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Janna Build Guide by LaGKibaGoesHunt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LaGKibaGoesHunt

We need wards Janna

LaGKibaGoesHunt Last updated on July 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey im Lag KibaGoesHunt and
this is a short guide for people how like it to play Janna as a Full-Full(I ward every ****in bush) support.
Janna is a ranged support with high movement and lots of CC (Crowd Controll) :
her Q-Skill ( Howling Gale) knocks enemys up,
her W-Skill ( Zephyr) slows enemys for 3 seconds,
her E-Skill ( Eye Of The Storm) shields allied champions and give them a bit AD(Attack Damage)
and her Ult R-Skill ( Monsoon) knocks surrounding enemies back.
I`m playing on this item build because i want to help my team seeing enemys everywhere.
Its true that with that build im a 1-hit but i think vision is more needed then sustain and if i saw an enemy i can run around him.

P.s your best friend ingame is
a Ward

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Your role Ingame

You the support, that means you need to help your AD-Carry to win the lane(normaly Bottom)
and in late your team to win the game.
-Lanes are:

Normaly you`r with your AD on Bottom

Rules for Support-Janna:
1. Dont farm minions except your AD-Carry is in base or dead and you need to def your tower.

2. Dont lasthit enemy champs except no other allied champ is in range.

3. Help your team to engage/escape with +++.
Try to aim with to knock up the enemy champion
and use to slow the champion
and on your allied champion for giving them a little buff in damage and sustain.
You can try to flash infrom the enemys and use to knock them to your team, in teamfight you can flash in the group of to split them.
Use your skills to help your team dont only run away
you can use to knock them away,
to save an allied champion or yourself,
for knocking enemys up to get a little distance between you and them
and to slow one of them.

4. Ward your Lane! Guys i saw so much games where the Bot-Lane wasn`t warded and I or an enemy(as jungler) just run in and killed one. Yeah u cant have everytime wards with you i know but try to get minimum 1 ward with you for a bit visio.

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Its your mission to ward for maximum map controll, because if you see an enemy (where he`s/she`s going) you can plan a better engage/escape.
Importend are Baron/Dragon who need to be warded with a Visio Ward.

1. These are all normal ward spots

2. Your job in early game is to ward your Bottom lane at some of this this spots
Ranking of wards are Dragon>River>Tribush>Lane-Enemy Bush>Lane-Own Bush

3. In Mid/Late Game you need to ward depending on how the game is going
- If no team is ahead and you need wards on the enemy jungle

- If your team is ahead and u ward offensiv

- If the enemy team is ahead and u need to ward deffensiv