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Warwick Build Guide by Mroczneszydelko

Jungle Warwick Turbochemtank % botrk build s12

Jungle Warwick Turbochemtank % botrk build s12

Updated on April 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mroczneszydelko Build Guide By Mroczneszydelko 1,505 Views 0 Comments
1,505 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mroczneszydelko Warwick Build Guide By Mroczneszydelko Updated on April 27, 2022
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Runes: standard

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

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Champion Build Guide

Warwick Turbochemtank % botrk build s12

By Mroczneszydelko
*What is your way to go on warwick is buying tiamat on first back, and if you can purchase also boots thats ideal,if you are behind you shouldn't buy tiamat in my opinion, because most of the time you don't want to go titanic hydra, speccialy if you are behind, because item costs **** ton of gold, and if you are already behind, game may end before you even buy it.So instead you just straight up go for botrk, for the fastest spyke.(also i think botrk is not ideal into squishys but i didn't fiure out yet a better item)

1500 gold = tiamat + boots
1200 gold = tiamat
less then 1200 gold = pickaxe, boots and long sword, boots dagger and long sword

*BOTRK - botrk is a very good item on warwick because autos do 12% curent health physical dmg on hit wchich is really good vs enemys with a high health level, and it doesnt metter that item works worse when enemys are low health because on warwick your w then starts working and its not really a big deal.
Also the movement speed after 3 autos can be very usefull if optimized well, sometimes it is worth to just go for the 3rd auto by any cost so you get movement speed and then you are able to catch up.
It is also good for clearing because on warwick if you dont build attackspeed, killing jungle camps is horrible, and if you build too much of it then you are just over the limit of 2,5 per second because of hes w passive which is not really efficient.

*TURBO CHEMTANK - I swear to god this item is just something else, it is cheap, it is really gold efficient, and it is turbo fun to play.
In my opinion, if you are playing warwick you are not really going for full build,
ww is early game jungler so early adventages are your most valliuable things.
That is why i agree with every other player that says that aegis is better or sunderer or even goredrinker, but there are much more expensive and thats why i prefer chemtank.
*Why chemtank is better then other mythics:
-First of all its way cheaper, chemtank costs only 2800 gold while sunderer or goredrinker cost 3300.
-chemtank is good coz it gives deffensive stats, while goredrinker or sunderer doesnt(exept of health),and aegis also gives deffensive stats, but costs 400 more and isnt as good as chemtank vs range champs
-synergize with other items - for example,lets say titanic hydra, sterak and deaths dance
TITANIC HYDRA(chemtank) - it is better with titanic then sunderer or goredrinker coz titanic gives a lot of health,500 health, and if you dont have any resistances it doesn't really give you as much, because its is then just raw health, not a lot of value, but if chemtank you have extra 25 armour and resist, which is not alot, but it is something, plus maybe mountain drake will apear and then it is much better value
STERAK(chemtank) - same case really, those items are the same althought 1 have shield other have on hit passive, and i think warwick is a better user of titanic coz of hes on hit dmg on r and fast autos (w).Also its not that good with chemtank because chemtank does not give as much health as other items, althought in my opinion if you build for example goredrinker and sterak u are squishy af coz of no resistances so its not really my way of playing, but you can try it as much as you want.
DEATH'S DANCE(chemtank) - i think that you dont build deaths dance coz of its health, because it is not guaranteed,but because of ad and armour.Thats why i dont think that goredrinker deathsdance is a synergy you can relay on on warwick, if you kill someone then, it doesn really metter if you have it or no,coz it heals after you kill and if you already kill the dude and you heal after you kill then the heal is not so effective in fight, althought i like to build it coz of extra burst of ad and if im playing more of a teamfight game.So with chemtank its more armour and less heal after kill, wchich i personnaly prefer.Also in this patch dt became more of bruiser item not ad so it feels good on ww now.

*TITANIC HYDRA(in general) - if you are not ahead then don't build it, its for 3300 gold and they are for sure better items you can purchase, but if you are ahead then it feels really nice to buy it after chemtank speccificaly because of clear which it gives, u just one hit with chemtank and finish with hydra, which gives you better way to farm on another item.Also more dmg and health which is generally good on warwick speccialy with chemtank and botrk coz chemtank and botrk dont give so much health, that is the reason that the item synergizes well.

*THORNMAIL - Lets be honest that is probably the best item you can purchase after chemtank in most games.Reason for that is healing that exist in game and fact that it is good on warwick, you should always prefer it over dead mans because of how expensive dead mans is and because winged moonplate is a joke of an item, and you basiccaly pay 200 gold more for 200 gold less of stats, but i prefer dead mans because i like to run around the map like sycopath, so if you have balls like me to play russian rullete with shop keeper then go ahead :)

*FORCE OF NATURE - the rule is simple, if you play against ap you go this item, it is simply the best because of gold efficiency also because warwick utility the 5% movement speed like no other champ,also he can cc so work with both passives and is in general very good on him.Highly recommend it over any other mr item in game.

*ZHYONA'S HOURGLASS - That's a plot twist right? but it is surprisingly a really good item on ww, mostly because of ap and active.The extra ap gives you a lot more dmg on q and also it helps when you dive into 5 ppl with r and have no escape from them.Really good item on ww and speccialy build it vs burst or when you can optimize it very well.

*DEAD MAN'S PLATE - if you are sprinter like me(not in bed), the fking husain bol of summoner's rift then build it, build this item then force of nature and then by the way you have 10% bonus movement speed, plus deadmans passive, and its not even that int coz you have both armour and mrs,and you run like a fking ostrich, you press w chemtank and you catch them 100%.Super fun to build, not even that int, but expensive af and dont give thornmail stats unfortunnatly. :(

*DEATH'S DANCE(in general) - last, because i build it last in most cases, reason for that is that i can tank more this way, the way it works is, because deaths dance deals 30% of dmg over time, and if you kill it cancels, so if i have 3k hp i can tank 2k and after kill i will still have health,coz 1/3coz of dmg i tanked does not go off,coz of dt passive.early on isnt that good coz its expensive, but feel free to build it whenever you want.It is good in general.

*OTHER ITEMS - I'm still trying to find the best build speccialy botrk vs squishys seems not that great, but for now i think that all the items i said are really good and it is obvious that if they are full ap you dont go fking thornmail right XD then you go malmortius, so feel free to try what you think is good and let me know in komment, also komment what you think about this items if you want to, i will try to responde as soon as i see.
I personnaly feel the best way of pathing is starting blue on botside, thats because you can gank top mid or invade and your red last longer, also i start w because with hard leash it is quicker to finish buff and you dont lose so much hp because you smite red buff anyway to do it faster(w).Otherwise i just start red on botside and do the same.I start sweeper so i can regank if bush is warded because you have a lot of time coz this 3camps first clear is really fast and to crab you have still some time.
Try to buy tiamat first buy, and rest i explained in itemization, also you can go for drakes early, thats obvious and rether not clear raptors or golems early on.

ww mechanics - the most fking funny thing in the world is if someone is recalling and you go with them with your q and die on their fountain.But now, seriously, try not to use r always offensivly, sometimes if you fkd up you have to escape at all cost, dont throw just coz you didn't want to r away.Also try to hold your q early, dont wait with it coz most of the time you cant react and they most of the time use dashes instantly anyway.Use e on crab so you can even oneshot it with smite.
Try to proc pta before your r, if possible.
I don't want to say obvious things and also im not that familiar with ww, im not otp i just have funn playing him at the moment so if i figure more things up i will add it eventually :D
First of all, gank.Sacrifice camps for ganks, ww is that kind of champ that can run whole map with seconds, so if you are starting golems and your toplaner just died and enemy is pushing wave to recall, you can probably chase him down and kill, not even kidding.

Don't give up, if you fk up your fist gank and you are level 3 with no gold it is not game over, warwick is early game champ but not that much that you lose game after dying level 3 xd.You can catch up speccialy if you just farm to 6 and gank on 6.also dont be affraid that you didnt buy item so you cant kill, you probably can so it is still worth to be ganking even if behind.

Don't troll someones game - is you gank someone and he dies and enemy also dies and they have more minions then you dont take them,your laner will be alive and take them after death, you dont need to push them.

Also push with someone if he asks you to, because you get free gold and exp and you help your brother out on lane, you know what im saying,killing enemys isn't enough to win games, you have to repare the lanes that you laners fkd by themselfs, that is just a jungler job.

Herold - i personnaly hate herolds and wouldn't do them, even on jungle but even if you do, then dont put it on your winning lane, you just take gold away from them by doing it , and that is not fun for them, just use it on lane that is losing and wouldn't get platings anyway, that way you are helping with it, not tilting with it.
(i think herolds are good only if solo laner who is ahead takes it because this way he gets more ahead and dont stole gold from others)

The last thing, i personnaly hate, when i decide to play 1 non jungle game, and my jungler is 0 0 0 at 12 minuts, dont be that guy, try to help, try to gank, dont afk farm react to people pings, even if you are autofilled, just look on map, listen to your team, and try your best to be usefull.
That is all for my guide, maybe if i found something new while playing i will update it, but for now that is it.
Sorry for my english im in fact Polish so it is my second language.

Feel free to comment and say your own opinion, im open to discuss and learn new things.
Thank you for reading my guide :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mroczneszydelko
Mroczneszydelko Warwick Guide
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Warwick Turbochemtank % botrk build s12

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