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Volibear Build Guide by wolvegang

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wolvegang

What damage items ?????

wolvegang Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Hello! i am wolvegang, i have found many tanks such as Nasus,Mundo,Ammumu, and Lee Sin were all fun to play until Volibear. The reason i have fun playing Volibear is the fact that he is more effective with just health items then any other champion in the game. Even with this build it will feel like you are the carry, the tank, and that Crowd control that no one likes. So let me start explaining why pick to play him the way i do.

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Pros / Cons

- you have an amazing passive
- building more health just makes you hit harder
- have good crowd control abilities

- without using summoner heal and exhaust you wont be at the level of awesomeness as you want to be at.
- Can be bursted down
- your passive is prone to ignite
- and sometimes it feels like your the only one doing any damage

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Boots of speed
- this is great if you are laneing with a strong early game ad cause with rolling thunder you are able to control a early game fight and with the boots it allows you to get in and out if need be

Spirit Visage
- this helps a lot with your passive and your overall build since there will be a lot of health Regen from other items

- the most important piece to the puzzle, the ability Frenzy has an added bonus of using a percentage of your bonus health as bonus damage, now i see alot of Ad and few Ap voli, yet what i have not seen is any of them win against hardcore health voli cause its impossible.

Force of Nature
- You will get this item but when you get it is very situational, if they have 3 strong ad and 2 AP, then i would go for thorn mail since spirit visage already gives you Magic risists, but if they have 3 AP, and 2 ad then i would go for the force of nature, now when you do get this you should be seeing your health Regen as an animation now.

- if you feel that there ad is not up to par with your abilities go straight for another warmog's because more health is more damage.

- Thornmai
- im not saying go for this all the time there might be a time where you think a banshee veil might be better, or a Guardian angel so its kind-of up to you.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells i get exhaust and i get Summoner Heal the reason for this is with Summoner heal and your passive it feels like you just went back and sometimes you get lucky and just need that extra boost of healing, i get exhaust cause it might be able to catch someone and slow them but not all your teammates are as fast as you so exhausting them might be helpful, and if you were to be Ganked exhausting one while killing the other opponent and then killing the one you exhausting is pretty fun to.

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Skill Sequence

Rolling thunder
- get at lvl one and max last
- the reason for getting it at level one is so you can fling opponents closer to you allies, and fling them into your turrets, makes an amazing lvl one bush ganking tool.

Majestic Roar
- when should you use this ability
- to fear minions from your turret and to push
- to slow opponents before or after you are about to fling them back with rolling thunder

- this is amazing ability its gets most bonus from you bonus health and the opponents missing health.
- Major damage dealer usually used to remove the Opponent with the lowest health from the team fight
- Used to scare the **** out of people

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I'm not the best at writing guides but if you red this than thank you and hope you have fun i tried to keep this simple and maybe ill post one of my awesome games on here if i could get Lol recorder to work.