a huge beneficiary of these changes. While the magic resist on it has been reduced, self healing and health regen has been buffed, and since Warwick heals a ridiculous amount in combat.

A phenomenal item on Warwick. It provides attack speed, damage, and lifesteal, all of which increase the power of your auto attacks. Plus, Bilgewater Cutlass is an excellent mid tier item with some simple CC. Like Wit's End, Blade of the Ruined King's passive is proc'ed by his ult.

Before the recent changes to Guinsoo's Rageblade, I kinda liked this item on Warwick. However, now that it has become so expensive, I really tend to stray away from it for a couple of reasons. Blade of the Ruined King is cheaper and in many cases better for the % health damage it does. Guinsoo's Rageblade is great against squishies because of the high base damage, but honestly you already do so much damage to squishes that you don't really need this item compared to Blade of the Ruined King.

Being able to proc on-hit effects twice every other auto attack is great, but it's much better on hyper carries like Master Yi, who tend to build more than two damage items. Since you are playing Warwick, you need strong tank stats to stay alive, meaning you should only pick two of these three damage items ( Wit's End, Blade of the Ruined King, and Guinsoo's Rageblade). In that case, the double on-hit isn't as valuable as it might seem.

The choice between Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen is really based on personal preference. If the enemy team has a Master Yi or some other auto-attack champion besides their ADC, then I would recommend Frozen Heart. However, in most cases, I prefer Randuin's Omen because Warwick lacks CC, and the active makes up for this a bit. Also, because it provides an additional 500 health, Randuin's Omen makes you a bit harder to burst down.

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Proper Laning

Laning with Warwick is relatively easy. All the troll Riven mains will complain because he has a weak early game, but when you have you ever listened to someone who plays Riven?

When laning with Warwick, you need to remember a few important things. NUMBER ONE: You are a mid and late game champ. If you come out of lane with more than two kills, thats just peachy. But you cannot expect to be ahead at the end of the laning phase every time you play Warwick. You are playing this beast so you can ult carries in the late game and then chuckle to yourself when they flame you for being an easy champ to play.

Do not trade with any lane opponent before level 6. Most champs will be able to out trade you early on, and the main reason for this is because Eternal Thirst and Fervor of Battle take a while to scale before they become useful. If you can understand this simple concept, you will begin to see yourself dominate your enemy in the mid and late games.

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Godspeed in your quest for glory and elo. Please leave a comment, as I will respond to anyone whether you're a basic hater or die hard groupie. Also, check out my Volibear guide here if you want to carry hard on another broken champ.